50+ Halo Ship Names You Can Choose

If you are here, you probably already know about Halo or have heard of it from your friends, which has raised your curiosity to learn more about it. So here we are. We are directly getting to the point.

It is a fun game and requires good strategic skills. It has been greatly well designed and unique in all its aspects. Halo has a much better concept of enemy design than similar games of the same genre, and every ship is creative and different.

So without further ado, let’s know about some interesting Halo ship names for the UNSC ships. 

Naming Protocol of the UNSC Ships

The naming convention for the space corps Navy was laid down in 2521 and established by the United Earth Government’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Spiro T. Seamus.

However, the framework still existed before his time of introducing it. According to it, if a ship is reclassified, it remains in its original name. For instance, if a destroyer ship is converted into a troop carrier, its name would remain the same.


The names of battleships are usually references from those of the historical wartime leaders, famously known worldwide. for instance UNSC Tokugawa, UNSC DeGaulle, UNSC Leonidas, etc.

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Carriers (light)

Light carriers are usually named after predatory aquatic animals—for example, USC Piranha, UNSC Hammerhead, etc.

Carriers (heavy and medium)

These carriers are named based on provinces situated on earth—for instance, UNSC Colorado, UNSC Shanxi, UNSC Anjou, etc.


The cruisers are named using strong, powerful judicial, and proper adjectives in nature, like, UNSC Adjudicator, UNSC Bastion, UNSC Halcyon, etc.


Corvette ships are named based on different horse breeds – UNSC Lippizaner, UNSC Quarterhorse, UNSC Thoroughbred, etc.


The destroyer type of warship is named after famous mythical characters and well-known aircraft—for instance, UNSC Herakles, UNSC Devastator, etc.


Frigates are named based on famous poems or song Lines. For example – UNSC Dust of Snow, UNSC Of Finite Hearts, UNSC Ain’t No Sunshine, etc.

Hospital ships

These ships were named in such a way as to honor the medical personnel who have largely contributed to the medical profession—for instance, UNSC Louis Pasteur, UNSC Lara Barton, UNSC Nightingale, and so on.


Prowlers are named based on the names of infamous criminals or words synonymous with fear. For example – UNSC Trepidation, UNSC Green River Killer, UNSC Phobos, etc.

Repair ships

Repair ships are named after famous architects to convey respect towards them and honor their contributions—for example – UNSC Frank Lloyd Wright, UNSC Serge Chermayeff, and many more.

Troop Carriers

The troop carriers are named after the planetary features on earth, for example, the UNSC Everest, etc.

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Halo ship names for your ship

Here are several perfect, elite Halo ship names to help you find your ideal name for your Starship.

Halo 1 ship names

If you are wondering what could be your UNSC Halo 1 ship name, in this list, we have provided you with a wide range of Halo ship names to choose from for your Halo ship ready at your feet.

The Master Chief employs the pillar of autumn and other ships like that, and they are known to be one of the most well-known ships engaged in the functioning.

Protocols were put in place to effectively resist the Covenant from discovering any more colonies to be destroyed by them and thus to achieve this. It required better and superior quality technology and Finer vessels of higher quality to defeat them efficiently.

Some suggested names to be used for your Halo 1 ship name :


The name is taken from a battleship in the Great War of Arcadia fight.

UNSC Basra

The reference is taken from the city of Basra, where the battle of Basra took place between the Ottoman troops and the British during World War I.

UNSC Clearidas

This battleship was named after a courageous, self-disciplined, Spartan general killed in the Peloponnesian war.


It refers to one of the first battleships in the UNSC fleet, UNSC  Beatrice.

UNSC Commonwealth

Named so based on the Commonwealth nations.

UNSC Brasidas

Basis of naming similar to UNSC Clearidas, this was called after a similar incident, where a Spartan general was killed in the battle of Amphipolis.

UNSC Excellence

Efforts to a battleship or worship were Ruined During the second battle of Harvest.

UNSC Constantinople

It is named after what is now known as Istanbul, One of the ancient capitals of the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople.

UNSC Coral Sea

The battle of the coral sea, World War II, was a major naval battle fought between the imperial Japanese Navy Navy and the naval and air forces of the United States and Australia.

