Ultimate 1100+ Danganronpa Characters Names

Danganronpa is way unique Japanese video game series and the Danganronapa characters names are also popular among kids. It is something you must play and know about definitely. There is an adventure, dating, suspense, and a lot more.

The very first game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, was released on 25 November 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, and the latest video game was released on 4th November 2021, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp.

This video game is developed by Spike Chunsoft and created by Kazutaka Kodaka. Danganronpa is just not a video game, but also manga and novels which can be read along with its anime that can be watched.

Danganronpa has received a tremendous response. In no time it became popular. Over 5 million Danganronpa novel series copies were sold by 2021.

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Storyline of Danganronpa

Danganronpa is all about high school students. Sixteen students get locked inside their high school, “Hope’s Peak Academy”.

These students are then threatened by an anthropomorphic bear, named Monokuma. Monokuma asks students to kill each other if they want to get out of this place, without feeling guilty.

To know what happens next check out the anime. There is a total of thirteen episodes, which were aired on 4 July 2013 – 26 July 2013. The series further has four volumes.

Danganronpa V1 Characters’ names

Makoto Naegi –

Makoto Naegi is one of the Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc characters. He is a young student of Hope’s Peak Academy. Studies in class 78th and also a participant in Killing School Life.

He is a forgiving, kind, polite, and supportive person and also down to earth as compared to other students in the school. Makoto Naegi was awarded as an Ultimate Lucky Student.

Makoto also discovers his actual talent of Ultimate Hope by defeating Junko. An amazing fact about Makoto is that two years of his life vanished from his memory. In terms of appearance, he is a bit short compared to others and has hazy eyes along with spiky hair.

Junko Enoshima –  

Here is another character, Junko Enoshima, one of the Danganronpa female characters’ names. She is awarded the title the Ultimate Fashionista. Her signature accessory is the twin bear hair clips.

She has blue eyes and two pigtails. Being a young fashionista she wears loads of makeup and fake nails with red paint. She always loves exploring new things.

Her moods keep on changing, she has a dynamic personality. Junko Enoshima often gets bored carrying a single appearance and thus she keeps on changing it.

She is also titled Super High School Level Gyaru. Here Gyaru is referred to as the Japanese fashion subculture.

Kyoko Kirigiri

Danganronpa the characters names also have an intelligent yet mysterious girl, Kyoko Kirigiri. She is titled as an ‘Ultimate???’, as she does not remember for what was she rewarded.

In terms of personality, she has a cold-stone personality but somewhere under the mask, she is also emotionally sensitive.

Kyoko Kirigiri likes to hide her feelings and does not like being involved with other students. She always tries to maintain distance and does not cooperate with others.

His father was a headmaster at Hope’s Peak Academy, and thus very sensitive regarding his subject. Later she was titled the Ultimate Detective.

Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Lundenberg is nicknamed Celeste. She is titled the Ultimate Gambler amongst all Danganronpa 1 characters’ names. She was stamped as a liar by all the students.

She was such a big liar that she was also called a “Queen of a liar”, no one could believe any of her stories. Her favorite food was gyoza.

Before Celestia came to Hope’s Peak Academy, she has been a gambler for the past 4 years! Her major strength was playing gambling, she was so fantastic at gambling that she had over many string players.

Celestia has got red eyes and pale skin and wears black long nails. Besides this, she also wears spherical earrings.

Mukuro Ikusaba

Here we have another Character. She is titled an Ultimate Soldier. She has a twin sister called Junko Enoshima and thus they resemble each other a lot. Mukoro is a high school teenage girl.

The height of the Danganronpa characters name is 5’7 which makes her one of the tallest females of all. Mukuro is an introverted person, she does not like mingling much unless it’s her sister.

She loves her sister a lot, and she follows every order given to her. Before Killing School Life, she was trained under Fenrir Mercenary where she did not get a single injury. Muruko has now mastered knives, grenades firearms, etc.

Byakuya Togami –  

Another amazing Danganronpa character. He is titled the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. Byakuya belongs to the Togami family where a ‘peculiar inheritance system’ is followed.

Under this system, the male member does not have a wife instead a couple of women have as many children.

