1100+ Dinosaurs Names That Sounds Really Powerful

In this article, we will discuss the Dinosaurs names that can be used for your pet. first of all, let’s discuss dinosaurs.

The ancient fascinating creature that has been there on the earth is larger than they live. If we look at history books, museums, and pop culture we get to know a lot of interesting facts about dinosaurs.

So, are you ready to dive deep into this ocean of dinosaurs to know more about them? I think you are.

You know what, dinosaurs’ first appearance was about 243 million years ago during the Triassic period. These are a very diverse group of animals. They are reptiles that can be classified into a lot of different groups of species types.

Getting a lot of knowledge about all these can help you in a lot of ways. Knowing about all these kinds and groups or types of dinosaurs will help us know about their evolution and connect all these different dinosaurs with the modern-day animals which got evolved from these dinosaurs in the first place.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the major groups of dinosaurs as said by all the researchers in the matter and will let you know about all of the groups of dinosaur names.

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How are these divisions done among the dinosaurs?

The subdivision of all these different types of dinosaurs is done basically depending on their hip size, the main element of classification.

This process of classifying was first proposed in the year of 1888 by a famous British paleontologist named Harry Shelly.

The hip bones of a dinosaur majorly consist of three bones namely Illium, Ischium, and Pubis. The dinosaurs who got a closed hip system mainly had their Ischium and Pubis close together with backward-oriented pubic bones.

These are the dinosaurs who are believed to be the ancestors of birds because birds also got this kind of closed hip system. These dinosaur groups which possessed the closed hip system are called the Ornithischians (bird-hipped).

Another group of dinosaurs named had totally the opposite kind of hip system as the Ornithischians. Their hips were not closed which basically means that the Pubis and Ischium of these dinosaurs are far apart from each other with forward-oriented pubic bones and this group of dinosaurs is called the Saurischian.

This kind of hip system is found in Lizards nowadays and so this dinosaur group is often known as the Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs.

Apparently, some of the dinosaurs who are in the Saurischian group evolved and in that process, they formed the closed hip system which is the bird hip system from the Lizard hip system.

This is a very good example for us to make you know about the convergent evolution of animals for thousands of years.

Are Ornithischians and Saurischians the main two groups of Dinosaur names?

The two groups that we just mentioned that is the Ornithischians and the Saurischians fall under the same group and are often referred to as the sister group of dinosaurs from those days.

However, you should know that each and every dinosaur cannot be fitted into these two groups of dinosaurs easily.

Some of the most famous paleontologists of this era debated about where to place the other dinosaurs that do not fit in easily according to the descriptions of these two groups.

Another matter of debate is that not all the scientists in the world agree even on the fact that these two dinosaurs are the main two groups of dinosaurs.

Even there are many examples of different studies that claim the traditional tree of dinosaur name classification is totally wrong.

But it is seen that the hip-based classification of the dinosaurs is most widely accepted by normal people and most people think that the other claims are not based on any kind of sensible logic.

That is why the main way of classification followed is the hip-based one and we are going to give you knowledge about that only.


We have come across the name Saurischians already a couple of times in this content.

Well, Saurischians being considered to be one of the main groups of dinosaurs also has a subdivision of their own.

Two different dinosaur types come under the Lizard Hipped type of dinosaur names. The subdivision of the Saurischians is as follows:


This is the meat-eating dinosaur name and is under the Saurischian group of dinosaurs. Out there you might see various examples that showed that apart from being famous for meat-eating they are also mentioned as plant-eating dinosaurs name. And also in many cases, they are classified as both meat and plant-eating dinosaurs. 

But the most ferocious and the most dangerous dinosaurs with large, strong, and sharp teeth are the theropods. They were swift and small like Coelophysis.

It is also said that the best thing about the theropods was that they had hollow bones. This is a major reason behind them being the wildest and most ferocious carnivores among the dinosaurs.

Because the hollow bones meant that the weight of their own body was very light and this helped them to be very agile and in that case made it easy for them to chase down prey they have their eyes on.

They have air sacs, which helped through the respiratory system, partially known for filling the empty bones with air. The most prominent trait was the three-toed feet with sharp claws.

They are a lot different than the heavy Jurassic park dinosaur names which were dangerous and were over 20 feet long. . But not agile enough compared to the theropods.

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By the end of the Jurassic Age, the Theropods evolved into a much more dangerous species of dinosaurs.

