Top 10 Powerful Ear Piercing Names To Know

Today we are going to share an interesting topic ear piercing names.

For ages, ear piercing has been carrying a cultural as well as scientific significance. In ancient times not only women but also men used to pierce their ears. Other than enhancing the looks or physical appearance it has got numerous benefits:

  • It helps maintain a healthy menstrual cycle – As per Ayurveda Science, right at the center, there is a spot at the lobe of the ear that helps to improve the reproductive health of the person. And helps in keeping a regular and healthy menstrual cycle. And that’s the reason in many cultures girls must get their ears pierced from childhood so that they women or a girl stay healthy and energetic.
  • Improves eyesight – There are certain points in the ear where if you apply pressure, it can improve your eyesight. Some people have difficulty watching distant objects and some have difficulty seeing nearby objects. For them, it is recommended to get their ears pierced and notice the difference. Then you will not be required to wear spectacles. You can roam freely without worrying about the spectacles and handling them here and there. So there is no harm in getting your ears pierced.
  • Enhances ear health– There are mainly two points at the lobe which are the master sensorial and master cerebral points. These are the points that enable you to hear. So according to acupressure experts, applying regular pressure on such spots can help you in maintaining ear health. So why not get it done, it is just a lifetime investment that will help you in both ways, i.e. to enhance your look and to maintain your health.
  • Increases sperm production in men –In ancient times, all men used to get their ears pierced. But now in modern times, it is not that common. Ear piercing helps to increase sperm production and therefore, in the current also according to certain communities of society, ear piercing is considered to be compulsory for men so that their reproductive health can be maintained. And also it increases the flow of energy and men are meant to be physically strong. So c’mon boy, get your ears pierced.
  • Enriches digestive System-A point in the ear prevents you to suffer from obesity. That’s the reason many people recommend getting their ears pierced at an early age so that they don’t have to suffer in the future. There are 89% of people suffer from stomach problems. And do you know what? Most diseases tend to get developed in your stomach. So here you have got another main reason for getting your ear pierced. After getting your ears pierced, you can eat all types of food.  

And thus, ear piercing is a very important step in society. So now you are aware of all the importance it carries.

Now, Do you want someone to say to you, ”Hey! What’s dazzling in your ear”? I think you would love to hear a compliment like that. To get the perfect ear piercing that suits you, and your personality and brings out the best of you.

For that, one must have all the regarding different ear piercings, ear-piercing location names, ear lobe piercings, etc. Don’t worry it is not difficult at all. Here you will be conveyed with all the information, which can help you decide the best for you.

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Types Of Ear Piercing

Industrial Piercing –

Among all the ear piercing names, Industrial piercing is the most eye-catching one. Let’s know more about it.

As you can see in the ear piercing diagram names, there are two holes in the upper cartilage of the ear and a small bar is placed horizontally through the ear, and at the end and the start of the bar, two tiny balls are fixed so that the bar can hold on to its position.

Industrial piercing is often referred to as double piercing. In different ear piercings, Industrial piercing should always be done with the help of a needle instead of a gun.

All ear piercings are located in different locations or spots in the ear. Ear piercing location names can be anywhere, for industrial piercing the commonly used location is through the helix, or in lay language, it is through the ear cartilage.

Usually, industrial piercing weighs around 14g. A cute arrow is passed through the holes. It is considered to be the most unique among all ear piercings, but at the same time, industrial piercing takes a longer period to get healed, which is around 6 months to 1 year.

It is also considered to be one of the most painful piercings among all ear piercings. If you are planning to choose industrial piercing, believe me, you have a cool choice as you can create many jewelry combinations of your choice.

Helix Piercing –

When someone wants to change his/her look. After standard ear lobe piercing names, people prefer Helix piercing the next.

Among different ear piercing names, Helix piercing is the most commonly used after lobe piercing. As you can see in the ear piercing diagram names, under this type of piercing the ring is pierced at the upper cartilage of the ear.

Helix piercing is preferably done with the needle and in terms of pain, it ranks low. Not much pain is experienced during the process. Among ear piercings, Helix piercing tends to get healed faster, it takes about three to six months only.

It is also known as a cartilage piercing because of its position. The jewelry mostly used for helix piercing is a stud and a ring. Different ear piercing contains different medical benefits which depend on various ear piercing spot’s names.

In the case of Helix piercing, it is located at the upper cartilage of the ear, which helps in increasing blood circulation and muscle tension. Helix piercing includes another type of piercing called Forward Helix Piercing

Forward Helix piercing is located at the root of the helix, which is the lower part of the ear.

To elaborate, under forwarding Helix piercing the ring is situated on the curve of the ear, which is the outer portion of the ear.

Snug Piercing –

Do you want to look distinct and unique? Here is a piercing for you, Snug piercing. But all ear structure does not support this type of piercing.

Among ear piercings, Snug piercing is considered to be one of the most painful. As you can see in the ear piercing diagram names, it is located between the inner cartilage of the ear and the outer rim of the ear.

It is advised to wear a piece of small jewelry with a snug piercing. Like different ear piercing names, it takes six to twelve months to heal, depending on the infection. Snug piercing is nicknamed Antihelix piercing as the ring passes through the anti-helix of the ear.

Don’t regularly change your jewelry, because for two reasons, first in the case of snug piercing, it is not easy, and second regular change of jewelry causes swelling, redness, and infection.

