Fantastic Green Crystal Names That Sounds Premium

Among all the crystals, Green crystal is considered one of the most fascinating and popular ones. Green is a cool and soothing color as it has shorter wavelengths and represents nature, generates positivity in the environment, and eliminates envy and jealousy and so does the green crystal.

The green crystal possesses many beneficial elements in it. The most common Green crystal name is Emerald, Though there are many more green crystal names emerald has been synonymous with Green since ancient times.

There are over hundreds of green crystals but all of them differ on the basis of their shades.

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Reasons For Using Green Crystals

Green crystals are said to eliminate negativity and attract happiness and prosperity as they are considered to be the symbol of mother earth, and thus also contain a lot of healing properties.

Various green crystals consist different properties light green crystals help to build up more of a positive mindset, which is important for any person to become positive and move in life. Mental health leads to physical health.

Green crystals also treat eyes, lungs, hearts, and whatnot. So if your major issue in life is your health, you must go through various green crystal names which will help you to pick up the right one.


There are many people for whom generating wealth is very difficult but they have their families to feed, and nothing seems to be working right.

To them let me inform you that green crystals attract money and luck and both of them are very important. The green crystals will provide you with energies and vibrations of progress and productivity.

Love And Relationship

The majority of people go through tough phases of relationships which further affect their emotional state and mental state.

Here is the solution! Green crystals create balance and the power to overcome the situation. It also provides energy to show more love and compassion to your loved ones.

The green crystals will give you the intelligence and strength to take a particular action and automatically guide you to the right and safe path.


The powerful energies of green crystals protect one from all kinds of negativities. There are people who are very fearful or under stress or are fighting from the bad feeling of loneliness.

As green is a cool and soothing color it generates peace in the environment which makes the person feel much much better.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with various green crystal names and their shades!

Dark Green Crystal

Generally, the dark green crystal is called ‘Emerald’, the most popular green crystal. The dark green crystals enhance creativity, strengthen the sense of self-respect, and help in increasing prosperity. Some common Dark green crystals are as follows:


Emerald is the most precious green crystal. It has been used for centuries by many kings and queens. Egyptian queen Cleopatra was famous for wearing it. Emerald symbolizes truth and love.

These are also used for medical purposes like it benefits the eyes, boosting mental health, and preventing death from the poison. It is to be noted that one can activate an Emerald just by placing it under the sun.


Another dark green crystal name is Malachite which is also the ‘stone of transformation’ as it helps in revealing and healing emotional pain.

It is considered to be one of the rarest green crystals as there are only a handful of sources left. Malachite is good for diseases like blood pressure, and brittle bones, and is a protector from negativity, but at the same time, it is also dangerous to humans as the toxicity dye increases it leading to cancer and respiratory problems.


A Green crystal name, Bloodstone also comprises colors like Red and Brown. The Bloodstone is popular for maintaining high energy, motivation, and courage. It is also known as aggregate heliotrope.

Unlike Emeralds, Bloodstone is charged by putting under the full moon. In medical terms, it is a great blood cleanser and boosts the immune system.

Light Green Crystals

There are several green crystals with different shades, prices, and uses. Major light green crystals include Prehnite, Jade, and Chrysoprase. Go through the green crystal names and meanings:


Prehnite is composed of calcium and magnesium. Prehnite is also known as the ‘Stone of Dreaming. The power of the dream state increases along with it, it balances the auric energies.

It is also considered the stone of magic as it helps to uplift the vibrations. It is an excellent green crystal for removing harmful toxins from the body and it also stimulates metabolism. Using Prehnite stone during meditation is very beneficial.


Jade is a symbol of purity. It is one of the most treasured stones in China. China people love jade not because of its fascinating beauty but also because of the nature that it represents.

Jade is considered to be a lucky stone by the people of Southeast Asia. It is said the name ‘jade’ represents two different stones called ‘Jadeite’ and ‘Nephrite’, until 1863 these gems were not identified. It invites good health and luck, it is also considered that possess a lot of healing properties.


The Chrysoprase is called the stone of Venus. It is specifically good for improving emotional health and symbolizes happiness and self-love.

Chrysoprase is one of the rarest green crystal names, which was mistaken as Emerald by ancient jewelers. It was mostly used by Greeks and Romans to make jewelry and ornaments.

Sage Green Crystal

Another shade of green crystal is the sage green crystal which is a mixture of green and grey. Sage green crystals names are mostly made of 45% organic polyamide sourced from castor oil. Following are the green crystals and their meanings:


Prasiolite is derived from the Greek words ‘parson’ which means leek and ’lithos’ which means stone or crystal. It is the most beautiful stone one can see.

