Demon Slayer Characters Names

In this era of anime, people mostly like demon drama. If you are a true fan of anime, then you must have heard about the Demon Slayer characters names. Heard about it right?

In this article, we are going to talk about a Japanese manga series that is popularly known worldwide. In the Japanese language, this manga is known by the name “Kimetsu No Yaiba” which means Blade of Demon Destruction.

Just by the name, you can understand how great the manga actually is as the name makes people want to read this manga series.

The name of the writer and illustrator of this highly anticipated manga series is Koyoharu Gotouge.

This anime is so popular and is so highly loved by especially teenagers that two different films of this manga have already been released in the form of anime films.

There are also talks about the third anime film for this manga. It is published and produced by Shueisha and Ufotable respectively.

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The business has done that proves that Demon Slayer is a huge hit

If we look at the sales of this manga series, then it totally shows how much of successful a series it has been.

Like until February in the year 2021, the Demon Slayer manga series has already sold a total of 150 million copies all across the globe.

This huge number of sales also includes the selling of digital copies of this manga series till the month of February in the year 2021.

So, in February 2021, this manga had already become the ninth most-selling manga series of all time all across the world.

It was also the highest-selling manga in the years 2019 and 2020 the past two years before it reached its peak.

The anime series has received a lot of awards for its great storyline. So much so that it also got an award for the best manga series of the 2010s.

If we review just till the end of the year 2020, then we can see the huge success of this anime with the Demon Slayer characters names franchise to have made an estimated value of 1 Trillion Japanese Yen which is 8.75 Billion United States dollars. With these numbers, they have become one of the highest-grossing media Franchises in the whole world.

A brief of the setting of the storyline

The story of Demon Slayer or you can say Kimetsu No Yaiba takes place in the Taisho Era in Japanese history.

In the premise of the story, there is a secret that is known to the people by the name of the Demon Slayer Corpse and this secret has been leading to wars between demons all around for a long time.

Each one battling to get to know this secret. These demons that were fighting were actually humans at first but they got turned into demons by a demon named Muzan.

The demon named Muzan injected human beings with his own blood at first. This specific type of demon that is Muzan feeds on Human beings and they have in their possession very special abilities such as immense strength.

These special abilities are powers that demons can obtain and these powers are called “Blood Demon Art”.

According to the manga, these demons can only be killed by a specially crafted weapon that is made of an alloy named sun steel.

This crafted weapon should be poisoned with a special kind of fluid that can be extracted from a flower named the Wisteria flower.

And then exposing the poisoned weapon to sunlight makes the weapon eligible to kill demons of these kinds.

The demon slayers that are the people who are born to kill demons are entirely human beings but despite being humans they have special abilities like their breathing techniques which give them higher strength and different resistance levels to pain.

There are different types of breathing styles and according to those their strength and power vary. These special abilities that these demon slayers possess make their chances higher of winning against the demon. Interesting right? To know more about the story, go and watch this action drama.

All the different characters in the Demon Slayer manga series

There are a lot of different Demon Slayer characters names in the manga series. We are going to talk about all the major characters by giving you a brief about them and then we are going to mention some of the characters that had an appearance in the manga series.

Tanjiro Kamado

The name of the main Demon Slayer characters name is Tanjiro Kamado. He is a Demon Slayer character names male.

At first, he was a normal boy who wanted to live a happy life with his family but one day his life turned into a nightmare when demons came and then slaughtered his family member and then turned his sister into a demon.

Now for his vengeance, he has joined the Demon Slayer Corpse so that he can kill the existence of the demon and hopefully find a way to turn his sister back into a normal human being.

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Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the sister of the main character Tanjiro Kamado. It is the Demon Slayer characters names, female.

She is the youngest character to have appeared in the manga series. She turned from a human into a demon when she was just 12 years old.

After a few episodes from the beginning of the manga series, she turned into a 14-year-old but she did not age physically because she has turned into a demon. So the series is about how Tanjiro will find a cure for her.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Yet another Demon slayer character names male is Zenitsu Agatsuma. He is a bit older than the main character that is Tanjiro Kamado.

But then also he is not able to come across the way because it is shown in the manga series that the general disposition of Zenitsu is to flee.

But he is very good at using weapons because of his upbringing as a person of Jigori Kuwaijima.

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira is a great person and has great combat skills. But the way he uses his combat skills if one percent of that effort is put by him into thinking then he would have been a better person.

He would jump into any fight without even thinking about what consequences there might be. He also is an overconfident person and he always overestimates his own ability which makes him fall into difficult and dangerous situations.

But this demon slayer characters name is associated with willpower and the urge to never back down from any challenge as he always is up for challenging someone who can match his combat skills.

Kanao Tsyuyuri

The second demon slayer character name female in our list is Kanao a girl who has large and shiny pink eyes. She has long black hair which is made into a long ponytail.

She has a very rough upbringing and because of this rough upbringing, she cut herself off from the outside world for a long time as a way of self-preservation.

This has made her self-doubting and she always gives control of her own life away from others. In the manga, over time she is seen maturing but only hints of that are seen in the manga.

