Names That Mean Star: Some Cool Name Suggestions

Why do people search for names that mean stars?

A person’s name is one of the crucial things or their personality. For all parents, it becomes a hectic task to choose a suitable name for their child. Here, we will talk about those names that mean stars.

Many parents want to name their kids that mean star because it is very common to think that our children are shining stars.

Japanese names that mean star, girl names that mean star, names that mean bright star, boy names that mean star, names that mean the star of the sea, or names that mean shooting star. These are some common queries for parents who love astronomy or celestials. 

For every father or mother, their kids are the stars in their lives although we know deep down that the universe does not revolve around them. 

This is one of the reasons why these names are so common for babies. Many parents want to give their children a name that means something to them.

 If you love astronomy and cannot move your eyes off the night sky, or just stare at the beauty of the sky then naming your child after a star (or even Star itself) can make you feel they are really part of being. 

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Let’s get into such beautiful cool names that mean stars or are related to stars-

Well, names that mean stars are in various languages. It can take the form of a “star” in different languages or some specific stars and constellations in our solar system.

1. Aster (Unisex)

Aster is a unisex name. It is one of the coolest names. Since many people wish to use a unisex name.

Unisex names are preferred when a parent wants to decide the name of the child before birth.  Aster has a Greek origin.

This is a beautiful Greek name that means “star” and is suitable for a girl or boy. It sounds quite astral. Aster is a good option to consider while naming your child. 

2. Realta (Unisex)

This is also a unisex name that literally means star. It is mainly an Irish word that means star. This name is quite common among girls but boys can also be named Realta. This is a very classy and good name to consider before you name your child.

3. Felis (Unisex)

Felis is the name of a specific star mainly. It is the Latin word for “lucky,” just like when people “thank their lucky stars.” if as a parent you think your kid is your lucky charm or the star of your life this name is perfect. Whether a girl or boy, you can name your kid Felis. This means the cat star.

4. Jiemba (Boy)

This name originates from the Wiradjuri origin which means ‘star’ or ‘laughing star’. The name is perfect for a child who has a good smile. 

5. Estrella (Girl)

Estrella is the Spanish word for “star,” it is a  beautiful girly name and sounds very nice when we hear it. Usually, the Spanish people pronounce the double L’s in the name as a “yuh” sound in the Spanish language. Other people who belong to non-Spanish families may choose to use the standard L phonetic. 

6. Tara (Girl)

Tara is a very common name among Indians. It is a Sanskrit word for star and not only among Hindi-speaking parents but it is also a very common name in the English language.

It sounds very simple and good when pronounced. There are many parents who have chosen this name and may not know its true meaning.

7. Astra (Girl)

If you are someone who considers your girl child as a gift of an angel then this name is perfect for your child. Astra is one of the girls’ names that mean star. It is the Greek word meaning “star,” or “from the stars.” 

It is the perfect way to express that your little girl has been sent from heaven to shine bright like a star.  

8. Lynx (Unisex)

The name Lynx means the word “brightness,” as if gazing at the brightest star in the sky. This name is unisex and will remind you how bright your child can be whenever you call his/ her name. This is also a kind of wildcat, which symbolizes agility and speed.

9. Najm

This is yet another beautiful name meaning ‘star’. This name has an Arabic origin and is very common among Muslims. 

10. Arawan (Unisex)

This is a Thai name.  Arawan directly translates as “sunshine.” as our sun is our brightest star neighbor. The beautiful unisex name represents life itself, making this name a favorite among parents who love stars.

11. Sterling 

This has an English origin. In English Sterling means ‘starling, little star’. It’s a very shiny and attractive name.

12. Sutara

This is mainly an Indian name that originated in India. The word Sutara means ‘holy star’

13. Asteria

This is a Greek name meaning ‘star’. This is one of the beautiful girl names that mean star

 14. Carina (Girl)

 It has an Italian origin, this name, meaning ‘beloved’, is the name of the constellation which has the brightest star in the sky.

15. Hesper 

It is a Greek name, meaning ‘evening star’.

16. Bellatrix (Girl)

This is a famous name from a well-known series and we all have heard this name after becoming famous in the Harry Potter series and books. The name Bellatrix has Latin origins. It is mainly the name of the star in the Orion constellation

17. Elanna (Girl) 

Elanna means ‘star sun.’ It has Christian origins and is quite a popular baby girl name found in the West.

18. Lucien (Boy)

Lucien has a French origin that means a bright light shining.’ This is one of the coolest boy names that mean star

19. Namid (Boy)

This word means star dancer. The name has origins in Ojibwa. Namid is a unique name for boys.

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If you wish to keep names that mean the star of the sea then here are some suggestions-

Marin – this is an Irish name that means “star of the sea.” This is a good name and easy to spell. You can also spell it, Maren.

Mirabella -this is a Latin word, the -Ella name means “star of the sea.”

Names that mean shooting star :


This is a very cool name. It is mainly a short form of Ezekiel. This name Zeke can also be a standalone name of Arabic having an Aramaic origin. It means “shooting star”.

Danica – 

Danica also means morning star and it’s a pretty and cool girl’s name.

This name has a Slavic and Latin origin.

Shihab –

This name originated from Arabic. That means ‘shooting star, meteor.

Some baby names with the meaning of morning star.

  • Tarikh is an Arabic word that means ‘history,’ or historiography.

The name Tarique which originated from Tarikh is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic, the meaning of this appealing name Tarique is the Morning Star.

  • Sabuhi Name is yet another cool name that means morning star.

Meaning In Urdu & English. This name means Morning Star as well as it is considered the lucky number associated with Sabuhi is 1.

  • Tarak, having African origin, this cute name also means ‘morning star.


So lastly we can say that naming a kid is not easy as our children are just like our shining stars in the sky. The kids bring joy and shine to our lives and turn them magical.

So all the parents who wish to name their newborn similar to these beautiful shiny stars can select from the above list of cool names that mean star and celestial bodies.

These baby names that mean stars are truly beautiful and unique. This pool of names meaning stars for kids, helps the parents think of them as little jewels shining bright in our lives. Hope this was helpful to select the perfect name for your bright child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names meaning bright star?

There are many names that mean bright stars. Here are a few suggestions-
No, this is not Castor which is the name of oil so do not get confused with the oil, this is a baby name that has a Greek origin and in the Gemini constellation, this means the brightest star. This name is perfect for late May and June babies.
Sirius –
Sirius has a Latin origin meaning ‘brightest star’. You can name your child Sirius so that they shine bright just like their name.

What are Some Japanese names that mean star-

Since many people like Japanese names and wish to keep thinking of a name for their child relating to stars, this question is very common among them. So here are 2 beautiful Japanese baby names-
Hoshi/Hoshiko – This is one of the Japanese names that mean star
This is a beautiful Japanese baby name that is so unique and cute.
Akaboshi – This means red star in Japanese.

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