15+ Legendary Fat Cartoon Characters Names In Television History

Cartoon shows are something that we have been consuming for a long time now. Since our childhood cartoon shows have been a big part of our lives.

Be it Tom & Jerry or Motu Patlu or Ben10 there were characters in different shows that we loved. And in most cartoon shows we could see one common thing and that is the presence of fat cartoon characters.

While in some shows these characters were present to give the audience some laugh and a comedic sense in between.

In some other shows also it was commonly seen that the fat character was the toughest and would beat anyone out if something they wanted was not happening in their way. But not all of them.

Some of the fat cartoons actually had some real significance in the show and became the main attraction for the audience. This happened with certain characters because of their unique characteristics.

Some for the edgy humor, some for their weird way of acting, and some for how dumb they were. Nevertheless, we loved some characters from cartoons and people surely have some favorites among the characters.

And certainly in the case of fat cartoon there we have so many legendary characters who actually turned out to be one of the best-written characters of the particular show and whenever they were on the screen we just had joy.

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A Brief Of The Best Fat Cartoon Characters Names

As we have already mentioned, the cartoon is not something that has just been around for a couple of years now.

You will know that cartoon shows have been there for as long as you can imagine technology existing.

From all these cartoon shows that have existed, we are going to pick out the best fat cartoon names and explain why they got so popular and memorable in the first place.

The characters we are going to mention will be the ones who were in cartoon shows that were aired all across the world.

So we are sorry if you do not get a character from your favorite cartoon show which might actually be good but not on our list because the show was limited by the borders of your country.


The first short fat cartoon character which comes to our mind while creating this list is Garfield. He was a fictional car who played the role of the protagonist of a cartoon show named “The Comic Strip” written by Jim Davies.

In the show, he is portrayed as a fat and lazy tabby cat who is orange in color.

His main and highlighted character traits were that he has an immense love for sleeping and lasagna. He is also portrayed as someone who hated Monday and also does not like to do exercise.

Well, many of us can relate to why he hates Mondays and exercises so much.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin whose full name is Peter Lowenbou Griffin Sr. is a fat white cartoon character from one of the best cartoon shows in the world. He is the prime protagonist of “The Family Guy”.

The show in which this character played a protagonist was one of the most popular sitcoms of its time. Peter is a middle-class Irish American who is an obese blue-collar worker.

He is married to Lois Griffin and both of them have three children together named Stewie, Chris, and Meg.

He is most known for the dark humor that was given to the characters by the writers of the sitcom.

Homer Simpsons

Time for all the Simpson fans to take a look at this. Homer Jay Simpson is one of the main characters in the show “The Simpson” which was one of the most popular sitcom shows of its own time. He is an obese character who is married to a woman named Marge Simpson.

He is the father of three children whose names were Bart, Maggie, and Lisa Simpson. He is portrayed in the show as extremely indecisive and funny and also unorganized.

He is someone who cannot hold a job for a very long time as he had a total of 188 jobs in a total of 400 episodes of the sitcom.

Homer Simpson due to his looks is one of the most funny-looking cartoon characters to ever grace TV.

The job with which he appeared in most of the episodes is a  Nuclear Safety Inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power plant.

Chris Griffin

Another character from the show “The Family Guy” is on our list. Well, we cannot help because this character needed to be mentioned in the list of fat cartoon characters names because firstly how his character is so well written, and second, he has some character traits of Peter Griffin his father who has already been mentioned in the list before.

He is a very quick learner and has a fascination for video editing and filmmaking. He is smarter than his father Peter but he shows the natural stupidity that Peter has in himself who is willing to take drastic and stupid measures in order to get what they want or need.

Generally, he is shown as someone who is easy-going and nice to spend time with.

Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is a very memorable round fat cartoon character from the show named “South Park”. It is a very popular sitcom in which Eric is portrayed as the protagonist.

He is an elementary school student who was reading in the third grade in the first 58 episodes of the show and when transitioning into season 4 of the show he was in the fourth grade.

He is the son of a single mother named Liane Cartman. Cartman is distinguished from the other children in his class by his physical design and is most of the time ridiculed by his classmates because of his obesity.

Doctor Eggman

This character is a cartoon character with skinny legs and a fat body. He has been portrayed as the main antagonist in the Sonic The Hedgehog series. His full name was Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik.

