Santa’s Reindeer Names And Gender

Who does not know Santa Claus?

He is the famous Christmas icon, a fantasy for children.

But to be very honest, Santa would not be the one we think of in the absence of his Reindeer. Santa’s Reindeer names are known for pulling the sleigh in which he travels in the night sky.

These Reindeer are the key factors in helping Santa deliver all the Christmas gifts he brings to the children on Christmas Eve.

Before going into the details about Santa’s reindeer names, we should know that the number of characters and names for the Reindeer vary in the different versions.

Many words appeared in some books, whereas others appeared in many fictional movies and films. Many people have the same question – what are the names of Santa’s Reindeer?

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First Appearance of the Reindeer

The Reindeer was mentioned for the first time in the year 1821 through an illustrated poem for the children whose name of the author is still unknown.

Santa’s reindeer names were first mentioned in a famous poem – “A Visit from Saint Nicholas,” written by Clement Clarke Moore, published on the 23rd of December, 1823.

This poem is also commonly known as “Twas Night Before Christmas.” Names of all eight Reindeer were added in the poem, including the first six: Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Prancer, Comet, and Vixen. The name of final two was named Dunder and Blixem.

The Santa’s reindeer names of the last two Reindeer were altered multiple times by Clement Moore in another version of the poem in the year 1860. In that poem, they were named– Donder and Blitzen.

Later in the year 1902, L. Frank Baum wrote a story called “The Adventures of Santa Claus,” in which he mentioned the name of ten Reindeer, and none of them were similar to the poem of Clement Moore.

After a few years, in 1939, Rudolph was introduced as the most famous Reindeer of Santa Claus. He was named “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” whose story was written for the first time by Robert L. May.

He had written this verse for a departmental store chain named Montgomery Ward. They published a book chain for the children in that store during Christmas.

Gender of Santa’s Reindeers

Santa’s Reindeer’s names and gender are usually portrayed as male because Rudolph is often mentioned as “him” in the song. Whereas, according to some professors at the University of Edinburgh, the Reindeer are often cited as female.

There is a reason given behind considering them as female. It is because, during the winters, the male Reindeer shed their antlers, whereas the females retain them.

But the Reindeer with whom Santa flies around all have their antlers. Also, the male Reindeer lose their health and nourishment and become weak. It is possible only for the female ones to pull a sleigh full of toys and a 260-pound man.

Names of the Santa’s Reindeer


Dasher is one of the fastest Reindeer that accompanies Santa Claus. He is always prompt for dashing out through the door. That is why he is excellent on the track and field when the Christmas season is not on.

The name “Dasher” came from Dascher, a German term that means “purse maker.” Yes, he can sew. Dasher is very social and is excellent at sports, as he prefers track and field events most of the time.

The cold weather does not create problems for him. This big-hearted Reindeer also loves to party and is always aware of the fashion sense.


Dancer’s personality is a unique one as he is completely extroverted. When he is not with Santa, that is, during the off-season, he is busy enjoying dance parties.

His favorite genre of his Music is Latin music, and he is very happy to dance with Enrique Iglesias. He knows quite a few dances, such as Salsa, Tango, and Merengue.

This Reindeer has excellent coordination between his hands, foot, and eye. Unlike most other Reindeer, he loves to wear colorful clothes and is fond of celebrations and watching movies.


The Reindeer Prancer loves to carry a mirror and groom himself from time to time when he is on the sleigh. He thinks he can meet anyone anytime and thus prefers to look the best all the time.

Santa has also made him a specially decorated harness to carry his brush, comb, and mirror. In the off-season, he is often found at the elves’ factory prancing with other Reindeer and elves.

He is highly energetic and loyal. He is also very good at baking mint cookies.

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Vixen is a magician and is well known for his comedic character. He can make things disappear and again reappear whenever he likes, and this skill of his makes the other Reindeer annoyed most of the time.

Since he is a magician, he tricks the other Reindeer, and Santa is very fond of his magic tricks. Vixen loves getting attention from everyone. Sometimes, he even runs late, but he has a good habit of helping others. He is very smart and has a cool and calm composure.


Comet, as the name suggests, is often out of the world. He is a good-looking reindeer and is always found smiling. He loves to play balls with all his young friends during the off-season.

Children are also very fond of Comet, which is why Santa loves him so much. Before Christmas, Santa and Comet go around the world to see what the children have wished for, and the children gather around and start petting him on seeing him.

Comet is very smart and loves to be flexible. If he once makes up his mind, he will not stop until he gets his job done. This helpful-natured Reindeer always loves to be honest.


Cupid, as the name suggests, is very fond of love and affection. He goes with the motto – “Spread the Love.”

He is often found carrying the mistletoe springs and places them all around the entryway of people in a mysterious manner at the time of Christmas. That is why people never forget to spread the love by hugging and kissing during the festive season.

He also loves to sing, and his favorite song is “Joy to the World.” He is very fond of the red and green colors and is very good at finding mistletoe and playing with bows and arrows. He has a sweet tooth but still is fond of having a carrot.

This kind and helpful Reindeer cannot tolerate any of his friends being sad.


Derived from the German name – Thunder, Donner is very fond of singing some low notes of songs. He is always noticed when he enters the room because he has a deep and booming voice.

Whenever Donner sings songs about Santa, he is often appreciated by the other Reindeer. Both he and Blitzen together can easily pull off some excellent duet performances.

Donner usually loves to take charge. He is also fond of debates and is very creative. He can often be found humming some Christmas songs even when he s flying.

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This Santa’s reindeer name has been derived from the German word Lightning. He is fast like lightning and flies fast when he is about to help Santa deliver the Christmas gifts.

Blitzen can infuse an electric charge within himself whenever Santa asks him to go more quickly. He also loves to hang out with Donner. He can do any work given to him very fast. He has a tenor sort of voice that acts as a complement to Donner’s voice.

While not working, Blitzen loves to spend time watching Christmas movies. He is very fond of spontaneity and is never late for his work.


Rudolph had joined the herd after a few years of its formation. He suffered from very low self-esteem because he thought his red nose made him the odd one out.

But very soon, Santa found his red nose very useful as a source of light for his sleigh. Since then, he was placed as the herd leader who showed a path in the darkness with his red bulb-like nose.

Rudolph loves to play hide and seek along with his fellow Reindeer when he is on his holidays. He is a bit shy but is the best leader whenever required.


Olive is the last Reindeer to join Santa’s herd. She was referred to in many songs that were made about Rudolph. She used to laugh at him because of his red nose.

When she saw Rudolph becoming an important asset to the team of Santa, she was also motivated to become a part of the herd.

Since joining the pack, she apologized to Rudolph, and they became good friends. At first, Olive is a bit shy, but once you be with her for a few days, this Reindeer will become very outgoing with you. She is really good at making friends.


It was all about Santa’s Reindeer’s names pulling the sleigh of Santa Claus. There were many changes in names and gender. Children are very fond of these Reindeer as they are very adorable. Although they are fictional characters, they are adored a lot by people.

Frequently asked questions

Are all reindeer female?

Vixen, Dasher, Comet, Dancer, Blitzen, Pancer, Donner, Cupid, and Rudolph are female.

What is the name of Santa’s real Reindeer?

Caribou, also known as Rangifer Tarandus.

What is the name of Rudolph’s girlfriend?


What is the name of the youngest Reindeer?


What is the name of the oldest Reindeer?


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