So, Byakuya has fifteen half-siblings. In order to become the next head of the family, they have to fight against each other. And Byakuya was the one to win, it was the first time in the Togami family for the younger sibling to win.

He is a tall guy, with blue eyes and long eyelashes. Besides this, he was very intelligent and ran various branches of the Togami empire.

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Danganronpa V2 Characters Names

Hajime Hinata –

Hajime Hinata is a young teenage boy studying at Hope’s Peak Academy, class 77-B. Hajime has red eyes and light brownish hair.

He has a hoge(It is a strand of hair that moves in different directions) according to his emotions. In terms of personality, he is a serious boy, who worries about different stuff more than others.

And also he is more logical than other Danganronpa 2 characters’ names. Hajime gets irritated frequently maybe it’s because he is not able to understand something or some of his classmates he does not like.

He was later labeled as the Ultimate Hope, he also has a lot of talent like good physical strength, understanding emotions, being capable of beating armed soldiers, and many more.

Mahiru Koizumi –

Here you have one more student from class 77-B. She is titled to be the Ultimate Photographer. Mahiru is a young student with olive-green eyes.

She has fair skin and a short red haircut. A digital camera is always hanging around the neck using an orange band. Mahiru is said to be an outspoken girl, who can speak her mind anytime.

Most of the time she shows up to be a confident girl, later she revealed that this is all because of her self-esteem issues.

Even her mother was a famous war photographer and thus she compares all her photographs with her mother’s. Since she was a child, she likes clicking photos and also won various awards.

Izuru Kamukura

Izuru Kamukara is referred to as the ‘Genius out of the ordinary amongst all Danganronpa characters names. Izuru Kamukara has long smooth hair with red eyes and his skin is pale.

The interesting fact is that Izuru and Hajime merge together and that’s the reason Izuru dresses up like Hajime. Drastic changes took place during the operations.

Originally, Izuru was an emotionless person, who did not know how to talk politely with others anymore. He used to treat talentless people very badly.

And he also finds everything and everyone boring around him. After the experiments, Izuru was considered to be superhuman as had all the talents that Hope’s Peak Academy possesses.

Mikan Tsumuki –

Another Danganronpa female character name. Mikan Tsumuki was titled the Ultimate Nurse. She is a fair-skinned young girl with an uneven haircut.

Her shortest hair is above the neck whereas the longest one reaches the figure tips. She wears a light pink uniform like that of a nurse. Mikan is a delicate, sensitive person.  

A lot of bullying and torture by others have resulted in this. She breaks down frequently, starts crying, and feels low self-esteemed.

But during her job as a nurse, she is very confident as she has all the knowledge and skills regarding her field.

When she was young there was no one with her to take care of, she is to do it all by herself. and so she gradually became more and more skillful.

Nagito Komaeda –

Nagito Komaeda is titled Ultimate Lucky Student. He is a tall man, with light green eyes and wavy hair on his shoulders. Nagito is considered to be a pleasing boy.

He spreads positivity where ever he is. And according to Hajime, he was the only person around him, showing some concern when he lay unconscious.

He is a jolly person who is always smiling and laughing but he has undergone many tragedies due to his luck and because of this now he lacks the appropriate emotions.

His luck is so bad if something good has happened to him then something is bound to happen badly shortly. He can notice and recognize anyone’s talent easily.

Monokuma –

Monokuma is a bear and is said to be the headmaster of the high school, Hope’s Peak Academy. The bear, Monokuma’s body is divided from the center into two halves, white and black.

The white part gives a cute teddy bear look whereas the black side gives an evil look. Monokuma is said to be a jolly as well as evil personality.

He reveals his evil nature by introducing the killing game. He does whatever he wants to do. He is said to love violence.

This shows up his black side whereas his white side is revealed by the wise advice that he gives to others.

Danganronpa V3 Characters’ names.

Toko Fukawa –

She is one of the main characters from Danganronpa 3 characters names. She is titled Ultimate Writing Prodigy.

She is a high school student with long dark purple hair, she keeps them in two braids. Besides this, she has greyish eyes and wears round-shaped spectacles.

Her social life is said to be very bad, She has got no social skills. When she was young she was bullied a lot and that’s why she is now and then suspicious of others.