Genya Shinazugawa

This is another character in the Demon Slayer characters name who has a very tragic backstory. When he was young saw his mother turn into a demon.

Then it was her mother who killed or we can say fed on his siblings. He also saw his only surviving sibling kill his mother.

He cannot use breathing techniques but is a very strong fighter and has the ability to absorb the power of the demons. He is hot-headed and this makes him a character who is extremely hard to work with.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa is the only surviving sibling of Genya and the one who killed his demon-turned-mother.

He is Demon slayer Hashira’s character name and he is a wind Hashira and is extremely determined to end the existence of the demons. After the tragic incidents that Genya and Sanemi had gone through he turned into a psychotic character.

His psychotic nature and the gaze he gives are enough to make his enemy freeze in their position. It was in the anime that he got very popular among the fan because the way he was portrayed and the special effects made him look extremely special.

Giyu Tomioka

He is one of the senior members of the Demon Slayer Corpse. When he was a little kid he was attacked by a demon but his sister protected him and save but that cost her her own life.

After that when he tried to inform people about this they made fun of him. As a senior member of the community of Demon slayer characters names, he is a figure that is being seen as an example to the whole Demon Slayer Corpse but he is not as confident as he seems to be.

Shinobu Kocho

At first sight, your eyes will have a very simple impression of his demon slayer character names female.

She is pretty and always has a smile on her face and is always nice to others on the team. It seems like she is the simplest girl who is always in the mood for a good joke with everyone but her hatred for demons is stemmed deeply from her heart because these demons killed her sister.

She is great at combat and can make any warrior lay down on their knees and beg for mercy. Unbelievably vicious and dangerous against the opponent and always a team player for the Demon Slayer Corpse.

Tenzen Uzui

This is a character whose backstory does not have a clear significance in why he decided to join the Demon Slayer Corpse. He is a man who was born in a ninja clan.

He was trained by his very cruel father. It is shown that he is the one who always craves self-fulfillment regardless what is the situation.

He was also tricked by his father and mother into killing a few of his siblings with his own hands. After realizing that he left the clan and started the journey to have his own path.

Mitsuri Kanroji

This is another demon slayer Hashira character name. She is a female character who is extremely pretty. She is the love Hashira in the manga series.

Anime fans are waiting for the time her powers will be used by her on the battlefield. Because it is pretty sure that when she will be using her love breathing style it would joy to watch because the visuals would be great for that.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro is the serpent Hashira in the manga. Just by the title, you can imagine how powerful this character is.

Though not much is known about this character the way he was portrayed in the manga makes it clear that he is extremely powerful and that he is very mysterious and secretive about himself.

Muichito Toklto

Apart from the fact that he is the mist Hashira in the manga series not much is known about this character. But it is expected that his importance will increase in the next anime.

Gyomei Himejima

This is yet another Demon slayer character name who has just played background till now in the anime but is extremely powerful. He is the stone Hashira.

He is quiet, determined, and optimistic. It is expected that we will get to see more of him in the next season.


He is the teacher of Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer series. In the beginning, he was totally against Tanjiro being a demon slayer considering him to be weak but then he helped Tanjiro learn and push his abilities to higher limits.

Muzan Kibutsuji

So, now we have to talk about the antagonist of the manga series. Muzan Kibutsuji is the one who started to turn humans into demons.

To the fans of the manga, he is the most fascinating Demon slayer character names in the manga. He has not made a lot of appearances till now but some of the time the cold-hearted approach that he has towards certain things is absolutely chilling to watch.

Everyone is waiting to see more of him and he is so powerful that fans are always in a constant cycle of thinking of how The Demon Slayer Corpse even stands a chance.

Let us discuss some more names in the form of tables that are given below.

Demon Slayer Characters Names Male

Henlael GlynpeirosHilrel Inanorin
Tobfyndar IlizanaWalalath Dorfiel
Elimus JodoveVicmede Yinhana
Xanfaerd MiabellaYenbyran Fenzorwyn
Hiltien WynfielMerben Zinkalyn
Derphanis TranelisIvophar Araqen
Teodtar MorlarHamtorin Joydark
Joseavor LeosatraAnvoril Triszeiros
Fulnan QuiroraYenfin Traleth
Crislis KellanaYenseith Vabanise
Hortael LiathanaPerstaer Elrona
Launfin ZylqirelleGareak Omaynore
Garleath OlabellaLeotevar Phiharice
Greglar NorzanaEmtaor Fenmaris
Nichdeyr AdsatraTrisparin Farel
Raimdryn EildanMeixiron Dacyne
Collanann ZumcanRemred Heidan
Gralamar PhipetorGaladar Heletumal
Abetharal UmenanValynor Uladithas
Corshor OmavalurKevrion Virra
Meisaran TorvenAdanos Sartris
Remfyndar OlatrisMeilaith Krissalor
Anmon ReycyneLeoqinor Yesfir
Alnalor GlynmarisGeofwarith Dorydark
Gerzaphir AeberosHenuin Heleroris

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All Demon Slayer Characters Names

