200+ Demon Slayer Hashira Names

Hey, are you a die heart fan of animes? Are you an anime lover (Otaku)? Can you watch them all day? I know how people get crazy for anime, but now most teenagers are watching some of the other anime. And I guess everyone has watched one of the most famous animes of Demon Slayer.

It is the most exciting one. Here we will read all about demon slayer hashira names, when was it, and so on.

So if you are not aware of this particular series, you landed up at the best place. After reading this article even you will fall in love with Demon Slayer and its characters.

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Demon Slayer Foundation

Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga (Manga are comics that originated in Japan). It was written by Koyoharu Gotouge (February 15, 2016 – May 18, 2020 ).

There is a total of 23 Volumes of Demon Slayer. After this anime television series started On April 6, 2019 – present directed by Haruo Sotozaki.

The number of episodes Demon Slayer has 44 episodes. The second season was launched from October 2021 – to February 2022 covering the “Mugan Train” arc and “Entertainment District” arc. The genre of Demon Slayer is Adventure, Dark Fantasy, and Martial Arts.

Demon Slayer manga was the ninth best-selling manga, as of February 2021. It had circulated approximately 150 million copies, which is an incredibly big number!

Along with it ” Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugan Train”, a sequel film, released in October 2020, became the highest-grossing film!

The storyline of Demon Slayer

In the incredible series, there is a boy named Tanjiro Komado, he had gone to collect some wood for the dinner, and when he returned home he got frightened after watching his family lying dead in a pool of blood and his younger sister named, Nezuko, had turned into a demon.

It was a very tough phase for Tanjiro when he decided to vanish all the demons so that others don’t have to suffer the way he and his family did. And so he decided to join Demon Slayer Corps.

Demon slayers are people who fight with demons to protect the public. And so he started to take intensive training. Now there is a twist in the story, you really want to know? Then right away watch the full series, It’s incredibly awesome!

Demon Slayer Characters Names

Now you are more or less aware of the popular anime, Demon Slayer. Now let’s go through the main Demon Slayer Hashira names. And let’s see which one of them is your favorite.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado is a calm boy, who lived in Mt. Kumotori in Okutama (the western area of Tokyo). He used to live a lovely life amidst the mountains with his mother and five younger brothers and sisters.

Tanjiro was the most seen in all the movies. Tanjiro is a boy of average height with fairly toned skin and curly short hair.

He has a scar on the left side of his forehead. Wherever he goes, he constantly carries a large wooden box, where his sister, Nezeko sleeps, and he carries her everywhere he goes.

Tanjiro was a coal burner, and similarly, on that day he had gone to burn coal and when he returned home, he saw his family slaughtered and his little sister turned into a demon.

On that day he promised to finish Muzan Kibustsuji, the king of demons as well as try to convert his sister back to a human.

Thus he started taking intensive training and learned water breathing techniques under the guidance of Sakonji Urokodaki.

This shows how hardworking and determined Tanjiro Kamado was. He had gone through a lot of pain and obstacles. He is definitely a strong boy.

Nezuko Kamado 

Nezuko is the second most important character amongst all the demon slayer Hashira names. Nezuko Kamado is Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister who was turned into a demon by the king of demons, Muzun Kibutsuji.

She was considered one of the most beautiful girls in her hometown. She has fair skin and black wavy hair. As a human, she had a soft, kind, and caring personality. After she was turned into a demon her hail became longer and orange at the edges.

She had become more furious and fearless. She is one of the powerful demons. The unique thing about Nezuko as a demon was that she did not need to consume human flesh to stay alive.

Nezuko possesses many unique qualities which differ from other demons, instead of eating human flesh she recovers her powers through sleeping, her growing power is strong, and she can enter into a berserk state which means that she can transform into a demon physically that is converting into an adult version of herself, etc.

She generally attacks a demon with her sharp nails and legs. She does not use her Blood Demon arts as frequently as others do.

Zenitsu Agatsuma 

Zenitsu Agatsuma is an associate of Tanjiro Kamado. He travels with him, and they together fight to defeat the demon.

Amongst all Demon Slayer Hashira names, Zenitsu has the finest Thunderclap and Flash: God Speed.

Zenitsu has big scary eyes and a combination of yellow and orange short hair, earlier he had black hair, but then he was having intensive training, lightning struck him and the color changed.

He is sometimes fearful of demons. An interesting fact about him that may sound a bit weird is that he can fight well while sleeping. Most of the time he is dozing off. He also tends to get attracted to girls, who seem cute and sweet to him.

Apart from these, Zenitsu is a powerful and skillful demon slayer. It would be shocking that he was able to reach the point of taking advanced Hashira training.

He also has sharp ears, which helps him to detect danger easily. Along with it, he is extremely fast in fighting, and his reflexes are amazing. In a blink of an eye, he can perform a certain task.