These species of evolved theropods were considered to be even more rapacious and aggressive and because of that they got the nickname “The meat-eating bull”. This has vestigial arms.  

At that time, they were mostly found in South Africa, an isolated continent during that time.

There is no debate about the Ceratosaur being a carnivore or not because it might come in front of you and tear you apart if you doubt its carnivorous nature.

There are several more branches to the theropod tree such as allosaurs and megalosaurs. These groups are considered to be the largest land-dwelling theropods in the history of dinosaurs names.

Apart from these two branches, there is a third and the most advanced branch named Tetanurae, best known for their evolution for feathers.

Although, there are pieces of evidence that all groups of Ceratosaurs had some form of feathers. Some of them have shed or evolved with ages and some of them had been there with feathers.


The group consists of herbivore dinosaur names as well as meat-eating dinosaur names. They have a closed hip system and this helps them to have a larger and broader intestinal system.

Most of the dinosaurs of this diverse group are plant-eating dinosaur name and the large intestinal system they have helps them to carry out their diet properly.

The large intestine would help them to consume and digest the food easily keeping them fit and steady. Small bipedal runners were the first and the oldest Ornithischians.

These dinosaurs have specialized teeth unique to their own, no other reptile today or at that time has this unique feature. They have the teeth to grind and chew the plants properly.

They also had an extension of the jaw in the front. This jaw would later turn out to be the beak in today’s animals that is the animals or birds that are the products of the evolution of Ornithischians.


Thyreophora is another group of dinosaurs after the Ornisthischian and the Saurischians. These are the group of dinosaurs who are armored.

The armors that we are talking about are their body buildup, this body build-up is used to cover their skin making it extremely difficult for others to fight them.

It was extremely hard to penetrate into their skins because of this and hence they had a very easy time surviving against the carnivorous dinosaurs that we talked about earlier.

They have bone plates on their back and the materials which these bone plates consisted of are still a mystery.

Some of the other Dinosaur names that you need to know

Apart from these two groups, we have already mentioned that not all dinosaurs could be put into these groups easily so we are going to mention the names of some other kinds of good names for dinosaurs that you might want to know.

  • Flying Dinosaur names- Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Pectrodactyl, Archaeoteryx, Microraptor, Pterosaur.
  • Herbivore Dinosaur names- Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Spinosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Dryosaurus.
  • Meat-eating dinosaur names- Abelisaurus, Achillobator, Acrocanthosaurus, Acrocantho-Saurus, Afrovenator, Albertosaurus, Alectrosaurus, Alioramus, Allosaurus.
  • Underwater dinosaurs’ names- Spinosaurus is the only dinosaur that spent their lives in water.
  • Swimming dinosaur names- Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus.
  • Sea dinosaur names or Water dinosaur names- Plesiosaurs, Basilosaurus, Helicoprion, Dunkleosteus

Let us discuss the different names of dinosaurs in form of tables.

Flying Dinosaurs Names

  • Elaphronychus (Fleet Claw)
  • Leptochelomoloch (Slim Claw Demon)
  • Ceratoraptor (Horned Plunderer)
  • Elaphrocercovenator (Fleet Tail Hunter)
  • Leucoraptor (White Plunderer)
  • Megalochelomimus (Big Claw Mimic)
  • Tyloceceras (Swelling Roof)
  • Cyrtotrachelomoloch (Curved Necked Demon)
  • Colossospondylus (Giant Vertebrae)
  • Chlorocephalolestes (Green Headed Stealer)
  • Megalophodromeus (Large Crested Runner)
  • Xanthosuchus (Yellow Crocodile)
  • Neorhynchoceratops (New Beak Horned Face)
  • Thecocephalus (Socket Head)
  • Styracoplocetyrannus (Spiked Armored Tyrant)
  • Echinotitan (Spiny Giant)
  • Amygdalodontoceratops (Almond Teeth Horned Face)
  • Megadocus (Large Neck)
  • Dicephalosauropteryx (Two Headed ‘Winged Lizard’)
  • Nanoceras (Dwarf Roof)
  • Thescelomoloch (Wonderful Demon)
  • Deinopododraco (Terrible Foot Dragon)
  • Thescelodromeus (Wonderful Runner)
  • Cyanolophogryphus (Blue Crested Griffin)
  • Kentrobator (Spiky Hero)
  • Archaeodonraptor (Ancient Tooth Plunderer)
  • Ankylospondylus (Stiff Vertebrae)
  • Elaphrotracheloraptor (Fleet Necked Plunderer)
  • Dromaeorhothon (Running Nose)
  • Gampsotrachelomimus (Curved Necked Mimic)
  • Eudontyrannus (Well Tooth Tyrant)
  • Colossocanthus (Giant Spine)
  • Styracolophovenator (Spiked Crested Hunter)
  • Nanomoloch (Tiny Demon)
  • Kritocantodromeus (Noble Spined Runner)
  • Massosornis (Massive Bird)
  • Rhabrhynchosornis (Rod Beak Bird)
  • Massospondylus (Massive Vertebrae)
  • Cyclorhinosornis (Round Nosed Bird)
  • Lophomoloch (Crested Demon)
  • Styracotholus (Spiked Dome)
  • Hadrorhinodromeus (Big Nosed Runner)
  • Bellupodosaura (Fine Foot Lizard)
  • Brachioraptor (Arm Plunderer)
  • Panotrachelodromeus (Fully Necked Runner)
  • Echinovenator (Spiny Hunter)
  • Ankylochelorex (Stiff Claw King)
  • Gyroceratops (Round Horned Face)
  • Megaploceratops (Large Armored Horned Face)

