Choose Your Favorite Minion Names From The List

If you are a fan of the Despicable Me series or have in any way been associated with the internet at all, you know of the existence of the Minions then you are surely a fan of minion names.

The Minions are an integral part of the series and exist as male characters shaped like pill capsules.

They are fun and display child-like behavior, which resonates beautifully with the kind of animation movies created by Illumination.

The Minions are the official mascots for this international company. The first movie feature in the Minions came out in 2010.

The latest movie came out in 2022 and was a throwback into the life of the protagonist Gru as a child.

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Things you didn’t know about the Minions.

The Minions have gained much attention since they created the Despicable Me movie in 2010.

At one time, they used to feature on every Facebook meme worldwide. Even then, a lot is possible to be missed about these legendary characters.

Before we look at these names list, let us talk about the interesting things about Minions that we probably didn’t know. Here is what you did not know about the Minions.

  • The Minions were designed and created by the well-known artist Eric Guillon.
  • They are 3 ft 7 inches tall, but their individual heights vary from each other.
  • Most of them have brown eyes, which can be one or two, except Bob, who has one green and one brown eye.
  • Every Minionhas a slightly different way of talking and a slightly different voice.
  • Even though Minions do not have a nose, they can smell.
  • The language minion speaks is known as Minions, which despite having a few similarities with other languages, is mostly unintelligible. The minion language derives from Spanish, German Italian Korean English French, and Japanese.
  • Similar to their ability to smell, Minions can hear sounds even though they do not have ears.
  • The minion community left their homeland Switzerland for America in the 1960s.
  • All Minions wear glasses.
  • Almost every Minion wears blue denim overalls, similar shoes, and gloves.
  • Minions have existed since the beginning of life on Earth. They are a species characterized by their desire to serve the most terrible villains. Without which they become unhappy.
  • Minion’s favorite food is fruits.
  • Minions came to Gru’s assistance when he was just a child and lived with his harsh and abusive mother.
  • In real life, the Minions have appeared in many different shows other than their series, including The Simpsons and Family Guy.
  • Characteristic minion voices were given by Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, and Jemaine Clement. In the later movies, however, Coffin was the only voice artist.

What is the relationship between Minions and Gru?

As a child, Gru’s biggest ambition was to become a supervillain. At one point in his journey, you realize that he required assistance to carry out all the plants at present and in the future that he would be encountering. For this, the child Gru posted an advertisement for a helper.

Even though he had meant only a person, very soon, the entire Minions gang appeared at his window.

Initially, Gru had refused to hire this huge community and had asked them to leave. But since the Minions would not leave and continue to show extreme dedication towards the child Gru, he hired them.

The Minions helped him fight against his dream supervillain group, and their position as his employees was granted.

Since then, Minions have lived with Gru and continued working under him. They helped when Gru decided to steal the moon and became best friends with the girls when they came to live at Gru’s house. The Minions are today a sole part of Gru’s family.

How many Minion movies are there?

Because of the huge population that Minions have gained since their first display, many successful movies and series have featured them. Including short-length as well as full-length creations, there are 6 animations.

All the Minion character names we know about have come from these different movies and short films.

  • Despicable Me
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Minions
  • Banana
  • Despicable Me 3
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

The Minion character name list

There are many Minion characters since the Minion community is huge. The Minion franchise slowly started giving names to the Minions, and even though they come from different linguistic backgrounds, they happened to have short, simple English names.

Not all Minions have been named, but we have a huge list of Minions who have names now. You can now find all Minion names in one this list.


Dave is one of the first Minions to have ever been coined. He is one of the most entertaining characters in the group because of his energetic, restless, charming, and caring attitude. He often makes silly mistakes but manages to correct them.

He has two eyes and a thin layer of flat hair which is middle parted. He loves food and gets easily distracted by colorful and cute objects.

He likes weapons such as rockets and missiles. Dave talks a lot and has an average weight and height. This Minions’ height is estimated to be 105 cm.

He is also known as Bazooka Dave because he once fired a bazooka in one of the first movies when Gru was conducting a meeting to let everyone know of his latest plan. Dave is one of the smartest Minions who are creative and good at playing video games.


The name Stuart reflects the characteristics of sincerity and innocence. Stuart is the shortest Minion with a height of 94 cm and is quite simple-minded and pleasant. Kevin and Jerry often bully Stuart

He causes problems, and often problems are caused to him in relatively unrelated scenarios. He is a thin Minion with one eye and flat center-parted hair.