UNSC Final Summit

It was a warship that was a part of the UNSC fleet before the human-covenant war.

GA-TL1 Longsword-Class Interceptor

It refers to the ultimate main Single defense ship of the United Nations space command Defense Force.

UNSC Gettysburg

Named after a town called Gettysburg, where the Confederacy, the south, and the union forces, the north, fought the American Civil War.

UNSC The Heart of Midlothian

Name reference taken from a famous novel by Sir Walter Scott.

UNSC Glasgow Kiss

The UNSC destroyer battleship.

CMA Heracles

The name is taken from the Greek God Hercules, Son of Jupiter, known for his strength.

Halo 2 ship names

Followed by the success of Halo 1, Halo 2 is just as good as the first version. Here the ships are upgraded and better than the previous version, and the Master Chief is found to have better plans for protecting the colonies by defeating the Covenant, preventing them from destroying the colonies.

In Halo 2, every vessel you will find has its unique quality and creative capability, and every ship is different from the others and is to be used for a specific goal. Below are the Halo ship names of the vessels from Halo 2.

Calypso-Class Exfiltration Craft

A special type of battleship was used in the battle of K7-49.

UNSC Trafalgar

One of the most powerful ever constructed by Humanity, this Punic-class supercarrier was named after the battle of Trafalgar, fought between the Spanish, English, and French forces.

UNSC Brilliant Shores

An interstellar ship that used to function was in full service before the human-covenant war occurred.

UNSC Campo Grande

This UNSC Navy vessel was named to be so after a city in Brazil, and it was put to use during the second battle of Harvest.

UNSC Chares

UNSC chares, inspired by chares of Athens, was a cruiser Reclassified and used as a battleship.

UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?

The name of this destroyer vessel was inspired by a famous quote from Dirty Harry, a crime thriller of 1971.

Emergency Thruster

Though it can be used as a ship name in Halo 2, it is standard equipment in a UNSC Vessel.

UNSC Edge Of Umbra

It is A Prowler command vessel used during the Times of insurrection or revolts.

UNSC Infinity

As the name suggests, it was built as an experimental infinity-class supercarrier but turned out to be one of the most advanced multi-vessel until today.

UNSC Lance Held High

Along with UNSC Sacramento, it is regarded as one of the first ships destroyed during the second battle of Harvest.

UNSC Maelstrom

This vessel was named so after a very powerful and destructive whirlpool. This vessel was also used in the famous battle of Harvest.

UNSC Las Vegas

This UNSC destroyer vessel was included among other ships during the  Castillo Incident.

UNSC Leviathan

A Marathon-class heavy cruiser.

UNSC Magellan

UNSC Magellan was named after the popularly known Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. It is a carrier type that has Jacob Keyes on board it.

UNSC Gorgon (destroyer)

It is just an updated version of the already available vessel.

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Halo 3 ship names

The ships are healthy has got far better. This Betterment in technology, along with more action and firepower, is evident through the caliber of the boats.

The Covenant has yet to be defeated fully. But the vessels continuously try to win over them to ensure peace and order among the human race.

UNSC Calcutta

It is a destroyer vessel named after the Indian city of the same name, Calcutta.

UNSC Bunker Hill

Another destroyer vessel was named to be so after the occurrence of the battle of bunker hill.

UNSC Hilbert

As the name sounds, this is a science vessel used during the human-covenant war.

Kelvin Research Station

It is the name of a research station that orbits Pluto.

National Holiday

It is a Human luxury liner starship.

UNSC Pioneer

It is a Halbert-class destroyer.

UNSC Iwo Jima

It is a naval destroyer vessel that got disfigured during the Battle of Onyx.

UNSC Texas

It was named after the US state of the same name, Texas. This ship served during the war between Human and Covenant.


This list of Halo ship names has been helpful to you in knowing more about the game. Have fun saving the planet.


How are ships named in Halo?

The different types of vessels in Halo are named depending on certain specific aspects and considering certain factors. They have been discussed above in this article.

What is the largest known ship in Halo?

The largest known ship from all other vessels heard with Halo 4 ship names is the Mantle’s Approach.

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