Adorable 4 Teletubbies Names With Unknown Facts

“Hey, do know about Teletubbies names, or are you trying to dig out more interesting facts and information about it?” Finally! You have landed in the right place because it is going to be a lot of fun if you read about it. So let’s Begin fast!

Teletubbies is an animated British television series for children. The series focuses on four toddler characters who are known as Teletubbies.  

They live in a colorful land called Teletubbyland where even the sun has a babyface. Teletubbies have an antenna popped out of their head, they also have a silver screen on their tummy and they are referred to as waddles as they have short legs and heavy bodies. Each Teletubbies have a unique color of dress, interests, and toys.

Teletubbies was created by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport in 1997. This series was particularly created for BBC. There are 9 seasons of Teletubbies which is 485 episodes.

The first episode was streamed on 31 March 1997 and the final episode was on 16 February 2001. It was a massive success in Britain and Abroad. The series has won numerous BAFTA(British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards.

The show’s theme song “Teletubbies Say’Eh-oh’!”  was at number 1 on the UK Singles Chart in December 1997.

After the original series ended up in 2001, a reboot series premiered in 2014 with 60 new episodes, which revoked great new excitement in the hearts.

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So There Are Four Teletubbies Names, Let’s Walk Through Them!


Tinky-Winky is the oldest of all four Teletubbies. You must be thinking that what is purple Teletubbies as he is the sweetest, even I was scattered with his cuteness, and guess what, it’s Tinky-Winky! Tinky-Winky is male.

He is 10 feet tall. Despite, being the oldest one, he is the most kind, gentle, and soft-hearted one. He has the triangle-shaped antenna popped out of the head.

He is obsessed with his red bag, which is commonly referred to as the ‘magic bag’, which looks like much of a woman. He carries the bag to most of the places and puts in everything that seems interesting.

Apart from these, he enjoys marching, dancing, roaming, and many more.  Tinky- Winky had a crush on Po and then they finally got married, But according to various sources, it is said that Tinky-Winky was homosexual and thus he was asked to leave.  

His favorite song is “pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky, pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky woo woo woo….” Which he would often sing to himself.

Do you know? The actor who played Tinky-Winky died of hypothermia on 17 January 2018, which gave a big shock to the world.

Dipsy –

Dipsy is the second among Teletubbies names and his color is Green. I think you have already got that Dipsy is male. He is 8 feet tall.

Dipsy has got a straight antenna which is called a Dipstick because of his name. Dipsy has a bit darker skin tone as compared to the other four Teletubbies.

In terms of personality us smart and mature but at the same time a bit stubborn, like sometimes he will not support everyone’s opinion if that particular thing is not agreed by himself.

He will strongly continue to carry his perspective. Other than this he enjoys talking to himself and whenever there is no one around, Dipsy will choose to play alone.  

Like Tinky-Winky is obsessed with his magic bag, similarly, Dipsy is obsessed with his hat. Dipsy wears a furry white hat with black spots on it. It is called Dipsy’s Hat as he loves wearing it.

In many episodes, we can see Dipsy wearing it and playing Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky. Once he lost his hat but finally, it was found by Laa-Laa.

I think now you can make out that he likes to hang out with Laa-Laa and that’s true. Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky are his good friends.     

Laa-Laa –

Excited to know about this particular Teletubbies name and gender? Then have a look! Laa-Laa is a female with typical girlish nature. She likes to party and is a pure ‘Drama queen’.

She is the yellow one with a curly antenna popped out of her head. Her height is approximately 6 feet and 6 inches.  She has an Orange ball with which she loves to play. Her ball is as big as she is.  

She is the most intelligent among all four Teletubbies names. Apart from partying and playing, she enjoys singing and dancing. She sings a song to herself like “Laa-Laa-Li-Laa-Li-Laa” and thus she was named as Laa-Laa.

And whenever Laa-Laa is frustrated or angry she shouts “Biabali Cheese” which is rather strange at the same time she is cute, adorable, and a lovely tubby. Her good friends include Dipsy and Po, with whom she likes hanging out, sometimes it’s Tinky-Winky too.

Laa-Laa is married to Dipsy and has five children. She has also got a rabbit pet. She likes spreading love and thus she loves hugging everyone. The voice for Laa-Laa is given by the celebrity Nikky Smedley.

