12 Best Paw Patrol Names With Their Jobs

Hey, cartoon crazy people you are at the right place for the paw patrol names. Everybody loves cartoons no matter if you are a kid or a mature person when it comes to cartoons all of us became children and enjoy them.

Paw Patrol is the new age cartoon series that shows on nick junior if you want to watch this cartoon then there are lots of anime sites to watch online.

Nick Junior is one of the best places to watch your favorite cartoons. Before we get to know about the paw patrols let’s know some interesting facts about this cartoon.

Paw Patrol is an animation series for children, which is made by Keith Chapman. This cartoon is produced by spin master entertainment and the animation work is done by guru studio. The first episode of this cartoon premiered on 12, Aug. 2013 in the USA.

The concept is very simple a boy Ryder leads his team and the member of his team are humans and dogs. The team is known as paw patrol they rescue the dogs from different places in difficult situations.

Every team member has different sets of skills dogs have different roles like firefighters, policemen, pilots, etc. The dogs also have the toolsets on their back they call them pup packs. Let us know about the paw patrol characters’ names.

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1. Ryder

As we discussed above Ryder is the leader of the paw patrol. The age of this teenage boy is just 10 years in the cartoon series, but he leads the team from the front. In an emergency, he calls the whole team and goes to the emergency place to help the citizens of adventure bay.

Ryder also trains all the members of the paw patrol team so you can say that Ryder is the main hero of this cartoon series. He also distributes the role to the dog members of his team that what they will do in any kind of situation.

Ryder is an intelligent boy he not only decides the role job of the team members but also discovers new tools for every member of his team. The dogs hold these tolls to their back called pup packs.

2. Rubble

The rubble is a yellow-colored English bulldog pup and he is the youngest member of the paw patrol team. Rubble rides the bulldozer which is modified with the good unique and best tools to use in emergency situations.

The rubble is a fun-loving emotional dog who loves to enjoy at the time of work and save the animals. He loves the small animals and called them like kitty witty and saves them from danger. Ryder hires this dog when he was a little puppy. So Rubble is one of the paw patrol dog names.

3. Alex Porter is one of the human paw patrol names

Alex porter is a small kid in the paw patrol cartoon series as his age is between 5 to 6 years. Because of his small age, he cannot join the paw patrol team, but he is studying in a school in which he is studying how to save dogs.

Alex Porter wants to build his own dog-saving squad so he works hard for that. He built his own unprofessional dog-saving squad named the pups save Alex’s Mini Patrol. He hires lots of members of his team, but sometimes he creates a difficult situation for the paw patrol members because of his unprofessional skills.

4. Cap ‘n Turbot

Cap ‘n turbot also known as the Captain Horatio turbot. He introduces it after some time in the episodes of the paw patrol cartoon series. He loves to ride the boats and that’s why he owns a fantastic boat for himself.

He is a biologist from the profession and keeps his eyes on adventure bay city. He is the official manager of the paw patrol team. He loves zoology and loves to help animals from danger. He lives on seal island with his cousin Francois.

The specialty of Cap ‘n Turbot is discovering the things under the water. He also serves the owls and other animals as a doctor and discovers new things that can be used to treat the animals for their good.

5. Zuma

Zuma is a cute chocolate-colored Labrador dog and one of the main protagonists in the paw patrol cartoon series. The main duty of Zuma is to rescue the animals who fall into an underwater difficult situation.

He is a less used team member of the paw patrol team because of fewer underwater situations. He drives the speed bot called hovercraft because of his duty. He loves the orange color that’s why he wears the orange helmet and his pup pack is also orange-colored.

6. Katie

Katie is one of the paw patrol names that are very famous just like Ryder. Katie is a cute and sexy girl who works in the adventure bay pet parlor and works with a smile always. Katie also has a cute cat and the name of the cat is Cali.

She is a pet doctor as well as a pet groomer and she has an old grandmother. Katie is a good friend of Ryder and all the dogs who work in the paw patrol team. She is also a good friend of the children of adventure bay and a big sister of Alex Porter.

7. Skye

Skye is a very sweet female dog in the paw patrol characters’ names and she is a Cockapoo dog. She is the first female member that joins the paw patrol team. Yes, I know that Everest is also a female, but not the first to join the paw patrol.

She uses the helicopter to keep close eyes on adventure bay city from the sky. She uses the hook to save the citizens of adventure bay city and also helps her team to shift them according to their needs.

8. Rocky

Rocky is a mixed-breed dog and one of the important paw patrol names in this cartoon series. His job is to collect the things that can be used for recycling purposes. He uses these things to set up the broken object and give them a new look.

The color of this dog is green and this mixed breed dog is intelligent and collects objects from adventure bay city and repairs the broken objects with the help of collecting objects. You can say that Rocky is a magician in his work.

9. Marshall

Marshall is a Dalmatian dog and one of the very important paws patrol characters’ names because his duty is different from others. He has to save the lives of the animals from different and dangerous situations.

Marshall is a fireman in this cartoon series and went to a dangerous situation where the fire burns and his duty is to save the lives of the animals from there. he is also a medic as well as a firefighter.

As a medic, his duty is to check the animals that are safe or not. He has a scanner in his pup packs by which he checks the broken bones and the damaged body part of the animal. He also sends the injured person to the hospital.

10. Jake

Jake is a snowboarder who loves to drive the snowboard on the ice and perform stunts for the citizens of adventure bay. He also owns the resort and institutes that guide people on how to do skating on the ice.

Jake also rescues the citizens and animals who are stuck on the ice during skating or by accident. He saves the lives of paw patrol team members like Katie and her cat Cali, Marshall, and Rocky when they are on their mission.

11. Chase

Chase is a German shepherd dog and is one of the main names in the cartoon series. Chase is a cop in this cartoon with lots of responsibilities as he is a policeman, traffic controller, and spy as well.

His duty is to control the traffic at the time of emergency and helps the paw patrol team member with the information he has. He also spies on the situation to track the culprits. So Chase is one of the big names of paw patrol.

12. Everest

Everest is a female husky dog and also the oldest dog in the paw patrol team names. Her duty is to clear the ice, which is in the form of snow from the road in emergency situations so that the paw patrol team can work effectively.

She also has the pup packs in which she holds the grappling hook. With the help of this grappling hook, she shifts her body from one place to the other place. She clears the snow very quickly so that the paw patrol team can do their work.


So guys these are the best and the most famous paw patrol names of this popular cartoon series. This cartoon gets very popular at the start of the early days and the characters of the paw patrol are very famous among children.

We cover the best and most popular names in this article with their dog breed and their job roles in adventure bay city. If you think that we missed any of the paw patrol characters’ names in this article who is famous like these characters then please comment to us.

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