30 Unique Names That Mean Fox

Fox is a popular animal and there are lots of similarities between the fox and cats. there are lots of names that mean fox in other languages. many peoples like unique names for their children.

So the name meaning fox can be one of those types of names. the specialties about these types of names are that you will find only a few of them in your society, so you will feel special because of not having a common name for your baby.

before we read about these names let us first discuss something about the fox. fox is a flattened type of animal that looks similar to a cat but is bigger in size than a cat. the female foxes are called the vixen and the male foxes are called the dog fox.

Fox is considered the cleverest animal in the world because of the sharpest mind this animal has and the way fox utilizes the mind in every situation is just incredible.

Why I am saying that the fox is similar to the cat? well, when fox hunts this animal catches the hunt by jumping just like a cat and they also use their claw in the same way the cat uses. so both animals are the same let us check this table below to know more about the fox.

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Names meaning fox

Names that mean fox are the names for the unique category because these names are new in societies. if you guys choose these names for your newborn baby then that will be a fresh name and unique also.

We also include the boys’ names and the girls’ names in this list. so you guys can easily choose the names according to the gender of your baby and your interest. let’s see some names meaning fox.

1. Delpher

Delpher is an Albanian name and I am sure you heard about this name but let me tell you this name is not common like other names like john, Silvester, etc. You can choose this name if you want a unique and cool name for your baby.

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2. Azeria

Azeria is another name that means fox. Azeria is the word in the Basque language that denotes animals like cats.

3. Lisica

Lisica is a Croatian word that denotes the fox. Croatian is the language spoken in Croatia.

4. Raev

It is also a word from a language that speaks in one American nation. the name Raev sounds really cool and sexy this name is especially for girl names that mean fox.

So if you are looking for a beautiful and unique name for your baby girl then this name can be fit for your search.

5. Vos

Vos is the dutch name of the fox as you all know dutch is a language spoken in the Netherlands. Vos is a very popular name there and you can choose this name for your baby too.

6. Rebane

Well, this name is very interesting as it comes from the beautiful country name Estonia. Rebane is the Estonian name for fox and the rebate is a good name for the boy. this name as you can read very unique and attractive but you can use this name for boys only.

7. Kettu

Wow-what a pretty name kettu.. this name can be your home nickname or your friend’s nickname. Kettu is a pretty name but you can not use this name for professional purposes name because it sounds like a home name.

But still, this name is in the category of names meaning fox because kettu is the name of fox in the Finnish language.

8. Renard

Renard is a very cute name for the baby boy as this name sounds really cute and sweet. Renard is the french name and the meaning is a fox of this name. some of the girls are also named Renard so you guys can also use this name for girls.

9. Raposo

Raposo is a very romantic name as this is the Galician name of a fox. the Galician language is the most romantic language in the world. so they use every name and word that means romantic also.

So if you are looking for a name that is romantic then you can choose this name for your baby but this name is only for baby boys not for baby girls. this name is one of the romantic names that mean fox.

10. Fuchs

Fuchs is Germany’s name for fox the spelling of Fuchs is very similar to the word that is used to abuse someone. so this name has controversies but still chooses by the tough guys. so we consider this name in the tough names category.

11. Roka

Well, this is another cute name for baby girls because this name sounds really sweet in the ears. Roka is a Hungarian name and a very popular name in Hungary.

12. Refur

Refur is the name that comes from the country of Iceland. As everyone knows that Iceland is well known for its dramatic nature change. this country is famous for hot springs, lava fields, volcanoes, etc.

The foxes of this country are also very cute looking they call them Refur. if you are searching for a sweet name then you can choose this name.

13. Sionnach

Sionnach is an Irish name that means fox. this name is different and also very sweet for babies, so if you are looking for a different name then you can select this name.

14. Volpe

Fox is called the Volpe in Italy in their national language. the language used by most Italians is Latin so Volpe is a Latin name and this name is perfectly suited to the smart personality guys.

So if you are looking for a smart name then you can choose this name.

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15. Raposa

Yes, I know that this name sounds like a girl’s name but believe me that this name is a Portuguese boy’s name which means fox. so you can select this name for your baby girl. Raposa is one of the best names that mean fox.

16. Vulpe

Vulpe is a Romanian name, roman culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. mythology says that the Romans called wolf vulpe.

But if you read the language that clearly indicates that the vulpe is one of the roman names that mean fox.

17. Lisica

Lisica is a very popular and sexy name as you can read. it sounds like some sweet melts in the ears and let me tell you that lisica is a Slovenian name for a fox. so if you are looking for a sexy name for your newly born baby girl then this name is perfect for you.

18. Zorro

Well, this name doesn’t need an introduction because this is a very popular name. Zorro is a Spanish name that uses in lots of comics and Hollywood movies.

This name sounds like a superhero because a Hollywood movie was made on Zorro and the character who played that role was a superhero.

So if you are looking for a superhero name then this name is perfect but you can only use it as a baby boy name.

19. Lomdi

Lomdi is the Hindi name for fox and Hindi is the national language of India. in India Lomdi name also uses for girls who are clever and this name is only for girls in India.

So if you want to choose a name that is clever so simply choose this name for your baby girl. this is one of the best names that mean fox.

20. Kolha

Kolha is a beautiful and interesting name as this is the name for girls. if you are looking for a name that sounds beautiful as your girl is beautiful then I suggest you choose this name.

21. Tilki

Tilki is a short Turkish name meaning fox. As you can read that this name will fit your cutie pie girl but as a nickname, because this name is not perfect for a professional name. so if you are looking for a short nickname then this name is perfect to choose.

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22. Tulki

Tulki is another fox name that is Uzbekistani. this name is also suitable for the nickname of girls. so if you are looking for nicknames for your girl then this one stays strong on the list.

23. Jakkals

This name comes on the list because this is an Afrikaans name for a fox. this is a funny name as you can read it and this is also a good name for your friend’s group you can also use it as a dance team name.

24. Dawako

Dawako is a Somalian name meaning fox. this name can be used as the baby boy’s name.

25. Akata

If you guys are looking for weird names that mean fox and then this name is only for you. as you can read this name sounds like a tribe name and is perfect for both boys and girls. so you can choose this name for both genders.

26. Soro

If you guys are a fan of Filipino names then this name comes from the category you want. Soro is the name of a fox but this name is only for boys.

Soro is also a sign of strongness and toughness so you can choose it if you are looking for strong and tough names.

27. Pokiha

The Maori peoples call the fox Pokiha as these peoples are sweet and cute. so the pokiha is a sign of sweetness and cuteness. so if you are looking for a sweet and cute boy name then this one is perfect for you.

28. Vulpo

Vulpo is a kind of name that uses by fighters or wrestlers. this sounds like a powerful name that’s why it is chosen by the wrestlers. if you guys are looking for a powerful name then this one is perfect for you. but this name is only for boys ‘ not for girls.

29. Rena

Rena is another name that comes from the french as the foxes are called Rena in Haitian Creole. Haitian Creole is a language that speaks by some of the french people of a particular place. this name is a girl’s name so don’t choose it for the boys.

30. Vulpes

Vulpes is a Latin word used by the Roman people and the meaning of this word is the fox. the origin of the Latin language in Rome and because of the expansion of their kingdom Latin expands to Italy and many more places. so if you are looking for a Roman name then this will be perfect for you.


So that’s it guys this is the full list of names that mean fox and all of the names come from different countries according to their languages.

You guys can select any of these names according to your choice and interest. we believe in the worldwide concept that sharing is caring so please share this article with your friends and family members so they can also enjoy this article.

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