Most of the time she thinks that the other person must be thinking something about her. Toko Fukawa has amazing and clear writing skills.

She has also written many novels like ‘So Lingers the Ocean’ which become popular. She discovered her talent when she was studying in elementary school.

Komaru Negi

Komaro Naegi is the elder sister of Mokoto Naegi. Komaru is considered to be a demon and thus she is known as the Slowpokemaru.

She has green eyes and short light brown hair.  She is a simple-looking girl. Originally, she had a jolly personality, then after the tragedy, she had no more confidence in herself and lost all hope.

She considered herself to be a boring person. But then Toko Fukawa encouraged some hope in her and a sparkle of desire to escape rose into her heart. As she was the sister of Ultimate Hope, Makoto Naegi. She was titled Ultimate Little Sister of Hope.

Kaito Momota –

He was the Ultimate Astronaut amongst all the Danganronpa characters names.  Prior to the game, Kiato was considered a talentless young boy.

Then he participated in the 53rd Killing Game. He is tall and has spiky brown hair with a dull complexion.

He is an energetic person who wants to follow his dreams. He also gives motivational speeches to other students to motivate them. Kaito being an astronaut is just an assumption made by the team Danganronpa.

Kirumi Tojo –

Kirumi Tojo is a young student at Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. She was titled the Ultimate Maid. She is a tall young girl with greenish eye color and ashy hair color.

She is considered to be one of the most talented amongst Danganronpa female characters names. She is perfect for any job. She is an independent woman doing her job perfectly.

She can cooperate with others and is open to helping others. She also has a polite and formal personality.

She has gained a lot of reputation over the years. She can never deny your request. Kirumi Tojo wants to be treated equally and not like a slave to others.

Ryoma Hoshi

Ryoma Hoshi is another student of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. She is known as the Ultimate Tennis Pro.

Ryoma Hoshi Is the shortest among all. He has black eyes with red hair. He loves eating candies and thus he is always having candy in his mouth.

He appears to be a sweet cartoon as he has more muscular legs than compared to his body. He is the coolest and has a deep voice.

Ryoma has been playing tennis since middle school, and thus he is a famous tennis player. He has also won many international matches.

Let us discuss more Danganronpa characters names in form of tables in different categories.

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More Danganronpa v3 Characters Names

  • Dog Groomer
  • PR Manager
  • Glover
  • Dancer
  • Security Engineer
  • Foreman
  • Chiropractor
  • Officer
  • School Counselor
  • Baker
  • Optometrist
  • Aerobat
  • Ghostwriter
  • Forger
  • Attorney
  • Curator
  • Florist
  • Chemist
  • Dodgeball Player
  • Cop
  • Kitesurfer
  • Sculptor
  • Smith
  • Basketball Player
  • Event Planner
  • Acrobat
  • Politician
  • Choir Member
  • Decathlonist
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Racer
  • Bullrider
  • Cardiologist
  • Fencer
  • Accountant
  • Food Inspector
  • Nutritionist
  • Marathon Runner
  • Driver
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Computer Analyst
  • Cop
  • Home Inspector
  • Guard
  • Data Manager

Danganronpa 2 Characters Names

  • Tyblidyr Inaleth
  • Arnmar Inagolor
  • Michlis Kelra
  • Sanelor Ravamyar
  • Isemduin Uriharice
  • Orirach Ravazana
  • Martumil Umewraek
  • Renzaphir Genxidor
  • Panbyran Qitris
  • Jamlareo Keyrieth
  • Alfinas Faedove
  • Urlaern Yllabalar
  • Meicraes Dorlana
  • Nycoamar Fenjeon
  • Geoffarin Waesmenor
  • Crismir Waessalor
  • Hilladon Helenala
  • Jarlen Holaharice
  • Engmir Zinra
  • Tybcoril Ilizumin
  • Sylnalor Kelgolor
  • Raimfalen Morkas
  • Jameladar Enxisys
  • Arnalath Thefir
  • Briarat Bithyra
  • Gilynor Mirarona
  • Galumin Holapeiros
  • Audryn Bimyar
  • Meilathan Cairalei
  • Merynor Shafina
  • Tobdriel Nerixisys
  • Rolelor Triskas
  • Mallaeril Zumwarin
  • Gilmon Heiyarus
  • Adamede Waesra
  • Josehorn Neritoris
  • Raymqarim Enrieth
  • Colthath Torran
  • Gaqarim Perdithas
  • Teodsariph Quitumal
  • Adelareo Ravaris
  • Vanfire Adfir
  • Reynrune Fastina
  • Salaphar Giltris
  • Tantrydal Keltoris
  • Jorxiron Qinthyra
  • Urnas Qixina
  • Hallar Dadove
  • Ysemmanas Venrieth
  • Pandriel Luxina

