Three Musketeers Names With Discussion About characters

In the article, we are going to write things related to the novel named The Three Musketeers names. Alexander Dumas was the man who wrote this novel named The Three Musketeers. It is one of the most famous novels in the world. It has a very addictive plot and possesses a legendary tale.

The main topic we are going to talk about in this article is not the plot of the novel. This article is also not a review of the novel. It is already legendary so it is bound to be good. The article will actually be an informative one covering the characters present in the novel written by Alexander Dumas.

The qualities they had and the role of all the characters. So just keep up with us as we are going to mention the three musketeers names and also the names of the other characters that are present in the article.

Keep reading the article till the last and it is a promise that you yourself as a reader will not be disappointed by the content provided in the article.

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The Main Character Of The Three Musketeers Is – D’Artagnan

The main character or we can also say the protagonist of the novel by Alexander Dumas was born and brought up in Gascony which was a province under the governance of France.

The name of this man was D’Artagnan. Gascony was a place that was popular and known at the time for giving birth and raising people who are brave and courageous.

The main character of the novel was no different from this belief. In fact, the main character of the novel The Three Musketeers was so brave that his name became a synonym for the qualities of bravery and courage.

The Three Musketeers Names

Now let us go through the names of the three musketeers and the different qualities they possess and are being glorified by the author of the novel Alexander Dumas. Mentioned below are the legendary three musketeers names:


The first of the three musketeers introduced in the novel. The real name of Athos was Count De La Fere. Athos is the oldest of the three musketeers and he is also considered to be the most aristocratic.

Despite being the oldest of the three musketeers Athos was more of an outgoing person among the three. This outgoing and easy-to-befriend quality helped the main character of the novel to be closer to Athos than the other two.

Also at the end of the novel, it is revealed that the adventures that are being described in the novel were actually narrated by the oldest member of the Three Musketeers.


The second Musketeers that we are introduced to in the novel is named Aramis. Being a Musketeers was not the first thing that Aramis wanted from his life.

The condition was such that Aramis was serving as a musketeer to the queen in order to give her time to serve as an heir to France. After the queen would serve as heir to the throne of France then he would become a priest which is what he wanted to be.

The main reason behind that is Aramis during his childhood was raised in a Monastery but when he turned nineteen then certain events happened due to which he was unable to take up priesthood.


The last member of the three musketeers. Before discussing Porthos we think that something is necessary to be mentioned. While reading about him you might get vibes of a narcissist inside him but he is not one.

Now why we said that you might think he is a narcissist is because Porthos loved to flaunt all his qualities. His great physique and his good looks were the things he was most proud of and he always tried to get the attention of the women in society with the help of his good looks and physique.

His other addiction is that he always prefers to be in comfortable surroundings and he also cannot live without consuming good food. At the end of the novel, Porthos is seen giving up Musketeers.

The Specialty Of The Three Musketeers When Together

Athos, Aramis, and Porthos are the three people who were considered to be the three musketeers of France. Together they were considered unbeatable and unbreakable which helped them earn the nickname of inseparable.

No other group can beat the connection that these three shared. All of the three musketeers are different and are from different backgrounds but that did not make any difference because in France at the time they were the strongest and together, they could beat anything be it an empire or any other kind of problems or attacks.

The Servants Of The Musketeers

  • Planchet- The name of the servant of D’Artagnan.
  • Grimaud- The name of the servant of Athos
  • Bazin- The name of the servant of Aramis
  • Mosqueton- The name of the servant Porthos

The Three Musketeers Names Other Central Characters

  • Monsieur de Treville
  • Monsieur Bonacieux
  • Constance Bonacieux
  • Milady, alias Lady de Winter
  • Lord de Winter
  • King Louis XIII
  • Queen Anne, or Anne of Austria
  • Cardinal Richelieu
  • George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
  • John Felton
  • “The Man from Meung” (Count de Rochefort)

The Three Musketeers Names Minor Characters

  • Bernajoux
  • Count de Wardes
  • The Executioner of Lille
  • Monsieur de La Porte
  • Kitty
  • Chancellor Seguier
  • Monsieur des Essarts
  • Madame Coquenard
  • Brisemont

The Names Of The Waiting Ladies Of The Queen

  • Madame de Chevreuse
  • Madame de Lannoy
  • Madame Bois-Tracy

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Characters And Their Casts

  • Corinne played by Kelly Sheridan (played as Barbie) – is a girl from the countryside town of Gascony. She is confident and determined, occasionally hot-headed, she dreams of becoming a musketeer, filling in the shoes of her father, D’Artagnan. Her signature color is pink and she is of Caucasian ethnicity with fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. She wields a sword as her primary weapon.
  • Viveca played by Kira Tozer (played as Teresa) – is a witty and fashionable figure. Frequently speaking French in her dialogues, she has the signature color purple. Her primary weapon of choice is a pair of ribbons, that double as whips. She has tan skin, brunette hair, and green eyes.
  • Aramina played by Willow Johnson (played as Summer) – is a committed dancer. She is shown to have a crush on Prince Louis but ultimately falls in love with Corinne. She is Caucasian with light skin, strawberry hazel eyes, and red hair whereas her choice of weapon is a pair of fans with a signature color of teal.
  • Philippe is played by Tim Curry – the primary antagonist. He conspires to kill his own cousin and usurp the throne of the King.
  • Renée played by Dorla Bell (played as Nikki) – is a logically intelligent and skilled fighter but also a tad hostile violinist. Her weapon is a sling whereas her signature color is blue. She has dark skin, brown eyes, and dark brownish hair with blue streaks.
  • Monsieur Treville played by Bernard Cuffling – a good friend of d’Artagnan. He is a strong and brave musketeer.
  • Prince Louis by Mark Hildreth played– a prince who is set to become the future king. He seems passionate about flying and inventions and ultimately falls in love with Corinne.
  • Corrine’s mother played by Nicole Oliver
  • Fancy dress girl #1 also played by Oliver  
  • Hélène is played by Kathleen Barr – an aging maid of the palace who takes charge to train Corinne, Renee, Aramina, and Viveca to become musketeers. She went on to become the boss of Madame de Bossé.
  • Fancy dress girl # 2 also played by Barr
  • Madame de Bossé played by Merrilyn Gann– is the bullying, cruel boss of Corinne, Aramina, Helen, Viveca, and Renee when they are maids.
  • Miette played by Amelia Henderson– is Corinne’s kitten who dreams of becoming a mus”cat”teer.
  • Alexander played by David Kaye– is Corinne’s horse (previously her father’s horse)
  • Brutus played by Brian Dobson as– Philippe’s wicked dog

A Final Word

Barbie and the three musketeers surprisingly turned out to be an articulate social critique that can also be enjoyed by kids as small as five-year-old. Although the script is shaky at times, the production is definitely a fun ride that features themes presented with care.

At the same time, the three musketeers names eventually embrace one of the special aspects of Barbie movies: a moral. It is a very likable film indeed.

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