It is a sage green crystal name that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself and it is also considered the amplifier of energy.

Prasiolite is also known as the stone of transformative energies because within the blink of an eye, the negative energy is transformed into a positive and peaceful atmosphere.


Many people adore Aventurine for its eye-catching appearance. It helps to maintain mental health and decreases professional performance anxiety.

Apart from green it also comes in other shades like blue and red. In medical terms, Aventurine is used to activate the heart chakra, it is considered to be the protector of the heart.


It is very surprising that Moldavite is a glass that has a unique formation. The characteristics are almost similar to the other glasses. Currently, Moldavites are mined in Europe.

It is said that this Sage green crystal was formed from the heat of an asteroid, around 15 million years ago.

It is said that Moldavite contains metaphysical properties which means the more you will gaze into the stone, the more you will be able to connect with the higher powers.

When people pick up the Moldavite for the first time the most common reaction on the face is the tingling in their hand, which further spreads throughout the body.

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Clear Green Crystals

Mostly clear green crystals help to keep the body balanced, often clear green crystals are paired with other crystals like rose quartz which helps to enhance their effectiveness and abilities. Let’s know more about the green crystals and their meanings:


Variscite is also known as Utahlite, a very rare aluminum phosphate mineral. It is used to enhance brain functions like logic, learning, reasoning, etc.

Compared with other green crystals, Variscite is relatively inexpensive because of the little demand for the crystal. It is found in certain areas like Germany, Austria, Australia, and Congo.


The crystal Chrysoberyl is an aluminate of beryllium. It generates the qualities of discipline and self-control, which further helps in concentration and quick learning.

Chrysoberyl is commonly known as a cat’s eye, if one talks about a cat’s eye it becomes obvious that it is referring to Chrysoberyl.

It is called a cat’s eye because it exhibits a cat’s eye effect. Chrysoberyl is underrated because it is available for a very affordable price, despite its glittering beauty.


Garnet is another amazing and eye-capturing clear green crystal name. It is a calcium aluminum silicate. Garnet helps to promote spiritual growth and helps in the growth of relationships and new businesses.

Green Garnet is one of the most uncommon varieties as Garnet crystal is generally available in red color. The name of the green Garnet is termed Tsavorite.

Blue Green Crystal Name

Blue Green Crystal One of the unique and amazing combinations is Blue and Green. Blue Green crystals are mainly related to tolerance, Inner Harmony, and soothing of the nervous system. So let’s walk through the green crystal and its meaning:


Lead and water combine to form a beautiful crystal of Amazonite. Its color ranges from pale green to dark blue green colors.

Amazonite is also known as the Amazonstone because it was discovered in Amazon River Basin in Brazil. Amazonite is used for treating anything that takes out energy from the person like trauma and also it is good for thyroid glands.

It is also known by the name of Stone of Courage as it helps to eliminate and provides strength to overcome loneliness, fears, etc.


Turquoise falls in the category of Phosphate minerals. It was the very first crystal to be mined by civilization. Since ancient times Turquoise has been in use.

It is also recognized as one of the three December Birthstones. Turquoise ensures overall fitness but mainly it helps in treating diseases like asthma and eliminates pollution-infected diseases.


Apatite is a blue-green crystal name. It is majorly available in blue, but there are many varieties of Apatite available in blue-green colors.

Apatite is good for financial manifestation. Using Apatite the throat, and third eye chakras tend to get activated. It is derived from a Greek word,’ Apatite’ which means to deceive.

Lime Green Crystal

Like other shades, there are different types of lime green crystal names, each having its own significance and properties. Lime green crystals are considered to be safe and can be used for any kind of purpose.


One of the names that come under Lime green crystal names is Jasper which increases, promotes and helps to grow in spiritualism.

Jasper is available in red color, but also available in brown, yellow, and green. It is also known as “rain bringers”.

Green Jasper mainly supports stress and heals diseases within the emotional system. A fun fact about Jasper says that it can drive evil spirits away and can protect us from Snakes and Spiders.


Peridot is considered the stone of compassion, which helps one to balance emotions and the mind. This particular lime green crystal name is used to purify the energetic bodies.

Peridot is also, one of the birthstones of August. A unique fact about Peridot is that it is the only crystal that comes in one and that is lime green.

It is most commonly found at the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


There is a wide range of Green crystals each depicted by green shades each one of them having unique, valuable, and beneficial properties.

The Green crystals can be used in many ways they can be worn as ornaments like necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., or kept as a showpiece in your house.

So what are you waiting for? Check your requirements and accordingly go ahead with a specific crystal you think suits you.

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