Danganronpa 1 Characters Names

  • Tedtumil Shayarus
  • Ulkas Naeroris
  • Ferrion Eladove
  • Heweuin Magmyar
  • Jamminar Farcaryn
  • Colridan Theydark
  • Rogroth Gilfaren
  • Harlareo Venvaris
  • Tybtorin Orileth
  • Donlis Thesandoral
  • Nycolidyr Elazeiros
  • Tophar Presneiros
  • Colhorn Loracan
  • Farlisar Bryzumin
  • Ummorn Yesleth
  • Ernan Zylsys
  • Fulavor Daehice
  • Launellan Waesfir
  • Yenrath Elagella
  • Frillanann Thelynn
  • Frillaern Valharice
  • Edphanis Zinphyra
  • Oribane Wranmys
  • Eirgretor Orinorin
  • Launlion Wysahana
  • Aalphon Torberos
  • Halsaran Olalamin
  • Maugidon Fatumal
  • Iangotin Beiyarus
  • Sandithas Wysaxidor
  • Robphanis Fawenys
  • Victaor Olakalyn
  • Waridon Magceran
  • Salanor Heleran
  • Berrian Elfir
  • Fredrath Virsatra
  • Ritar Orira
  • Ilofyndar Petro
  • Davsariph Perrieth
  • Drasin Yinphine
  • Crislinar Balmaer
  • Sylrel Morthana
  • Ingelhorn Yesthyra
  • Xanyeras Olokrana
  • Nilrynn Miravyre
  • Almede Trarora
  • Teodlathan Eilgolor
  • Eirmanas Yelmaer
  • Kriwarith Zinneiros
  • Hanian Pacyne

Danganronpa 3 Characters Names

  • Roserien Olonan
  • Hodalar Naeris
  • Evemara Ersatra
  • Mildris Thegwyn
  • Darryl Naelynn
  • Janniel Qikian
  • Janshia Trakian
  • Jananandra Presjeon
  • Gabna Reyqirelle
  • Eliswyn Genjor
  • Elizradyl Biynore
  • Krinia Zumrora
  • Harrae Vapetor
  • Faetalia Aexalim
  • Aalwana Wysastina
  • Gallira Balcyne
  • Lesnaril Zumphyra
  • Tylrika Reyberos
  • Clarkiasha Waesmaer
  • Tephnalyn Lialynn
  • Carria Wysaqirelle
  • Ysamere Adrel
  • Mahthana Fenthyra
  • Elileth Elara
  • Nanfine Glynhice
  • Halyrissa Gilbella
  • Adkilia Reyxalim
  • Ophisaria Oritris
  • Hadlyn Bizumin
  • Isolniya Naerel
  • Alularel Shalee
  • Emelstar Brypetor
  • Jullanis Zumnan
  • Anstele Ilijeon
  • Yvdelia Adbella
  • Manalore Holalar
  • Maledha Liahice
  • Issoranthae Phibalar
  • Mirranthae Urivaris
  • Issolossa Morvaris
  • Briddove Virdi
  • Selsario Phijyre
  • Gwennesra Liajor
  • Joanleia Faenan
  • Miliris Erralei
  • Genelossa Urimaer
  • Amsyra Vaberos
  • Isellila Balrona
  • Galbwynn Iarren
  • Zelshera Eladithas

