20+ Names That Mean Queen For Baby Girls

To have a beautiful daughter in your life is the most amazing thing in life. so please choose names that mean queen for them.

A daughter is the most precious thing that gives to us by god because if you think practically the female is one who is running the whole world.

We give a lot of importance to girls in some countries like India there is a festival called Navratri especially based on girls. they worship girls at that festival and thank god to give girls.

You know that the female is the reason why we are on this earth and if you are blessed with a baby girl that means you are lucky. Females gave us birth and that’s why this cycle is moving. Now let us discuss the queen names for your baby.

1. Maria

Her full name was Maria Theresa and she was the queen of many countries like Austria, Hungary, Milan, Croatia, Netherlands, and Perma.

As you can see how powerful a lady she was as she rules many countries. so if you will choose this name for your daughter that means your daughter will be powerful like this queen.

2. Elizabeth

Who doesn’t know this name as this name is very famous and the most popular name for girls? Queen Elizabeth was the queen of the British Empire and that empire almost rules all over the world for a certain time period.

When the British Empire was ruling the world at that time Queen Elizabeth was in a position in the British Empire. So this name is a sign of power and this is one of the names that mean queen for sure.

3. Caterina

In Greek mythology, Caterina was the queen of the Cyprus Empire and was also considered the last monarch of the Cyprus Empire.

She had also a connection with the Roman Empire which was one of the largest empires at that time. this name is very beautiful if you love the beautiful name then you can choose this name for your baby girl.

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4. Margaret

Margaret was the daughter of King George and Queen Elizabeth. She was also a witness of the second world war and was the queen of the British Empire at that time.

She loved to spend time with her parents, so if you are looking for a name for your girl so that your girl will love you then you can choose this name.

5. Berenice

Berenice was the Egyptian queen and she was famous for black magic. according to the historical facts, Berenice was a very beautiful lady, and the king of Egypt at that time love her queen and was very conscious of her wife. Berenice is the best name for girls who are very beautiful.

6. Syra

Syra’s full name was Cleopatra I Syra and she was the queen of the Seleucid empire. She was famous for her quick decision-making power.

So if you are looking for a name that means queen then you can choose this name for your baby.

7. Isabella

Isabella was the queen of England because of her strong attitude and bold decision-making power she was known as the she-wolf of that time. if you think that your girl will be brave and strong then choose this name for her.

8. Anne

Anne Boleyn was one of the six wives of king henry 8. but she was the most intelligent and smart thinker then all of the other wives of king henry and her smartness made her different from the others. She gets the famous whole of England for her intelligence.

9. Mary

If you are looking for names that mean queen then here is another name in that list. Mary is a very sweet and beautiful name that you can choose for your piece of heart. this name is very common in England as many successful female names are Mary so you can definitely choose this name.

10. Charlotte

Charlotte is the name who was the queen of Great Britain and Ireland. you can realize how powerful and popular this name is as one place in the city of California is on the name of queen charlotte.

11. Alexandra

If you guys are looking for a beautiful queen name that is attractive and sounds sexy then this name is the best on the list.

As you know that Alexandra was the queen of the united kingdom and this name gets popular from that time till now.

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12. Marie

Marie is the name of many queens in France and all of these queens were very powerful. Marie’s name is a sign of cuteness so you can choose this name as the cute name that means queen.

13. Lakshmi bai

Rani Lakshmi Bai was the queen of the city of Jhansi which is placed in India. Rani Lakshmi Bai is very popular in India because of her fight against the Britishers as she fought with the Britishers to save her empire and her son. Lakshmi is a very popular name in India.

14. Rani

Rani is a very popular name in India, Rani is a Hindi word which that means queen. Hindi is the national language of India. most people in India choose this name for their daughter as the name of love.

15. Hortense

Hortense was the queen of Holland and the stepdaughter of Emperor Napoleon. according to history, she was a very beautiful lady of Holland.

So if you want to choose a beautiful name for your daughter then you can choose the name, Hortense.

16. Jejebel

This beautiful lady was the queen of Israel and the wife of King Ahab. this lady was popular to attract people because of her beautiful eyes.

Some peoples think that Jezebel has the magic tactic to attract people from her eyes. so if your baby girl has beautiful eyes then this name is perfect for your girl.

17. Caroline

Caroline Bonaparte also known as Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat was the queen of the Kingdom of Naples. this name is considered one of the royal names that mean queen.

So if you are looking for a royal name then this name is definitely the best name for you.

18. Noor al-Hussein

Noor al-Hussein was the queen of Jordan and the wife of King Hussein. who became a widow after some time. but this lady was very beautiful and attractive. so if you are a Muslim and want to select a name that means queen then you can select this beautiful name for your beautiful daughter.

19. Juliana

Juliana was the queen of the Netherlands and was very famous because of her beautiful smile throughout the whole country.

Juliana is the most common name and you can find this name in many countries because of its beauty. so if you are looking for a common and beautiful name for your girl then your search will definitely end here.

20. Zenobia

Zenobia was the queen of palmyra, Syria and she was the third-century queen of Syria. Zenobia was famous for her fighting technique and also she was considered one of the bravest queens of all time.

21. Augusta

Augusta was the queen of Prussia and she was the coolest-minded lady considered in history.

22. Victoria

Victoria was the queen of the united kingdom and Great Britain. victoria is a very popular name not only in England but also in many other countries.

There are many famous peoples are there in the world with this name. so if you are searching for the perfect name that means queen then victoria is a very good name for you.

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What girl’s name means queen

The queen names that use for baby girls like real queen names or the name that means queen in any language are known as the queen name. these names can be taken from anywhere and from any language but the meaning should be queen.

The names we suggest in this article are the real queen names. so you guys can choose any of these names that suit your baby girl and according to your interest.

These names can only be used for baby girls not for baby boys because these are the girls’ names inspired by the reputed women in this world.

Please choose a name that is different and also according to the nature of your children. The queens are bad and good so please choose a name that will not make any bad effect on your baby’s future. please choose the name that can make your girl lovable by all the society.


So that’s it guys these are the names that mean queen and we tried to include all the names of the queens that are powerful and respected queens of the world.

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