Po – 

You have already got what are the three Teletubbies and their genders with colors. Now Po is the youngest among all Teletubbies. Po is female but a bit tomboyish. She is the red one. Po has a wand-like antenna popped out of her head. Her height is 6 feet and 6 inches.

She loves attracting everyone’s attention, she seeks attention. But sometimes she is silly and clever. She is a girl who likes to get involved with the audience. Po is a foodie who enjoys eating toast while others are sleeping. Like Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, and Laa-Laa, Po is also obsessed with her flashy scooter.

She has a blue and pink scooter which is referred to as a “Po Cooter”. She likes and enjoys riding on it. She also has some signature moves like she keeps her hands back and releasing her tummy out.

She is also commonly known as the “spider-fighter” among all Teletubbies names. Her good friends include Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. Other than this likes collecting cute stuff. Po was played by a British-Chinese actress, Pui Fan Lee.

Apart from the four main characters of Teletubbies, there are a couple more characters who are part of cute Teletubby land about which you must know:

Teletubbies New Names

Sun Baby –

On the Teletubby land, up high in the sky is the bright sun shining which makes baby noises, and thus it is called the baby sun.

It also gets exciting whenever magical events occur or Teletubbies are playing or performing some funny stuff. You won’t believe the role of sun baby has been performed by Jess Smith since she was only 9 months old!

The voice Trumpets –

The voice trumpet is a metallic speaker, which pops out of the ground at the beginning of the show, to let  Teletubbies know that their show has started.

It also entertains the four Teletubbies names by singing various songs, imitating different animals, singing amazing rhymes, and so on. And even at the end of the episode it pops out and asks Teletubbies new names to say goodbye!

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Shocking Facts That You MUST Know

The Show Got Banned

There was an episode after which they had to be banned as children got affected a lot after watching the scene.

In the episode, a lion and bear were made of moving cutouts which were very scary for the children, and thus Teletubbies was banned.

The Actors Were First Revealed In 2007 –

The actor’s identities of Teletubbies were revealed for the very first time in New York City. In 2007 all Teletubbies went to NYC to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show.

The actors were John Smith(Dipsy), Pui Fan Lee(Po), Nicky Smedley(Laa-Laa), and Late Simon Shelton(Tinky-Winky).

The Rabbits Are Really Big –

The rabbits in the show are big, these types of rabbits are known as the Flemish Giant rabbits. It was very difficult to shoot, the team had a difficult time as they had to reshoot regularly.

The Show Is Now Sold –

The creators decided to sell the show. So they finally got it sold in 2013. Shockingly, the show was sold for 17.4 million pounds! A Canadian company called DHX Media was the one who bought it.

Biggest Brand

BBC’s report showed that Teletubbies was the biggest brand it had. It provided approximately $46 million in revenue.

According to reports it was aired in 20 different languages and shown in 120 counties and territories.

Teletubbies Are Taller –

In real life Teletubbies, names are much taller than the average person’s. It may seem like they are too short, but no, they are even taller than you! Tinky-Winky is over 10 feet tall. Except for Po who is approximately 6 feet all other Teletubbies are tall.

Fan of Teletubbies –  

Guess what! Taylor Swift is one of the biggest fans of Teletubbies names. On Halloween, 2015 she was dressed as the Laa-Laa, and she looked just adorable.

Teletubbies Day –

March 28 has been marked as Teletubbies Day. On 28 March as mentioned before, all the Teletubbies were given the keys of New York City in 2007, and since then all around the world, 28 March is celebrated as Teletubbies Day.

They Are Inspired By Astronauts –

But do you know how did the creators find the idea? They have been inspired by astronauts and not aliens.

Many people used to think of Teletubbies characters as aliens. But actually, they are not.

Teletubbies Snacks –

The snacks for Teletubbies are mashed potatoes with acrylic paint which is yellow and red. Now you know what your favorite Teletubbies eat for snacks.

To Conclude

 So Now you know your favorite Teletubbies names, genders, and colors. Which one did you like the most? I know you must be thinking that all are the cute ones, difficult to pick up anyone, That’s true.

If you or your child loves the characters, you can bring statues, bags, toys, and many more.

So get started and let your friends, relatives, and everyone knows what you learned from this article and How this article helped you discover more about your favorite character, and yes, give your favorite Teletubbies new names, which you would like to call them.

If you also discover some new interesting facts regarding them, let us know, but believe me, we have served almost everything on your platter. Hope you loved it. Enjoy!!

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