Falshor MagnelisUrsin Caifina
Hunall LiarieIzzaphir Omayarus
Huthin LiaqirelleRaimvalor Sargolor
Radbyran FacarynAudesin Keyyarus
Haveelor FanalaEverlanann Beisatra
Panzaphir BalquinalNormitar Iarwynn
Donkath UmefirFaralareo Glyngolor
Girlas IarnaIngelneiros Erphine
Rafsan UmekianOsminar Erphyra
Ternas RavarorisHathil Nerirona
Walverel MorronaPerlan Ernorin
Chardal CrahariceUantrydal Presdi
Urryn ReyfielGodellan Xyrxisys
Renseith ChaehiceTeodlathan Wynwraek
Petemer CairaJenavor Aelee
Donendyl MagsandoralArzaren Torqen
Conlael MorkranaOrirath Ilizumin
Yenrach GilyraLanceverel Loradithas
Colovar OrimysFarlumin Ararie
Aalrynnon GreraUrrath Xiltris
Emesin ZylwraekErlidyr Yeslee
Persaran FawenysStephlathan Wysaroris
Briros PerkalynXavmon Zumsys
Faraynor MagcanRawmorn Olastina
Fararon ErmenorJamlas Faeyarus

Demon Slayer Characters Names Female

Biheira YinhiceBranmaya Naevyre
Harele EilrelMylviel Datoris
Mylshee ReyhornAlelya Dafiel
Elyennastha UlalaminElismicca Biphyra
Mathzael PhiberosMelnalyn Rolana
Inradyl RalowarinCriscerys Patumal
Gaenlica SharorisCrislanae Naeven
Mahnor NerinalaSaelviel Omalee
Arnastha LoraydarkAlerindra Adcaryn
Lorariara XyrtrisAdeatha Glynrie
Liznath ThedoveBrinoa Phiyarus
Iselravae TorynoreEmelxaris Olaren
Amellynthi AesatraWinrolia Urixalim
Alrithe IlifarenAlnastha Zinsys
Jeslesse OlahanaJacrunia Adzeiros
Adsula EilfinaIbsianna Qinmaris
Jennesia ErvyreGwensalia Kriscyne
Tamlarel MiramarisEmilenyphe Sylqen
Brunnastha UriricGloranthae Reyhorn
Aanraele HeizeirosAvilfine Yelsalor
Jullica ZumphyraXilelor Perdithas
Mallynna KrisvarisBynriona Aratris
Jeharithe CrajyreMariara Lorastina
Rohtrine UlavenArcaiah Waessys
Adnor WysastinaYeshava Qifina

Demon Slayer Hashira Characters Names

Xyrrele GlynfarenBrunlihn Orinan
Yvlendra MorkianMillira Tracan
Grezael EilmysElsys Presdithas
Rohlarue ThemenorSalrele Waesyarus
Mirriel BilaminIselcaena Trisxina
Joylyrra YllafarenLinlaema Zylren
Gaengalyn HolayarusBrizenya Norynore
Harika NericeranElizxaris Fartoris
Olledha MiaranUnasala Iarkas
Joydelia SartorisJehlaevar Luxisys
Helqarin CarcanSephkiasha Zumbanise
Rosarina ZylraleiJacnaril Balzorwyn
Rohcerys QuirenIsolraine Normaris
Athelynn FenwarinAllayna Glynxalim
Tifthaela GenriethMadkiasha Lunelis
Vicelor HeleyarusBelshee Torna
Alulanna WaesdoveSafshia Magfina
Athemythe RolanaAvilraera Glynfaren
Iohwaris BisalorKrili Daezumin
Elithyl LoradiAvikiasha Faedithas
Julrina XyrjeonWinlarue Nordove
Jenrele ZumxidorEsrora Aedi
Xyrlynor VirhornLizsianna Krislana
Isdis VaricTefxaris Trisydark
Marriani InayraMollica Wynsatra

More Demon Slayer Characters Names

Gunt BamarnHoc Fiek
Wid GyloashAerrel Giekkorath
Pobidann HivothekJaas Rodgor
Chalduv ArsasEssunam Woonn
Breit BrirchaallarrVarbirr Aolu
Wammuvuz CrurkeemLogre Kolbeekod
Vanus StaogruJaelge Wir
Shinzassarr RorthasPheen Vaontis
Azzan BeldaChal Ydrarr
Wel KolooshDafa Histre
Shurnentar BarchaakBrila Enchuk
Wirnov TordarDolsa Stullu
Vealti HaamnanSemma Jokkith
Morr ZystrokiBrelea Pethos
Brulliro BrunchiFeda Ryk
Numunas DaakkokChyn Crarka
Drayltud ShielSalsa Kinel
Jaan ToordalKoth Barsarn
Wobov ArvuAbie Aggulla
Deir LeastreEecly Keel
Vansi SalkedChicimmas Thunchunn
Taabrenock HilluCax Firsolad
Fit DreaddethIrvussy Morrus
Havrivun VornIcla Jistrokort
Tesh IndorrBondrel Nyrku


This list is not the list of all Demon slayer characters’ names but the major ones. Hope it helped you to get a brief about this extremely popular and beloved anime and manga series.

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