Even after being bullied quite much, this Minion is a cheerful little Minion who loves playing and laughing with his other counterparts.

Stuart is one of the most famous Minions in one eye.


Jerry is a huge favorite among Minion fans because of his creative expression and realistic attitude. He is mysterious and often plays hooky.

This Minion likes to blame other people when he gets caught. He is highly active and considers Stuart to be his best friend. They are always hanging out together.

Jerry is a brave one but gets scared almost the next instant. This Minion has an average height of 105 cm and a slim body type.

Jerry has really large teeth and spiky hair. He has a difficult relationship with Edith.


He has two eyes, and his spiky hair almost always stands up as if a current of electricity constantly jolts him. He is the second shortest Minion at a height of 96 cm. He is definitely the Minion who talks the most and says the most unwanted gibberish.

He is always the most energetic and gets in trouble because of his silly actions. Even other Minions get tired of him most of the time.

Remember that Minion keeps imprinting the marks on his butt in various places? Yes, this is him.

This Minion is also one of the fattest of his group and loves to eat. It is one of the most creative minion names.


Tim is a no-nonsense Minion who loves to supervise everybody else. He is the tallest Minion and is the leader of his trio. His height is somewhere around 120 cm.

His hair stands up like a tuft of grass – aur he has been timing it as a fountain ponytail, we will never know.

He always volunteers for important events but is also quite cautious. He has two pairs of ice and long arms. He is the Minion who is the quickest to get annoyed by others. Tim, Mark, and Phil are mostly seen together and are popularly called the 3 Minions.


Mark takes on new events enthusiastically and loves to dress up as a lady. He is a good singer and enjoys every moment. Mark also has an average Minion height of 105 cm. He has flat center-parted hair and likes to dance and hold the mic.

He has a medium to slim body type and really large teeth. He has two pairs of eyes. Mark often takes care of the house and does daily tasks. Mark looks like Dave, and so many Minion fans speculate they might be twins.


He is the happiest Minion and can be seen laughing about everything. He has a little gap between the two of his center teeth, making his face even more adorable. He is also noticeably short, missing the title of the shortest Minion by 1 cm.

Loves to watch people prank each other and enjoys spending time with the girls. He has one eye and center-parted, really thin hair. He loves being cuddled by Agnes. Agnes and Phil are best friends. Phil also looks very much like Stuart and is speculated to be a brother or twin.


Kevin is the boss of the Minion group and always ends up saving the day. He is at all Minion with one eye and is often considered the most loyal to Gru. He has flat center-parted hair and a slim body.

He is mostly seen taking part in all the crazy adventures that grow, and his family gets into. He likes solving mysteries and acting as a Sleuth. He is sincere and calm and often operates with a clear mind.

Gru famously shrunk him to the height of 6 cm using the shrink Ray, and he is the smallest Minion yet. Kevin is also one of the smartest Minions of the group, though originally, this was not so. If you were interested in knowing purple Minion, he is definitely one of them.


Bob always has an indifferent expression on his face and talks truly little. He is not lazy, however, does not like to take part in very energetic activities. At the same time, he has a mysterious sense of humor, is an attention seeker, and likes to bully other Minions.

He often sits around and observes other people and comes to their rescue when it is required. Bob Illumination or Comcast. He is an average-sized, little fat Minion with an average weight and a grim facial expression.

Bob does not have hair at all and is the only Minion suffering from Heterochromia between the left and right eyes.

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Who named the Minion names?

These names have come up from both official and unofficial sources. Many names have been coined by themselves to give Minions an individual character.

Some Minion names are unofficial in origin, later adopted by official sources.

These characters include:

  • John
  • Frank
  • Darwin
  • Lance
  • Larry
  • Mike
  • Norbert
  • Paul
  • Steve
  • Tom
  • Chris
  • Mel
  • Donny
  • Carl


These minion names are an important part of many children’s childhood as these are the legendary characters of 21st-century animated cinema.

We still want to know a lot about the Minion characters, their past, and their individual differences. The Despicable Me Minion name is a constantly expanding list, and each new release adds something to it.

Frequently asked questions

How many Minions are there?

At least there are around eight hundred ninety-nine Minions, all of whom Coffin has voiced at one point or another.

Who was the first Minion to have been named?

The first Minion to have ever been named is Dave. He is also one of the most popular Minion characters.

Who is the smartest Minion?

Dave is considered to be among the smartest of Minions.

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