So if you are the one who wants to flaunt the piercing, Snug piercing is best for you, but don’t forget to take a consultation from an expert.

Conch Piercing

Among different ear piercing names, Conch piercing is considered to be the most captivating and attractive one.

It is named Conch piercing because this type of piercing is done in the section of the ear which resembles the Conch shell. Conch piercing is done in the middle of the ear.

There are two ways of doing it, either it is done at the inner or outer portion of the ear, and sometimes both. You can see what suits you the most.

Check out the ear-piercing diagram names, for a clear view. If you are finding ear piercing location names for this particular piercing, then it is done at the center and the thicker part of the ear.

It takes about six to twelve months to get healed and the pain level is also okay, not too much. For conch, ear-piercing it is generally recommended to do needle piercing or Dermal punch.

I feel it to be the best type of piercing, among all the ear piercings. But at the same time, it is also true that all ear piercing carry their style and specialty.

Orbital Piercing  –

Amidst all ear piercing names, it is another kind of piercing in which two holes are pierced,  and then there are holes connected with a single piece of jewelry.

Look out for the ear piercing diagram names. Loved it? Orbital Piercing is generally done at the earlobe. It can also be placed at the higher earlobe if you want to flaunt your piercing.

The jewelry used for orbital piercing is mostly the ring. The size of the ring for orbital piercing ranges from 10mm to 14mm. this goes the same for the Conch piercing too. Some people think conch piercing and orbital piercing are the same.  

It takes around eight to ten weeks to heel completely. As compared to other ear piercings the pain level is ranked low.

Lobe – 

Of all ear piercings, lobe piercing is the most common one. You will see every other girl wearing it. It is the most popular one. There are many types of ear lobe piercing names, like transverse lobe, orbital piercing, Vertical lobe, upper lobe, etc.  

Any piercing that is done at the ear lobe, or in a lay language, any piercing done at the fleshy part of the ear is the lobe piercing. Now you know, the piercing your parents got done when you were small was lobe piercing.

Under Lob piercing, a single hole is pierced, and you can put in any jewelry you like. See the ear-piercing diagram names for a clear view.

Experiment with different styles it can be a ring or a tiny ball or anything. You can also try with the upper and vertical lobes. It heals the fastest as compared to other ear piercings. 

Transverse Lobe –

We just read about lobe piercing. So transverse piercing comes under ear lobe piercing names. Ear piercing spot names for Transverse lobe piercing are the lobe and the lower fleshy part itself.

But the difference is that the bar is horizontally through the earlobe. The visible part is only the balls attached for the closure. As shown in the ear piercing diagram names.  

Compared to other ear piercings, the Transverse Lobe is more prone to infections and thus it demands more care. Tips for all ear piercing names almost remain the same like cleaning them daily, and not changing jewelry regularly, but the transverse Lobe requires more attention.

It is pain-free, and it can be easily done. The most interesting thing about the Transverse lobes is that there are also medical benefits like it increases energy, and regulating internal organs. So if you are careful in terms of care, then go ahead with this.

Tragus Piercing

Like most other ear piercings, this is also a single-hole piercing. The ear piercing location names for this ear includes the outer cartilage of the ear, which is toward your face.

Check ear piercing diagram names out! The jewelry for Tragus piercing can be studs or hoops. Getting a Tragus piercing will not be too painful, but it inclines toward the higher side. I would rank it six out of ten. Tragus piercing is also commonly known as Sideburn Tragus Piercing.

Different ear piercing names symbolize different natures. For example, if you have got a Tragus piercing done, then you would be considered to be the most energetic person in the room.

It is said that most people wear Tragus piercings are said to boost energy. If you are finding something for looks Studs are considered the best for Tragus piercing. Isn’t it interesting?

Daith Piercing–   

Finding something that makes you look cool? Here are other ear piercing names, which are well-known for grabbing attention.

Even you will be like wow! Once you see the ear piercing diagram names. Daith piercing is done in the inner part of the ear, more specifically at the center.

The Daith ear piercing spot names includes inner cartilage. This piercing is sure to give you a cool look. Many popular celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, and Rihanna have got Daith piercings done.

Apart from the cool look that it provides, it helps in medical terms. According to scientific evidence and acupressure therapists, it is said that having a Daith piercing helps to cure migraine and helps to overcome migraine symptoms, eliminates depression, and stimulates the nervous system.

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Rook Piercing

Last but not least, is the Rook Piercing. Rook piercing is not considered to be as common as other ear piercings.

Different ear piercing names requires different structure, but unfortunately, in the case of rook piercing, it is not the same for all.

So whenever you plan to visit, go with an open mind, so that you can check out more options, if this one does not suit you.

The ear piercing location is named for rook piercing inner and upper cartilage of the ear, parallel to the outer rim. It is a bit more painful than other ear piercings.

Last words

These were different types of ear piercing names, Along with their locations and benefits, etc. Hope you chose the best one.

Keep trying different combinations, and different jewelry and bring the best out of you. Whichever ear piercing you will chose, believe me, it will enhance your personality and look.

You will get something new to experience. Let your friends, relatives, neighbors, and society, fill you up with loads of love and compliments.

You may Suggest some ideas to your loved ones as of now you have gained a lot of knowledge about different ear piercings. So what are you waiting for? Go! Run! And decide which one to put on!!

Please share these names with your fashion freak friend who loves piercing and needs some fashion tips.

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