Zenistu Agatsuma is a master swordsman with a specialization in Thunderclap and Flash techniques.

Hashibira Inosuke

Another strong and determined demon slayer in all other demon slayer characters’ names, is Hashibira Inosuke. He is another great companion of Zenitsu, Nezuko, and Tanjiro.

All of them come together to fight various demons and protect each other from danger. Inosuke is a fair-skinned boy, he roams around wearing a boar’s mask. He thinks himself to be the god of mountains and the strongest among all.

His overconfidence sometimes leads to danger. Along with it, he is a short-tempered boy. He and Zenitsu often get into a fight, they annoy each other at the same time, and they secretly care for each other.

In terms of personality, Inosuke is the most attractive among all three demon slayer Hashira names, he has also got biceps and good muscles.

He has mastered Beast Breathing, you will be amazed to know that beast breathing was his style developed by his upbringing in the mountains.

Even he was able to learn Total Concentration Breathing by himself without any training. Inosuke was extremely flexible, he was so flexible that he could bend backward, and touch his head between the legs, which could not be done by any of the demon slayer Hashira characters’ names.

Kanao Tsuyuri 

She is a cute, calm, soft young girl with thick eyelashes and a ponytail at the right side tied with butterfly ribbon which was once worn by her sister.

Kanao Tsuyuri became partially blinded while fighting with an upper-rank demon. Earlier, at the initial stage, Kanao was a quiet, introverted girl, who had no idea which path to follow.

So Kanae helped her in making a decision by suggesting flipping the coin and deciding what path to take. As she was not good at household work and nursing at the Butterfly mansion(It is the place where Demon slayers are treated), she decided to be a demon slayer.

She has mastered Flower breathing by watching and learning from her sister Kanae. And then she met Tanjiro who used to visit the butterfly mansion for recovery, and she gradually got more open and started to express her emotions.

Kanae had very sharp eyesight, just by observing she could predict what would be the next move of the opponent. Along with the training she had become more rough and tough and ready to fight.

In the first meeting with Tanjiro, Tanjiro could sense that she was the closest to the Hashira in the current demon slayer corps. Her fragrance, the aura was so strong.

Sakonji Urokodaki 

Sakonji Urokodaki is a vital character in all Demon Slayer Hashira names. Sakonji Urokadaki was teacher to Tanjiro Kamado, Giyu Tomioka, Sabito and more.

He has never revealed his face. He used to always wear a red mask with a pointed nose. Previously he used to hold a position of a water Hashira.

He used to provide intensive training to his students so they could pass the selection process as demon slayers. He was a drinker and his favorite animal was a Fox, and thus he used to gift his students a Fox mask.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji is the most negative character in all these names. He is the king of all demons. He was the human to be converted into a demon.

While curing his terminal illness by experimenting, he ended up converting into a demon. His dream of living without any fear, even the fear of death finally had become true and thus he was happy being a demon.

Muzan Kibutsuji had become cold-hearted after turning into a demon. Now there is no sympathy or love left toward humans. Besides the king, he is also a leader of the Twelve Kizuki(The top twelve demons that serve directly for him).

Currently, he is working on vanishing that one weakness of all the demons which is how to conquer sunlight. And the most interesting fact about Muzan Kibutsuji is that he can create more demons by injecting blood and he can even control them.

Nezuko was converted into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji and thus his blood flows into her nerves. Coming to his abilities, he is the strongest of all.

We could see his ability when he had to fight with five Hashiras, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanao together.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki 

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the 97th leader of the demon slayer corps. He is one of the calm, soft characters amongst all demon slayer Hashira names. 

He is so concerned with all the demon slayers that, he treats them like his own children. Whenever a demon slayer dies, he visits everyone’s family.

But the bad part about him is that once upon a time he was cursed, but why he was cursed? For that, you need to watch or read the manga!

So he has got the curse mark which is spreading gradually all over the body killing him. When he died the mark had spread all over his body making it impossible for him to move.

6 Eye-Opening Facts About Demon Slayer

Age at which Nezuko Turned into a Demon 

It is all known to everyone that, when the Kamado family was attacked, at that time Tanjiro Kamado was a young boy and thus his younger siblings would be way younger than him. So the fact that was overlooked.

Demon Slayer Fans

By man Demon Slayer fans that Nezuko Kamado was just Twelve tears old when she was turned into a demon.

Since after that Tanjiro has been taking care of her, carrying her everywhere, and even fighting with various demons by carrying her in a wooden cupboard.

This also reflects that though Tanjiro was not so grown up yet he fulfilled all his responsibilities amazingly.

Tanjiro Kamado Turns into a Demon 

Yes! It surprised everyone, that there is a time when Tanjiro, one of the demon slayer Hashira names, turns into a demon. The anime has just completed some parts and has not yet reached this part.

