Game Of Thrones Bastard Names

Well, we are sharing with your Game of Thrones bastard names but the question arises first who is considered the bastard in the Game of Thrones?

As you guys know that game of Thrones is a fantastic series to watch and it’s one of the most successful series on the internet even today and getting more popular day by day.

But the term bastard term can be defined in this way. like a child who is born without marriage is considered the son or daughter of God.

So when this kind of child is born then the child gets the surname according to the territory or land on which the child is born.

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That is the reason why John in the Game of Thrones gets the bastard name because John was born in Westeros and he gets the name John Westeros.

This series was released in 2016 and let me tell you that it was awesome to watch. this series was one of the biggest hits from the Game of Thrones directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Game of Thrones bastard names with meaning

  1. Snow – “Bastard of Winterfell”
  2. Rivers – “Bastard of Riverrun”
  3. Storm – “Bastard of Storm’s End”
  4. Flint – “Bastard of Flint’s Finger”
  5. Crow – “Bastard of the Night’s Watch”
  6. Pyke – “Bastard of Pyke”
  7. Sand – “Bastard of Dorne”
  8. Wylde – “Bastard of the Iron Islands”
  9. Hill – “Bastard of the Vale”
  10. Reed – “Bastard of Greywater Watch”
  11. Blackwood – “Bastard of Raventree Hall”
  12. Mormont – “Bastard of Bear Island”
  13. Hornwood – “Bastard of Hornwood”
  14. Karstark – “Bastard of Karhold”
  15. Manderly – “Bastard of White Harbor”
  16. Glover – “Bastard of Deepwood Motte”
  17. Bolton – “Bastard of the Dreadfort”
  18. Frey – “Bastard of the Twins”
  19. Clegane – “Bastard of Clegane’s Keep”
  20. Lannister – “Bastard of Casterly Rock”
  21. Greyjoy – “Bastard of Pyke”
  22. Umber – “Bastard of Last Hearth”
  23. Mallister – “Bastard of Seagard”
  24. Ashford – “Bastard of Ashford”
  25. Stark – “Bastard of Winterfell”
  26. Blackfyre – “Bastard of King’s Landing”
  27. Thorne – “Bastard of the Vale”
  28. Harlaw – “Bastard of Harlaw”
  29. Crakehall – “Bastard of Crakehall”
  30. Bracken – “Bastard of Stone Hedge”
  31. Moss – “Bastard of Moat Cailin”
  32. Hightower – “Bastard of Oldtown”
  33. Marbrand – “Bastard of Ashemark”
  34. Oakheart – “Bastard of Old Oak”
  35. Blackwood – “Bastard of Raventree Hall”
  36. Wylde – “Bastard of Ironrath”
  37. Brindle – “Bastard of Torrhen’s Square”
  38. Baelish – “Bastard of Gulltown”
  39. Randyll – “Bastard of Horn Hill”
  40. Lannister – “Bastard of Lannisport”
  41. Snow – “Bastard of the Wall”
  42. Hornwood – “Bastard of Hornwood”
  43. Rivers – “Bastard of the Trident”
  44. Storm – “Bastard of the Stormlands”
  45. Flint – “Bastard of Flint’s Finger”

Game of Thrones bastard names

Guys these are the Game of Thrones names which are based on the source on the internet and these are these names which is popular if you are doing a party with the Game of Thrones theme so you can choose from these names for sure to entertain the peoples and be unique in the party.

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  • Payten Hollard
  • Byran Hersy
  • Garvy Sunglass
  • Nithan Deddings
  • Jaron Poole
  • Kartis Hightower
  • Trevyr Dustin
  • Dilron Peasebury
  • Anthor Graceford
  • Herrath Caswell
  • Corlin Bywater
  • Braddock Manderly
  • Maxir Strickland
  • Eyan Locke
  • Gerrar Grell
  • Tyral Thenn
  • Donovar Middlebury
  • Keat Cave
  • Seldan Wensington
  • Carsen Oakheart
  • Sabas Waterman
  • Ruger Hunt
  • Rickar Uller
  • Bryer Turnberry
  • Devran Fossoway
  • Cason Sawler
  • Davis Cannion
  • Kean Haerd
  • Gilbar Frosher
  • Keat Wars
  • Derron Tallman
  • Everan Sapner
  • Payten Sapner
  • Entan Ravyne
  • Maxar Shield
  • Barrian Feller
  • Joran Inmain
  • Brayan Granit
  • Marcyl Syder
  • Morsan Hutter
  • Semar Salver
  • Alecor Pyre
  • Conin Crooler
  • Corban Catell
  • Bander Hutter
  • Arton Smithe  
  • Emannar Piler  
  • Lancion Cheswright  
  • Laroy Falker  
  • Barroth Harker

Game of Thrones male bastard names

So we are sharing some best and fully unique names for the Game of Thrones male bastard names. these are the best names for boys if you want to check and use these for you or for your friends but you can use these names for boys because these are the best Game of Thrones names.