Sea Dinosaurs Names

  • Zogdrivot Nolbad
  • Eldosic Zil
  • Gukat Odrogne
  • Galdric Nat
  • Lernit Gat
  • Ullon Fani
  • Algom Vuc
  • Hepro Monraste
  • Ronobe Dirqed
  • Helnenok Fus
  • Sagrimin Bos
  • Nuthro Urqamen
  • Lylni Arzit
  • Nendat Gordintriln
  • Selna Ido
  • Thynralin Deln
  • Nurcik Niberr
  • Adadom Altat
  • Ukom Sel
  • Artah Rus
  • Halo Zarrantre
  • Thurciriak Neng
  • Uprok Nardasta
  • Aprik Orin
  • Heprom Voc
  • Heldro Unron
  • Motam Rogris
  • Anolo Elluntrath
  • Gugdrinij Ver
  • Hagden Nuth
  • Myros Vol
  • Urnovin Botala
  • Tunok Soln
  • Nygno Nodezaln
  • Thanribem Mad
  • Gartid Mavosh
  • Thorcan Mal
  • Martobom Vebrucan
  • Ogrodot Foti
  • Ytrem Rold
  • Nadaroj Nacald
  • Ureh Dinnangad
  • Ogdrod Bish
  • Ulno Sir
  • Danriseh Gish
  • Lakol Zis
  • Ugdrarin Magri
  • Ethros Fondaserr
  • Nagdronil Eban
  • Akoron Aguceld

Good Names For Dinosaurs

  • Degenoh Vor
  • Goldrid Noldroltang
  • Helgah Ondris
  • Zodanom Mec
  • Elgom Miln
  • Sokdron Vulmiktas
  • Rurmi Zonild
  • Legdrono Noldrin
  • Eldrom Fuc
  • Undrah Uthescend
  • Ekdri Gec
  • Terkas Fobeshas
  • Ullak Vorasset
  • Helgasod Dundeln
  • Hurge Enro
  • Ygra Budragneng
  • Hogam Senrusta
  • Rugdri Reng
  • Nulnam Gale
  • Muno Annegdren
  • Duldros Min
  • Ydes Mad
  • Tegdam Nandrel
  • Zalgovan Finno
  • Nalgadas Acor
  • Akij Veng
  • Rernimas Reng
  • Akda Dac
  • Tytrodol Madrothe
  • Unec Zung
  • Dulnik Gal
  • Otrem Orzit
  • Tegdani Vild
  • Apron Reng
  • Arcavok Sot
  • Degnovod Randra
  • Ygdid Segac
  • Degdibas Givasceth
  • Nekobat Meth
  • Talgol Salang
  • Dekdros Var
  • Ropris Bun
  • Salgaram Roc
  • Lelnoh Eldodre
  • Taldose Zad
  • Rodobal Zash
  • Ydibos Gud
  • Dandri Mirruthir
  • Dukisom Vidrontrath
  • Rukdrin Faduc