But it is written in the manga that when Tanjiro Kamado will fight with Muzan Kibutsuji, the king of all demons, he will turn into a demon.

In the crazy fight, Muzan Kibutsuji will die transforming all the emotions and powers to Tanjiro converting him into a demon.

After he transformed into the demon, he started attacking other demon slayers, but then he came back to the human state, but how? For that read the manga!

Cost of Animation

You will be surprised to know the expense incurred for the purpose of animation by the team. Since it aired, since the first episode the anime is being loved by everyone, and almost all anime lover has watched it.

So the expense incurred by the demon slayer team is worth it. The cost of this unique style of animation is $80,000 just for a single episode!

Which is out of the world, but at the same time, their efforts don’t go waste as we are loving it.

Akaza, Barehanded

There is a demon named Akaza, who fought barehanded. Every other demon in the kingdom has some of the equipment or a weapon to fight with, which eventually makings them more and more strong to fight.

That’s the reason I would say, Akaza is the true warrior because what he has is only the skills to be used and no other supportive weapon to be used.

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Various Breathing Styles 

Each demon slyer is taught a unique breathing style along with swordsmanship, according to their physical abilities, which differ for everyone.

All the demon slayer corps possess unique properties and according to which breathing styles are used providing them with various advantages on the battlefield.

It also helps to enhance their mental as well as physical abilities. Various breathing styles are Sound breathing, Water breathing, Sun breathing, and many more.

Let us discuss more demon slayer Hashira names of different types in the form of tables.

Demon Slayer Hashira Names

  • Drerthrurok
  • Voz’gezan
  • Xirrod
  • Broggerek
  • Doz’guluug
  • Gulmekes
  • Irgroxan
  • Soz’goz
  • Sikomon
  • Trargath
  • Drurnollon
  • Vugdrozol
  • Thagdraleth
  • Sargonnad
  • Drirgach
  • Zagmir
  • Breglannaan
  • Garthrilod
  • Morkaz
  • Drostrath
  • Kazrus
  • Tilronar
  • Jezzaraath
  • Brez’godoch
  • Migaluth
  • Bozzonniz
  • Brarkanel
  • Thustrun
  • Xalgrag
  • Trelgroth
  • Dragthonnith
  • Zostraun
  • Jonid
  • Izgaal
  • Ostrolun
  • Brar’gunog
  • Ogmudiz
  • Tralmith
  • Oggexas
  • Egliul
  • Ogrumath
  • Rolgaran
  • Jig’dros
  • Mestrin
  • Xozroneth
  • Gekaxun
  • Doglanath
  • Xarkadan
  • Ror’gudas
  • Ral’geris

Hashira Demon Slayer Names

  • Vez Dreatrosh
  • Craax Idas
  • Laynd Hyrken
  • Grel Jolkaann
  • Lunzer Staolbom
  • Sommun Jedas
  • Molvod Nulors
  • Throck Throlkoott
  • Kur Shaakin
  • Flavel Faordossod
  • Craalveth Ryndrinoss
  • Jaitt Ykeloll
  • Yoluviz Lootru
  • Feldirax Seethul
  • Mal Ovvu
  • Nairvatt Shotel
  • Thanyunn Brers
  • Jaessal Virbi
  • Worbamal Kaodrer
  • Chunsuvind Baggaa
  • Zeebener Aakkirr
  • Vilvid Aaled
  • Cribbik Jekossis
  • Leck Barbith
  • Zor Drerboh
  • Yarthod Ymaath
  • Jentoc Jealkilenn
  • Sanyatt Cirboa
  • Jurthinu Zeass
  • Weggolev Darraall
  • Gilun Onvilloth
  • Chad Fedgon
  • Lealru Paathern
  • Paval Iendral
  • Kuv Harlul
  • Jant Zol
  • Druddor Mieskell
  • Nirvador Rustraa
  • Fis Haldretha
  • Vonyat Nirkus
  • Brorru Eerarrinn
  • Heeck Tieldrush
  • Sharbul Tuth
  • Pirurr Diggeere
  • Bir Manver
  • Munalonn Oodhu
  • Daynzir Soorro
  • Landash Invih
  • Tid Thragraka
  • Waagill Estro