  • Cason Longthorpe
  • Romarn Redwyne
  • Gregor Wynch
  • Jorrel Swann
  • Chrass Pyle
  • Ryden Lannister
  • Niclas Wydman
  • Sterlan Glover
  • Dromen Jast
  • Carron Roote
  • Jaran Footly
  • Anthor Dondarrion
  • Rylon Tyrell
  • Drack Hutcheson
  • Dallin Farwynd
  • Barrish Leygood
  • Chrestan Prester
  • Blane Payne
  • Rechar Blackmont
  • Jayse Langward
  • Jorah Dustin
  • Entan Mudd
  • Narmen Garner
  • Brynnan Sparr
  • Daman Orkwood
  • Javor Blest
  • Edder Mullynn
  • Colbat Dyser
  • Levir Syder
  • Tadd Traever
  • Riler Lanser
  • Russal Shield
  • Horden Rowman
  • Dariss Falker
  • Brant Ticker
  • Khort Smyte
  • Alfered Haerd
  • Ruger Gaege
  • Mitchar Boatwright
  • Alrah Granit
  • Jasim Crowlin
  • Marcyl Leadbetter
  • Tadd Graen
  • Rylon Cherrane
  • Maxir Falker
  • Prestan Bergen  
  • Zandren Garner  
  • Manrel Staelle  
  • Corbus Pyne  
  • Nelsor Eathe

Game of Thrones female bastard names

These are the fantastic Game of Thrones female bastard names for Game of Thrones lovers. if you want to use the bastard name which should be based on the Game of Thrones names then try from this list given below.

These names are specially written for the Game of Thrones bastards which can be used by the girls. if you are a girl and going for the Game of Thrones theme party then these names are perfect for you.

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  • Jaelyn Butterwell
  • Mysa Fisher
  • Lenila Broom
  • Avya Melcolm
  • Shana Jast
  • Madysen Grimm
  • Railey Hersy
  • Nyra Ryswell
  • Maianae Brune
  • Kaelys Kellington
  • Eyme Vance
  • Leyanna Bole
  • Laycie Waynwood
  • Ireyne Chester
  • Sesa Vaith
  • Sarsah Chelsted
  • Jorlyn Cordwayner
  • Elyse Hunt
  • Clare Wynch
  • Mariyam Blount
  • Maedalyn Prester
  • Fryda Templeton
  • Madysen Cressy
  • Tarla Umber
  • Cerlina Vaith
  • Evelyne Bayle
  • Melian Fender
  • Cerlina Spirre
  • Laina Shaed
  • Maellery Pravost
  • Almia Tascer
  • Mariela Caleman
  • Amarda Cleaber
  • Brealla Waker
  • Jaennis Granit
  • Ellya Keller
  • Kiara Crowlin
  • Aniga Stewar
  • Lorenah Sentel
  • Dyana Wern
  • Cemrin Lormer
  • Ashlyh Bailer
  • Melarie Wars
  • Alira Centyre
  • Elayne Inmain
  • Delylah Clarick  
  • Marilla Maeson  
  • Elen Fyshe  
  • Valeris Farrin  
  • Cliera Fyste  

Game of Thrones bastard’s last names

If you guys are looking for the Game of Thrones bastard’s last names then these names are for you. these are the different names, especially for those people who are looking for different bastard names for them.

So these are the best category for you to select the different Game of Thrones names.

  • Dyanne Westerling
  • Dayana Toland
  • Jaennis Lothston
  • Ilyana Kidwell
  • Krestenne Myatt
  • Rana Wagstaff
  • Ensley Gaunt
  • Gabielle Ruthermont
  • Alora Pommingham
  • Aalya Drumm
  • Jorlyn Dayne
  • Lexise Selmy
  • Brinna Hasty
  • Nathaleya Drumm
  • Briyenn Lightfoot
  • Kaenna Falwell
  • Catlyn Farwynd
  • Bryeana Wendwater
  • Arika Rollingford
  • Marya Reed
  • Briyenn Musgood
  • Alissa Slynt
  • Celia Woods
  • Aniza Hoare
  • Heyley Algood
  • Trysta Daxer
  • Emmelyne Farrin
  • Lelani Trante
  • Katryna Linster
  • Alisha Hutter
  • Stelsa Phyre
  • Ellena Trinner
  • Heyley Nalor
  • Catryn Cratter
  • Eyme Maller
  • Aline Tradd
  • Catlina Merchin
  • Maianae Purell
  • Mellinna Archyr
  • Lyndia Honn
  • Teena Tyde
  • Esthis Skanler
  • Laycie Chapmyre
  • Ilyana Lanser
  • Sarsah Cantell
  • Khailey Smithe  
  • Lauryn Vallie  
  • Brinna Keller  
  • Ayara Waller  
  • Ambre Keller 

What is the Game of Thrones bastard names?

As we discussed above in the beginning these names are used in the Game of Thrones series. The term bastard meaning is when a child is born without a father or a child gifted by a god to the lady then the surname of the child is given in the name of the land or place where he or she was born.

For a child born in Westeros and the child, the name is Shawn then the name of the child will be Shawn Westeros.


So these are the Game of Thrones bastard names for you based on truly hard research from the source of the internet. we try to include all the important categories so any of the important names are not to be missed from this article.

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