Water Dinosaurs Names

  • Utiwi Galn
  • Ama Feth
  • Krilra Naln
  • Shuthasa Sundaleld
  • Krade Rath
  • Enu Belbuste
  • Hunnoli Altal
  • Mirri Zos
  • Grura Egrac
  • Giren Ogang
  • Gratisse Arqigdryr
  • Sanra Nung
  • Kele Zesh
  • Nema Giruset
  • Danu Dube
  • Grima Iltosta
  • Shameth Fec
  • Yurrada Gallegdresh
  • Armus Veln
  • Dillu Nirr
  • Anannes Dild
  • Zuliss Fild
  • Urmi Idraneln
  • Kuzarrai Sang
  • Greralla Zinresh
  • Nalvulea Innu
  • Buri Mol
  • Yata Vund
  • Ilredi Nosh
  • Grulloss Duln
  • Krella Dendosh
  • Bada Dorr
  • Danuwee Sadragnild
  • Arman Gun
  • Aras Fon
  • Shate Dalostad
  • Meloss Vagregtath
  • Goza Sagasac
  • Nalma Dalmad
  • Solro Gegnokdeln
  • Crozu Uvoln
  • Ena Ruld
  • Nurare Serr
  • Ura Genantri
  • Gavlafa Nagod
  • Uri Arzeding
  • Graruwi Alalte
  • Buvlu Fussigdred
  • Mozileess Nut
  • Narmal Urzun

Swimming Dinosaurs Names

  • Zununi Sor
  • Shudiwea Mignas
  • Umu Zuldra
  • Kemo Rec
  • Grenninni Nel
  • Huthiwie Moc
  • Hermiss Odrun
  • Burmul Ossedreth
  • Dama Ruldut
  • Hulmarrath Redosh
  • Darize Nud
  • Uthe Dondreces
  • Enni Bela
  • Krimo Dilmese
  • Gathussa Vas
  • Saza Nognaceld
  • Zaral San
  • Denness Mes
  • Sirru Sarquln
  • Grumu Val
  • Craru Gald
  • Sormos Nilmand
  • Krara Nas
  • Denu Bobros
  • Granu Zugnot
  • Denu Zoc
  • Crudi Rorr
  • Grurva Sac
  • Sela Ric
  • Olro Mut
  • Yulara Zald
  • Seti Bishathad
  • Nanna Ilbash
  • Almofea Gul
  • Hudu Vung
  • Hundufie Dibol
  • Butoze Gugro
  • Batune Regno
  • Kata Fed
  • Kundafi Ged
  • Olli Nanneng
  • Marri Vandentre
  • Elru Vash
  • Arra Sonnukda
  • Anluss Zil
  • Grunini Dabronec
  • Gumu Goc
  • Hima Adron
  • Grerma Sissad
  • Shunille Baln

Plant Eating Dinosaurs Names

  • Perlela Thillak
  • Crash Lesh
  • Drev Irsud
  • Nelvol Titheh
  • Shad Moddash
  • Hurlonter Variss
  • Gil Kaol
  • Zaish Gorn
  • Zaerthal Tiethul
  • Shonu Aggoosom
  • Arshend Nindrish
  • Eabenn Drul
  • Zav Mod
  • Flaal Zyhaars
  • Kurn Thear
  • Chen Stellosh
  • Mazzer Drulkath
  • Eddic Thoontuh
  • Craborac Fyllem
  • Theerr Gurtal
  • Tharborud Piersunda
  • Sheebroleck Halkenn
  • Cronn Jeerrart
  • Thovrund Zume
  • Ondussol Sholdril
  • Flavreshu Indro
  • Ganorul Archosad
  • Crorvock Kearlu
  • Ponzerot Theedrender
  • Yein Zaadul
  • Gruloma Koogginell
  • Wad Fott
  • Chonyar Geevirvarn
  • Drint Crukas
  • Throbba Gel
  • Drir Ethob
  • Yern Ooskann
  • Rollorr Dryheel
  • Thus Stoonvor
  • Yock Ledhul
  • Mad Ithaar
  • Fleeddorr Yrvodutt
  • Sheansussar Didhirol
  • Fulvol Brygru
  • Northix Urthis
  • Grutt Weadgan
  • Maer Fonvom
  • Juth Vykka
  • Yoddomil Tylber
  • Yeezzenta Ikka