Hashira Names Demon Slayer

  • Nobbuth Kerduner
  • Eesisholl Wardee
  • Larvorr Waarburs
  • Thruntinn Kers
  • Geevalu Alke
  • Saymack Diesku
  • Thrimmur Eemnur
  • Farbusheck Fylka
  • Yus Rirroathess
  • Waenrurr Shundraandon
  • Drona Ieldall
  • Norr Wenn
  • Nav Carn
  • Laint Shearsem
  • Sack Cadrurn
  • Muck Brerched
  • Mail Bienn
  • Cror Sonoorr
  • Atte Wakull
  • Hayddont Fenves
  • Eentor Gieshenn
  • Jak Kyb
  • Hevrishok Mirchoth
  • Vorr Inal
  • Basux Droshol
  • Gayrnot Drevve
  • Ongadosh Baodhur
  • Sil Threrdadi
  • Groz Needrervu
  • Wirnemen Cryntee
  • Gett Zokorn
  • Culdiland Puh
  • Koc Goldroth
  • Neggac Serboseth
  • Thosh Irturvass
  • Yeggod Fersott
  • Creindreck Vashuled
  • Sarr Tearsalirn
  • Croserit Throrde
  • Handorr Oorrer
  • Eenzur Sadrush
  • Bosh Rirkoah
  • Caerlu Shaal
  • Vam Thagrul
  • Flat Urvenirt
  • Wondon Yrto
  • Kiz Throorunn
  • Flos Arsalass
  • Noggulun Ekkad
  • Drarin Liell

Demon Slayer Hashira Characters Names

  • Ulla Maorke
  • Megae Vaad
  • Gelge Geastru
  • Hiengen Zoshes
  • Kax Eersiran
  • Diaca Thrintoorvosh
  • Shondral Dierid
  • Nannian Brastrul
  • Dustella Baskuk
  • Kofo Dymnal
  • Maindossoh Ostridoth
  • Syth Ielbedok
  • Cafune Redde
  • Hosterie Baar
  • Teh Jolonirn
  • Zengien Stina
  • Vimmae Ymnal
  • Hos Cogrolla
  • Hiarres Rovass
  • Chumee Roshe
  • Gengen Sashithin
  • Hullommen Tidgee
  • Name Peedris
  • Felgae Gerkendull
  • Chyrviss Nithorr
  • Shondreel Laavirs
  • Rafe Loteett
  • Aella Edoo
  • Juclea Brellurt
  • Eshyx Furnathart
  • Jel Wunvill
  • Olgee Pealu
  • Zemma Dus
  • Nes Virrinid
  • Dendrel Ridesh
  • Dis Shesku
  • Cas Urchella
  • Faiboloh Coggethib
  • Adri Shardul
  • Ogranog Kured
  • Aedry Kontoh
  • Ulgie Had
  • Shanaeg Deggetho
  • Shaelgi Jystrisu
  • Cen Sienchi
  • Aegre Cathen
  • Boh Bil
  • Milga Craolluk
  • Brix Janchor
  • Cirvaess Mothood

More Demon Slayer Hashira Names

  • Channiggen Aothok
  • Phis Zeathe
  • Hoth Thytrada
  • Jen Win
  • Fandrere Polked
  • Chace Ruma
  • Fiebo Styvve
  • Keshede Shaakkor
  • Tiaby Theavvethess
  • Beingan Jerves
  • Zege Zoldrel
  • Shaes Gars
  • Son Shaarsed
  • Chagy Mantenn
  • Oda Stodga
  • Kiennollah Diedgott
  • Galga Geahu
  • Teelge Doldaka
  • Ola Wiggi
  • Eidre Gikkuth
  • Bies Eadrett
  • Monig Oskerval
  • Ishax Vorchunn
  • Sendral Aallek
  • Dograi Drorroa
  • Changena Taab
  • Innean Thirid
  • Tialsiggoss Nestrish
  • Nolsi Orthort
  • Beeclo Haotert
  • Jygre Geentid
  • Lida Brurthess
  • Fah Creegressol
  • Eelgemow Hostrod
  • Myras Crarsal
  • Shax Dortaak
  • Zole Bridaart
  • Rig Orbessid
  • Zew Firthol
  • Raras Kogginnirs
  • Shocia Forsisess
  • Dozennag Gett
  • Jecessis Eldo
  • Andeah Threah
  • Chervoss Crett
  • Viecle Murthih
  • Ondaeh Irthes
  • Alse Shahinnan
  • Breirris Terchuth
  • Biga Thronva

To Conclude

Now you are aware of almost all the main demon slayer Hashira names, their story, what is it all about, and so on.

In this particular anime, Demon Slayer has got all the emotions. It portrays the love between the brother and sister(Tanjiro and Nezuko), the pain of how he has dealt with such a difficult phase, The companionship between the friends(Zenitsu, Inosuke, Tanjiro), and the bonding among them.

It has also shown how they fight with demons even if they are injured badly, just for the sake of protecting each other, It has also got a pinch of comedy when Zenitsu starts crying like a baby or tries to be with the girls.

In a nutshell, it is an amazing anime to watch! Please do watch it, believe me, you are going to love it! Get started right away, without any delay! Have Fun watching it yippee!

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