Know The Names Starting With Moo

Hello guys this is gonna be a really interesting article because we are going to discuss some names starting with moo. So let’s get started on the topic.

Willingly or unwillingly, our names certainly play an incredibly essential part in our identity. So many people we meet every day and when we meet them for the first time, our first impression is created through our name.

Not only so, but our names also carry familial, cultural, personal, and historical backgrounds.

A person’s name is the most used part of his identity as, since birth, they have been responding to being called by his name. The sweetest and simplest way to interact with one is by using their name. The name holds a significant power that has no parallel.

We know how much people love innovation. Nowadays having a creative name is one of the most preferred ideas for every individual. And what if when it has a meaningful connection?

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Names starting with Moo and their meanings and origin

Moo although mostly used in Chinese communities as a surname, can be beautifully placed in front of your name to create a creative and unique name for your child.

Names starting with an uncommon prefix can be super creative if you would think wisely. So without further ado let’s get our hands on a quick list of names starting with moo and what they mean.

Moon –

The new moon is generally a gender-neutral name, which can be used for a girl or a boy child. According to its English origin, the moon means “from the moon”. It is often pronounced as MUWN.

The meaning of moon as per Korean origin is educated or literate. Though not often used as a baby girl’s or boy’s name, it can certainly make a generous and beautiful name when used.

Moona –

Another beautiful name in the list of moo used by parents all across the world who love to have meaningful significance is Moona. Moona is a name of Australian and Arabic origin. Of Australian origin, the name Moona means plenty or abundance.

As in Arabic origin, the meaning of Moona simply means – a wish. It also has an English meaning that is associated with the moon and is often considered that its lucky number is 4

Mookesh –

Mookesh is a boy name that is used commonly in multiple countries with slightly varied spelling. The name Mookesh Literally means the Lord of dumb; it is also another name or epithet for the most worshiped God of Hindu culture, lot Shiva; Mookesh also means to liberate. In a literal sense, Mookesh mythologically means to conquer the conqueror of the muka demon.

Moorthi –

Mostly people belonging to the Hindu religion keep their child’s names depending upon Indian mythology and background. And what is better than having a short name with beautiful significance?

The name moorthi is mostly a name of Indian origin and is commonly used by Hindus all across the world. Moorthi can be used to mean an idol, a statue, Lord Vishnu, Or All other deities.  

Mooniswari –

If you have a girl and you believe in mythological references a lot, Mooniswari can be a preferred name for your list of names starting with moo as it means goddess Parvati.

A person named mooniswari is often Seen to be determined, individualistic, bold, independent self-confident, listed qualities, action-oriented, strong-willed, energetic positive enthusiastic innovative, and brave nature.

Mooney –

The name Mooney is usually used for boys. However, it can be used for a girl child as well. The name mooney is of Irish origin having it is meaning a wealthy man. A man of great wealth in a story or one who is expected to achieve great wealth in the future can be named mooney.

Moor –

Moor is a name typically used for boys. It has deep, old roots in French origin. It is generally pronounced as MUHR. When used as a name, according to its French origin, the meaning of this beautiful name, Moore, is a dark-skinned or swarthy complexion person.

Moonika –

Are you too a fan of the famous English Comedy TV show, “FRIENDS”?  Then this next name here is definitely something you will love. Moonika is another name often used for the girl child.

This charming and chic name is often used for those who are usually loving, intelligent and are little shy Characterized.

Moonika is primarily a name of Latin origin which means – an advisor. It is believed to have its roots in the word ‘monere’ Meaning ‘to advise.’

Moona –

This beautiful name has varied significance. When used as a name for a Greek baby, it means solitary. When used in Irish origin, the name Moona means noble.

As of its Italian origin, Moona can be used as a word for lady. Mona is the name used worldwide by parents for their beautiful girl child.

Mona, a name of Australian origin,n means one who provides or gives light. People usually have the Name moona by religion and follow Judaism.

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Moosa –

Short, easy-to-pronounce, and common names starting with moo used by Muslims is Moosa.

Moosa is a name of Arabic origin, mainly used for Muslim baby boys. As per Islam, the meaning of Moosa is the biblical Moses in the English language equivalent. It also can be used to mean the prophet’s name.

Mohana –

persons with the name Moohana are said to be really creative and attractive. However, they are said to be quiet and mysterious by nature.

The name Moohana means one who is charming and attractive. This name has its origin in India. And many Indian girls will be seen with this name.

It has a meaningful origin in Sanskrit meaning “bewitching, infatuating, charming”. For males it is Moohan and for females it’s Moohana.

Mooksh –

The name Mookesh means Mukti, Salvation, Liberation, Emancipation. Mooksh is said to be mount Meru’s other name.

According to the roots of Indian religions and philosophy, Mooksh also means liberation from the continuous cycle of life and death, which is also called samsara.

The Sanskrit derivative is from the term muc which means to free. Thus Mooksh is the literal term for freedom from samsara.

Moohsin –

The name moohsin Literally means One who does good or benefactor. It has its roots in an Arabic term which gives its meaning as “the one who beautifies or improves or enriches, particularly one’s worship of or relationship with God, or one’s actions or conduct toward others”.

Thus Moohsin as a name means one who is a  benefactor, beneficent, helper, and of charitable nature.


Now that you have this pretty list of names starting with Moo prepared and placed in front of yours that you can use while naming a girl or boy child, you can take names from them or even take inspiration from them while naming your newborn.

Having creative names for your baby makes them more attractive and appealing to people and thus having a good name with proper significance can effortlessly elevate its beauty.

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