The Chipettes Names And All About Them

The Chipettes or Chipettes names, you might have heard about them somewhere they are an extremely popular show. The Chipettes is the name of a group consisting of three female chipmunks who sing.

This group of three singing female chipmunks first appeared or made their debut in a show called Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was in the year 1983 when the show was released introducing to us this amazing group of three chipmunks.

In the show, the Chipettes served as a featured female character group. The group appeared in a total of 52 episodes of which five were solo. They also had two special features and also appeared in five different movies.

A brief introduction to the show

After five years of Anvil and the Chipmunks being a thing, the creators made the much-needed change. In the year 1988, the show’s name was changed from Anvil and the Chipmunks to simply The Chipmunks because it was obvious that people were more interested in seeing the Chipettes as the center of attention in the show.

In the live television airing of the show from the year 1983 up until the year 1990, the show has many accompanying features here and there.

In all those features the creators of the legendary group were the ones giving the dialogue voiceover and singing voices were given by the studio singers of the show for all eight years.

The dialogue voiceover was given by Janice Karman who was the originator of the show. The singing voices were given by the studio singer whose names were Susan Boyd, Shelby Daniel, and Katherine Coon.

The first character designs of the three Chipmunks of Chippettes were drafted by Corny Cole for the debut in 1983 and then it was edited by Sandra Berez for the episode named The Chipmunk Adventure and for all the later episodes of the season.

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Origins of the Chipettes

The origins of the Chipettes are seen to be there a long time before they actually made an appearance on the big show. In the year 1982, the show Alvin and The Chipmunks had an album in it.

The name of the album was “The Chipmunks Go Hollywood” in this album it was seen that Alvin sang a duet with a female Chipmunk named Charlene the Chipmunk. The name of the song in which the duet was done is “You’re The One That I Want”.

Charlene was shown on the cover of the album. On the cover, she had long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. In this picture of Charlene, the other member of the Chipettes were done.

Just like the Chipmunks, The Chipette’s creation was done originally through a Musical medium and later they were transitioned into real life.

The Chipettes as a group as we already mentioned did not directly appear in any of the albums of the Chipmunks.

At first, they appeared on small screens in front of the audience. If we look at their proper first appearance in any Chipmunk album then it actually came in the year 1984.

The name of the chipmunk album on which they first appeared was “Songs From Our TV Shows”. This came nearly after seven months after their debut in the year 1983’s Alvin and The Chipmunks episode. To be specific the date of the debut of the Chipettes was the 17th of September 1983.

Although the Chippette might have been getting featured very prominently in different albums they were not given the credits the Chipmunks got. The first time when Chippettes got the same level of credit as the Chipmunks was in the albums:

  • “The Chipmunk’s Adventure Soundtrack” in 1987
  • “Born to Rock” in 1988

The Chipettes names

Now we have come through the things that we needed to know about the Chipettes in general and how they made their way into the mainstream audience.

Now it’s time to talk about what are the names of the Chippette names. We have shared the Chipettes names and also given a brief description of the three female Chipmunk members of the Chipettes.

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller is the most attractive and sassy member of the Chipettes. Also due to this factor, she is the lead singer of the group.

She is generally shown wearing pink dresses in the shows but she is also seen wearing some other colors like black. She is not the tallest among the three members nor is she the shortest among the three.

Brittany and Alvin have a kind of Bittersweet relationship and it is transparent to everyone. These two have healthy competition with each other and this results in frequent rivalries between the two.

Her character in the show is shown as the typical popular girl of college. She is egotistical, and selfish often showing narcissistic traits, and bossy.

She is also greedy and thinks more about her beauty than anything else. Her attitude was vain at times but she had a deep care for her sisters who were the other member is the Chipettes.

But in general, she thinks more about what she wants and needs no matter what the circumstances. She totally does not feature any traits of a Tomboy as she does not like to get dirty or anything because she does not want to make herself look bad. In the Squeakquel, she saw Alvin and fell for him at first sight.