Underwater Dinosaurs Names

  • Sott Vertodak
  • Reesh Wiveku
  • Ronran Voorvakun
  • Res Bil
  • Sinde Shimnok
  • Ruc Thood
  • Tattish Bralkonul
  • Son Pirchukart
  • Bros Zotoatt
  • Grel Ithi
  • Shax Imneeloth
  • Crebunur Faoshirt
  • Kozzat Jertu
  • Aalted Tedgurvars
  • Hilren Sieldoh
  • Sulves Byk
  • Weck Rarchol
  • Helda Throhinur
  • Borshad Thiedhos
  • Shorlele Rutik
  • Mirshus Geamors
  • Sheeth Pente
  • Yelo Narn
  • Orshol Soduh
  • Flal Lanvillod
  • Wonri Irri
  • Callum Crutuss
  • Jer Jurbunn
  • Cravric Aorloh
  • Flindrave Sivvon
  • Jorbenath Saorred
  • Kaas Idrub
  • Firr Thradoh
  • Flind Daoldre
  • Therud Bysha
  • Hondraresh Leh
  • Crith Bogginnoss
  • Throllit Tetrilloss
  • Ton Naoh
  • Yigged Throrroort
  • Grilvuntol Nyrbu
  • Siggirr Jotul
  • Joth Jaothi
  • Sherthumes Oortes
  • Greell Marsaakuh
  • Puv Croort
  • Thrat Aortha
  • Chuvra Shandri
  • Grent Forsid
  • Maassent Gaartuss

Cute Names For Stuffed Dinosaurs

  • Nox Fildrish
  • Aishode Broornethe
  • Cogissies Stoordurrell
  • Pharviss Won
  • Pharime Oonteth
  • Risith Ferkirr
  • Jengen Sirt
  • Elsea Tulenes
  • Daemy Mih
  • Cesath Braorcham
  • Agi Throon
  • Chalellan Stitan
  • Ylga Adroosh
  • Sagry Ilkos
  • Shibe Eevush
  • Bredri Shadur
  • Adre Hashi
  • Jesyth Oonchi
  • Dastaras Fohun
  • Jicly Veal
  • Gon Soggo
  • Breg Creanti
  • Briemmo Valdraross
  • Chongan Eandreth
  • Ygrea Thers
  • Annan Brurthanda
  • Tafi Tier
  • Brodrie Ostrer
  • Gucli Ostri
  • Tuh Fuverr
  • Eefy Horrurn
  • Vomammo Aorchab
  • Maeros Otrir
  • Geh Mantim
  • Niatidas Iddi
  • Phoci Therr
  • Shycy Medhaal
  • Shegy Path
  • Chanig Rieggurr
  • Andral Anti
  • Meg Braorsok
  • Gecy Deamir
  • Angen Dryrtunoss
  • Seesith Ylbutham
  • Siby Coh
  • Yclillyn Tis
  • Rondah Cryrr
  • Taidimma Tierr
  • Anig Irbo
  • Emy Istroorr

Meat-Eating Dinosaurs Names

  • Fin Podhed
  • Dailsulag Zielku
  • Shuduzow Zoorkellurt
  • Phafe Crok
  • Ella Sirthire
  • Mabee Lastreett
  • Zeshela Baakki
  • Eissaw Brurol
  • Gon Sirke
  • Breelsa Kih
  • Shecle Aograr
  • Chiece Shornaal
  • Hyros Gukad
  • Bon Dyrell
  • Endeh Juggal
  • Syg Aorthirt
  • Todae Shilood
  • Shiarvoss Gistrennort
  • Jeg Alussith
  • Nosossa Orlath
  • Teilge Stedrosh
  • Karras Elkissor
  • Ran Thruldoo
  • Rerredag Paomno
  • Shux Cudre
  • Fialgi Jyldrirn
  • Cadre Thrah
  • Ede Crid
  • Angenas Teldoatt
  • Lanniny Veandrurvonn
  • Zibi Kaors
  • Tarviross Pyske
  • Landeah Nitroash
  • Valgedyg Sirt
  • Bow Adhok
  • Naseth Taontill
  • Lirronna Godun
  • Mali Dorn
  • Sindah Jamnesh
  • Gonneziw Hinturem
  • Zierras Drorlillo
  • Olso Ehoakor
  • Nely Nar
  • Brondada Brann
  • Gieshex Ventadoh
  • Ralle Dirdurs
  • Miselee Jetrert
  • Zeig Shaolbalek
  • Vosyth Yhessirr
  • Fadrezes Nirn