He has a bald head and wears a red-colored flight suit which has a yellow collar and also he wears black pant which has two white buttons on them. His signature eye shades were the prince’s next sunglasses.

Patrick Star

The legendary fat marine character was in the show named “Spongebob Squarepants”. He is portrayed as the best friend of the main character of the show that is SpongeBob who is very funny, dumb, and ignorant. He is the clown of the village of Bikini Bottom.

He is actually starfish portrayed as a character in the show. His dumbness grows as the show moves on and he is shown making very bad mistakes which makes him fall in trouble but because he is ignorant he does not seem to understand that at all.

Muriel Bagge

If you have ever watched the television Cartoon Network series named the cowardly dog then you will surely know Muriel Bagge.

She is an old woman who is portrayed as a fat female cartoon character who plays the role of a deuterogamist in the cartoon series. She is a cartoon character with skinny legs and a fat body.

She lives with her husband and her pet dog in a very dangerous dog. She has a love for stitching and is shown in the series doing that most of the time. She can also be called a fat black cartoon character with glasses.

Fred Flinstone

Well, if you never came across the name Fred Flinstone we cannot be friends. He is literally one of the most legendary funny fat characters in the whole of television history. He was one of the main characters in the American sitcom named Flinstone.

His story is based on the early days of human evolution when we used to live in caves. He has a very aggressive attitude and is always trying to improve the working class of his family and often getting unexpected results in the try of doing that. Despite being aggressive and harsh he is a very lovely and caring person.


Pumbaa is a fat pig who was there in the popular Disney film named “Lion King”. He is portrayed in the film as an ugly fat cartoon character. He is a pig who has a gas problem.

Once it was shown in the film that he went to a Savannah to drink water from a lake and just by the smell of his body all the other animals around the area flee away. This makes him feel embarrassed and holds him back from socializing in general.

He has a lot of problems in life just in general because of his low confidence and wants to get out of his insecurity.

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This is a very dark character who has magical powers and is the main antagonist featured in The Little Mermaid. She strikes deal with painful merfolk that she will make their daydream come true. This sea witch has a cruel sense of humor and her powers are so potent even without the Trident.

Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff is a fat female cute character who was featured in SpongeBob SquarePants. This fat female cartoon character hates SpongeBob because of his reckless driving.

And the interesting fact is whenever SpongeBob appears in front of her she gets really annoyed and irritated by him. This cartoon character first appeared in season one.

Chief Clancy Wiggum

This is a male fictional character who is 48 years old and alive. He is married to Sarah Wiggum and the father of Ralph Wiggum.

Clancy Wiggum is a police chief in the Springfield show who is from The Simpsons animated television series.

This blue hair police chief is a fun character to watch. But there are questions on his son whether Ralph is their son or not.

Winni The Pooh

Winni the Pooh- Who does not know this name? We think everybody does. This male bear cartoon character has yellow fur on his body.

He is good in nature and always wore a red T-shirt throughout the series. This soft character loved eating honey.

Winni The Pooh was first featured in the animated television series animated series called The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


Mushmout is a fat Albert cartoon character. He is a member of the junkyard gang and is also a prominent member of the junkyard band in which he plays skiffle-style guitar.

He is a fat black cartoon character and is one of the most memorable characters in Albert.

The Flip Side Of Glorifying Fat Cartoon Characters Names In Shows

We have talked about the best fat cartoon names already on our list but as all these characters are a big part of our life some studies show that there might be a flip side to it.

We all have experienced in our life the feeling of wanting to be like our favorite character in our Television show or cartoon show.

Seeing our favorite characters can have a huge impact on our brains and subconsciously we all want to be like them. So the presence of fat cartoon characters names might actually have a negative effect.

A very newly done study has shown that people who used to watch these fat characters on the show who were glorified made them want to be like them.

This led to the increasing craving among children and whoever watched the show to eat more and be fat. Overeating is a very bad thing as we all know because obesity is something that the world is suffering from for a long time now.

The study shows that the tendency among children who used to watch great fat characters like Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson had a tendency of overeating and that is not their fault because our human brain works like that.

The tendency to overeat comes from our subconscious brain which we are not fully in control of when making decisions from.

So glorifying such characters have had a bad impact on people. This is a great thing to keep in mind for everyone for the safety of the people around them.


Here are the best and the most legendary fat cartoon characters names we can think of. If one of your favorite characters is missing from our list then do not be disappointed it just falls on one’s preference about which character is the best.

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