She always tests Alvin’s calmness and patience by making and framing the best ways to insult him. Though Alvin was a fourth-grader it was shown that he was eight years old so that is what we know about how old is Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Jeanette Miller

A Sister of Brittany Miller named Jeanette from Chipettes. She is another member of the Chipettes and the tallest among the three sisters.

In the 80s she used to wear blue dresses as her signature color. Although in the CGI films, she is seen wearing purple a lot.

She is the most intelligent among the three and incredibly books smart always having a lot of knowledge about many things. Sometimes she might be a little bit clumsy but she is also a sweet chipmunk.

In the show, it is shown that Simon is her romantic interest. She used to wear glasses because of the poor eyesight she possessed.

She is the complete opposite of Brittany. Brittany is a bold character but on the contrary, Jeanette is shown as someone who is subtle in nature.

Unlike Brittany, she is not too much concerned about how she looks all the time and unlike Brittany, she does not want herself to be the center of attention all the time. She and Simon really liked each other but she never shows that in public.

In the Squeakquel, she fell off Simon the moment she had a glance at him. So here she and Brittany are equal with both calling for Simon and Anvil in the same manner and that is also in the same show Squeakquel.

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Eleanor Miller

The youngest sister among the three Chipettes names and also the shortest member of the Chipettes. She is the chubbiest of the three sisters. Her romantic interest in Theodore with whom she has an open relationship.

Almost all the time in the show she is seen wearing a spring green dress and there is hardly any if not any place where she wore a dress of any other color. So. spring green is its signature color of Eleanor.

She is the youngest among the three but unlike her older sister Jeanette she used to call out Brittany for her horrible behavior and annoying traits of narcissism that she always shows for which she always rolled over everyone.

She is the least naïve among the three sisters and is extremely mature in handling everything. She handles her relationship and all the other things with her mature mind and calm behavior.

Eleanor and Theodore have the same interests, both of them whenever get free time enjoys cooking together and then eating the things they made.

We mentioned that she is the chubbiest of the three sisters so it might shock you now because she was also the best in sports among the three sisters. In the Squeakquel just like her other two sisters, she fell in love madly with Theodore.

At this point, we can say that all the female Chipmunk names and characters that made the group of Chippettes are very diverse in nature with special traits of their own both physical and mental traits.

But when it comes to falling for someone they all did the same thing. Maybe the sisters got a thing for love at first sight.

The History of the Chipettes

When we say that we are going to talk about the history of the Chipettes names we mean that we are going to talk about the backstory of the characters of the Chipettes and not the way they were created. So here is a brief insight into the past life of the member of Chipettes.

As per the story shown in the shows, it is said that the members of the Chipettes all were born in Australia. They also lost both their parents at a very young age.

Thankfully for them, it is said that their species mature much faster than human babies. So. the three Chipmunks were able to walk, talk, and extent fend for themselves all of that when they were still infants.

We can that they were even smaller than the hand of a human. Under some circumstances which were not explained the three chipmunk sisters came to be living under the care of a young Australian girl named Olivia.

Olivia herself lived in an orphanage home that was under the authority of a very exploitative and mean woman named Miss Grudge.

This exploitative woman soon noticed the incredible singing abilities of the Chipmunks which unfortunately meant that she would try to exploit the Chipmunks by earning money through them.

After the lady tried to exploit the Chipmunks they somehow managed to escape the orphanage and came to America in the city of New York. This is where their journey of becoming the Chipettes started.


These are all the things that you need to know about Chipettes names. They have gone to be one of the best shows based on Chipmunks.

All the characters were developed very well with each and everyone being given uniqueness of their own and also love interests of their own.

The audience at the time loved the show very much and also it is pretty emotional considering the horrible past that the Chipmunks and Chipettes had to go through at a very young age.


Who is Theodores’s girlfriend?

Elanor Miller is the chubbiest girlfriend of Theodore.

Who is the youngest in Chipettes?

Elanor Miller is the youngest in Chipettes.

Is Brittany Alvin’s girlfriend?

They have a love-and-hate relationship.

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