Zella Name Meaning And Its Popularity

In this article, we are going to discuss what is the Zella Name Meaning and why it is popular in different countries. So without wasting time let’s discuss the topic below.

Zella- the name is as amazing sounding as it is beautiful. Zella! Just the name is exotic sounds and is completely modern at the same time. If you are looking to name your baby girl a great-sounding name? The name Zella might be your baby’s true friend!

Zella basically means “happy” or a “blessing”/”Blessed”. Traditionally speaking, Zella is a girl’s name! But if you are blessed with a baby boy, you could name him Zella as well! Except that it might get him teased a lot by people! A boy with a girl’s name, if you catch our drift. *wink*.

If you are a fan of history, then the origin of the name Zella might be of great interest to you! Zella originated in the African Continent and possibly the Yiddish languages as well! 

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How is Zella exactly pronounced?

There is a particular way of pronouncing Zella- “Zell-uh”. 

The great thing about Zell-uh is that it is a unique name that stands out in a beautiful manner. It is also a very rare name as well as it is listed very low on the popularity list. It ranks near the bottom when it comes to popularity!

Different cultures might emphasize the vowels and consonants differently in various ways, however, it is important to note that there aren’t that many variations of Zella itself!

Origins of Zella Name Meaning

Zella has multiple origins when you take a close look. It comes from different cultures so essentially the meaning of the name Zella changes from culture to culture.

The Zella Name meaning is “blessed and happy” first of all. A surprising Name that you might not expect but still is: Any guesses? “ warrior maiden” is the German word for the meaning of the name Zella – Griselda.

Interested to know more about the Zella? Another meaning of the Zella Name is translated as “the one who knows the way”. It could also mean “the one who lacks nothing”.

Fun Fact: Zella Name has also a secret origin in the Yiddish Language. It also implies that it has biblical origins. It originates from another Yiddish Name: Selig. Selig is also coincidentally “happy and blessed”!

Originating from the same root – Selig and Griselda definitely have very different meanings. The African origin definition of “Zella” probably originated on its own as part of a western African Tribal Language.

The popularity of Zella in the United States:

Zella is not a very popular name, to say the least. It can be safely said that it is not a famous name. If we take a close look at the statistics, since the year 2000, Zella has never been found in the top 1000 baby names in the world and of course in the US.

Zella obviously has several variants such as Zelda + Ella which are definitely much more popular names than Zella itself. Fun Fact: Ella is the 16th most popular baby name for girls even in modern times – 2022.

The meaning of the name Zella

Zella is not only a baby girl’s first name but also is additionally, a surname as well which is most common in Burkina Faso.

The meaning of the Name Zella has multiple meanings as well such as Zestful, Emotional, Lively, Loving, and Agreeable!

The meaning of the name Zella also infers that you are compromising, passive, and more likely to be a follower rather than a leader!

The Hidden Zella name meaning is also that you could be a leader but in the background or even that you are more of a team player than a leader! 

Quiet leadership is a theme in your life when Zella is your surname. 

Fun Fact: It is the 149,064th most common surname in the world. Approximately 2964 people bear this surname together in the country Burkina Faso.

The highest density of people with this common last surname is also in Burkina Faso. 1 out of 2458686 people has this name as their last surname!

Zella is common and primarily found in Africa where 41 percent of the people with the name Zella reside! 25 percent in West Africa plus 22 percent in Mande Africa. 

Fun Fact: It also takes the cake in being the 78,850th most common surname in the world as well, taken in by 6830 people as well.

Zella name trend (population-wise): 

The years, frequency of the name Zella has changed over the years! In the US, the share of the population with a last name increased to 1814 percent b/w 1800 & 2014.

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Meaning of name Zella

The true meaning of the name Zella cannot be easily explained or even with a few words themselves! If you have this name, it means that it is basically your heart’s desire to reach out and help others as well, especially those whom you love!

You are willing to treasure family values as well as family traditions! Zella name meaning is one who is a natural pro at giving advice!

Meaning of the name Zella also indicates someone who is stimulating, an idea generator, talkative an influential person who can reach heights and can inspire people as well like no other!

You are a powerful person if you have this as your first name or even as your surname! You have super-hidden powers over others that you can discover in your own time! Lively, cheerful, optimistic, and a wonderful person, you will always see the sunny side of life! 

And finally, the meaning of this name is one “who is a friend to all!” and also one is highly attractive and talkative with everyone!

The meaning of the name Zella also indicates a person who has a lot of depth to them! If your baby girl is one of them, then Zella is the perfect name for her! Go for it all fans blowing.


Zella Name Meaning is one that is highly important as it has different cultural, contextual, and subcontextual meanings as well.

Zella is an important name in Burkina Faso as it is a common surname as well as a first name. Zella is also a highly feminine name but it can also be used by men!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zella?

A unique name for children.

Is Zella a gender-neutral name?

No, it is a highly feminine name!

Can Zella be used by a boy?

Yes, Boys can also be named Zella! 

In which country is Zella the most popular name? 

Burkiano Faso.

What does Zella mean?

“Happy” and a “Blessing”

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