Danganronpa Characters v1 Names

  • Eblarel Hermys
  • Genegwynn Xilhana
  • Qiphenee Genwarin
  • Yesronyn Qinqen
  • Yllrunia Umedove
  • Ellora Ianquinal
  • Avilmalis Ianleth
  • Joanrue Trisra
  • Glorlivren Faexisys
  • Xilthara Reynan
  • Aveshia Genren
  • Beatgalyn Keamaris
  • Hopisys Magsalor
  • Jehryll Daynore
  • Elizlynn Dalen
  • Amekilia Jomenor
  • Gaenriah Falynn
  • Ederelle Omajor
  • Maglurie Fazumin
  • Elyelessa Grecaryn
  • Nerirae Ianstina
  • Theflica Ulasandoral
  • Jenebellis Ulajor
  • Malin Miazorwyn
  • Sararona Zyljeon
  • Prilessa Faphine
  • Isolana Rophine
  • Merwana Naena
  • Issalaerla Zumharice
  • Arhophe Torbalar
  • Tamnoel Yesneiros
  • Saellesse Yelcan
  • Garyl Yllaydark
  • Xyrbrae Wysamys
  • Issalossa Joxina
  • Christhae Perfina
  • Brunhophe Kearan
  • Sephfarrel Syllen
  • Jillira Sylkrana
  • Hawdove Enric
  • Orilin Waeszumin
  • Chrisrindra Olakian
  • Sulfine Gilralei
  • Alyraele Zylric
  • Brunthyl Raloralei
  • Edlaema Aerel
  • Elheira Dorsatra
  • Olnath Fenceran
  • Sulcharis Valpetor
  • Issalitia Magjyre

Danganronpa v2 Characters Names

  • Turnik Firr
  • Nurmas Udil
  • Norgon Olalteth
  • Eldet Dat
  • Syrmac Bald
  • Anden Arald
  • Ylgis Feng
  • Dadrimi Vanor
  • Enrimak Sung
  • Salla Merqis
  • Lendremo Suld
  • Thakdoh Berqitha
  • Olga Facaln
  • Sathrak Venrot
  • Eldris Ris
  • Dendrariak Olban
  • Doprin Rul
  • Thatrat Mugnin
  • Urmik Sarr
  • Myrmemas Rishisel
  • Ellelid Zic
  • Sagnalam Vuld
  • Deldrec Nunrugdrer
  • Nagdac Bild
  • Hekdrivas Bossales
  • Sallen Velmur
  • Ognec Mac
  • Goran Geng
  • Zurgovan Dot
  • Arcodo Voldeth
  • Thydalon Fad
  • Sollik Neth
  • Etal Gung
  • Ornik Firqaceth
  • Rogdrit Selbizaln
  • Lelda Gedrentraln
  • Sormili Andra
  • Endrovea Zutissal
  • Akdral Zelmet
  • Arodeas Icoze
  • Lurkesian Mind
  • Dertavit Durdogdresh
  • Donasiak Gald
  • Melnoc Allosh
  • Ekdronas Genroldrang
  • Thasdrac Nundrunal
  • Dutri Aladred
  • Andel Falac
  • Etic Nic
  • Zonda Nund

Danganronpa Female Characters Names

  • Sagil Muld
  • Upras Surzekdys
  • Zegnoni Sordaceln
  • Hodisot Indroldyn
  • Tharnoni Aruth
  • Sukdi Mar
  • Hunomo Udetri
  • Taprac Enruld
  • Thyrcidot Zaldruktyl
  • Ondri Delaldan
  • Tekdaram Viber
  • Nutak Fel
  • Sogdilos Sush
  • Marken Nalme
  • Thognic Adra
  • Hesdrori Dit
  • Daprosam Rend
  • Meldromes Ildratre
  • Tokdret Gosh
  • Lenram Gand
  • Nurno Orqonac
  • Gosdrim Unda
  • Galgak Bad
  • Dakos Gograc
  • Gathralian Munnissi
  • Mugrom Gad
  • Eda Fud
  • Etrisod Sang
  • Deldo Fevusyt
  • Morkel Mebrathe
  • Nogrobaak Boln
  • Egnadon Mald
  • Unres Sagnas
  • Mekas Dandrazesh
  • Horgas Githang
  • Rekobid Zith
  • Therken Golmandeln
  • Zarkik Gabor
  • Sokas Zulungyd
  • Mernoh Mas
  • Daldro Voth
  • Murgit Mebo
  • Tekaj Dorrusteth
  • Ganed Sol
  • Tagenod Sund
  • Hega Marakti
  • Rognen Igen
  • Mugradin Rolmec
  • Ertavol Sud
  • Ylnah Sac