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Names

  • Claiborne Danger
  • Lukas the Bandit
  • Dominique the Razor
  • Alcot the Ravager
  • Ryland Mad Eye
  • Xavier the Swindler
  • Stephen Phantom
  • Dob the Pegleg
  • Kyle Poison
  • Roger the Smile
  • Pegleg Webster
  • Burns Black Eyes
  • Crazy Eyed Aldred
  • Reynold the Wild
  • Poison Bryson
  • Wright Razor
  • Lucky Branford
  • Kenton Smokes
  • Eccentric Alder
  • Bruce the Suit
  • Reade the Pickpocket
  • Mad Hat Ward
  • Norville the Bug
  • Bullseye Free
  • Zackery the Shark
  • Whispering Gavyn
  • Sidwell the Angel
  • Shark Rupert
  • Augustus the Crook
  • Dingbat James
  • Pegleg Donald
  • Braedon Eyepatch
  • Scars Stanton
  • Don the Menace
  • Nightmare Cristian
  • Alder the Angel
  • Mad Dog Jaiden
  • Sawyer the Squint
  • Smiling Redford
  • Welles the Razor
  • Slithering Camron
  • Scars Ackley
  • Robbing Dob
  • Reaper Gordon
  • Mad Eyed Kameron
  • Muscled Hutton
  • Robbing Farland
  • Blue Eyed Wes
  • Smiling Waylon
  • Bug Eyed Hedley

Herbivore Dinosaurs Names

  • Rey Eyepatch
  • Jeremy the Rogue
  • Ansley the Pillager
  • Leland the Dwarf
  • Roger the Bandit
  • Nyle the Swindler
  • Rodney Coins
  • Kevin Bullseye
  • Bailey the Thug
  • Jayson the Snake
  • Nine Lives Kenny
  • Wells the Smirk
  • Silent Neil
  • Walton Angel Eyes
  • Bug Eyed Steven
  • Freddy Danger
  • Bulletproof Millson
  • Emersen the Smile
  • Pegleg Reading
  • Keaton the Greedy
  • Jeffrey the Shark
  • Whispering Marshall
  • William the Reaper
  • Dingbat Farland
  • Tyler the Swindler
  • Crazy Eyes Aldred
  • Garrett the Viper
  • Silent Warton
  • Arden Shades
  • Smiling Watt
  • Phantom Marsden
  • Manton Bullseye
  • Toothless Weldon
  • Bancroft Luck
  • Pickpocket Studs
  • Alf the Heist
  • Mad Jayson
  • Roland the Crazy
  • Mad Hat Josh
  • Shelley the Jester
  • Angel Eyes Nicolas
  • Lunatic Priest
  • Busting Carlos
  • Phantom Hamilton
  • Smirking Reginald
  • Gold Digger Nikolas
  • Five Fingered Jarvis
  • Gold Digger Grayson
  • Smokey Allan
  • Straight Jacket Vance

Cool Names For Dinosaurs

  • Clotilde Fast Fingers
  • Windham the Weasel
  • Palmyra Toothless
  • Townley the Nightmare
  • Mayda Fast Fingers
  • Shayne Four Fingers
  • Giselle Diamond
  • Shipley the Professional
  • Taitum Mad Eye
  • Thurber Bullseye
  • Crazy Eyed Chloe
  • Clotilde the Professional
  • Action Misty
  • Sydnie the Bandit
  • Mad Dog Lauryn
  • Katlyn the Thief
  • Lucky Karlee
  • Anastasia Mad Man
  • Coughing Carley
  • Kirsten Phantom
  • Sage Mad Eye
  • Spider Hollace
  • Melina the Bandit
  • Nine Lives Aliya
  • Mariah Blue Eyes
  • Pickpocket Brittany
  • Lizeth the Silent
  • Four Fingered Vala
  • Violet the Heister
  • Mad Eyed Belen
  • Three Toed Hana
  • Kaitlyn the Serpent
  • Scarface Vanesa
  • Eden the Lucky
  • Shades Avon
  • Jaylyn Black Eyes
  • Foolish Camyron
  • Kenzie Ghost
  • Fruitcake Destinee
  • Hadley Mad Eye
  • Sly Cal
  • Mad Man Rylie
  • Foolish Athelstan
  • Three Toed Sydnie
  • Reaper Tirell
  • Eccentric Louella
  • Rusty Mace
  • Mad Eyed Sara
  • Five Fingered Will
  • Slithering Theresa


So these are the basic classification of dinosaurs by scientists all around the world. The dinosaur names that we mentioned under the different categories are all the dinosaurs who come from the same groups that are the Ornithischians or the Suarischians.

All these dinosaurs are unique and have a feature of their own but the classification is done on this kind of thing which is the hip system of the dinosaur.

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