Danganronpa THH Characters Names

  • Avi Fac
  • Bunlasse Gus
  • Ditaze Zulmith
  • Sazurris Multacerr
  • Melran Gat
  • Matha Gir
  • Yurafie Vigeln
  • Ulmu Salbar
  • Ganno Sac
  • Meda Dang
  • Murroth Sino
  • Kruli Zaln
  • Nonlu Rish
  • Kenrass Dold
  • Crelu Oshong
  • Sulli Forr
  • Shuri Zatelta
  • Hereli Sul
  • Kinu Rebosh
  • Shenri Serr
  • Yanvedi Gald
  • Crarennie Rind
  • Krurannil Zalmoktesh
  • Nudu Zothad
  • Kinde Serr
  • Huda Zaltundran
  • Benno Fend
  • Cruru Bas
  • Bovol Nish
  • Yulvil Vorr
  • Morrurre Gar
  • Meles Allos
  • Hevla Fald
  • Dezeda Bas
  • Grate Roc
  • Etha Vignumand
  • Manas Sorqakdrald
  • Zunre Mivir
  • Marme Folto
  • Hoda Vuld
  • Crovru Nald
  • Shunna Zandet
  • Hunve Val
  • Zulma Fald
  • Yudafal Bil
  • Grelro Vendred
  • Sanu Zaning
  • Ozu Goln
  • Yamoza Zegrer
  • Kalire Duldruntred

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Characters Names

  • Ulussies Mabintrath
  • Serres Ful
  • Daliras Rirr
  • Zevra Sulastish
  • Unede Naldash
  • Grulvass Inded
  • Kiru Debro
  • Alva Bas
  • Endo Vordondarr
  • Homiss Zund
  • Davis Raln
  • Dumoss Naln
  • Sherra Gugrodrand
  • Mizulle Nundrund
  • Dutonne Nellomath
  • Gandol Ziln
  • Dira Vung
  • Shuti Igrigning
  • Hedi Zatakdrec
  • Crizasil Delbod
  • Sena Ralandryth
  • Male Gerr
  • Nolu Fath
  • Shuvli Bund
  • Mandal Vund
  • Hendi Annozarr
  • Dazuwe Oroshy
  • Itu Rild
  • Cralu Zal
  • Shetath Gith
  • Otirri Marr
  • Keli Natoth
  • Keme Gundrultyd
  • Danath Ragnan
  • Shevron Ashaln
  • Ilas Reng
  • Surra Sonrontry
  • Shamoth Androkdreng
  • Shitorre Zon
  • Mindusa Mocuktan
  • Cramuri Sor
  • Kralmu Goln
  • Gondu Figigtith
  • Devre Mith
  • Divlu Rogred
  • Yada Mas
  • Avorra Sullud
  • Dola Relbald
  • Kravre Irzomet
  • Zarvo Ubroltes

Some Additional Danganronpa Characters Names

  • Thranuth Ehod
  • Seth Ydhik
  • Taer Jiemi
  • Alas Crik
  • Uddarn Landil
  • Cairruntik Ersooth
  • Zil Gedalam
  • Rurshodik Shidda
  • Pack Shus
  • Cheltarel Emnok
  • Pobben Beerrob
  • Flonrax Ootrurn
  • Haandranterr Myll
  • Punseshen Pelkilu
  • Zod Orthath
  • Brarthaser Kierne
  • Brayt Jaarrah
  • Rirthes Looldronn
  • Greirshott Doddess
  • Cur Caldull
  • Choc Daak
  • Thaid Eedrendol
  • Kalaniv Ilboom
  • Geavril Olbodos
  • Thammut Oostrossirn
  • Rintirern Braodga
  • Yemath Anvi
  • Yinsevett Virdo
  • Throrthud Vadin
  • Hunralen Thern
  • Tharlun Zus
  • Aeggim Faoddenall
  • Laad Stehithis
  • Lainrumunn Tarr
  • Goggoz Pornin
  • Fummulor Pinved
  • Grod Purinne
  • Voboma Shoorson
  • Oltill Wokkoonnis
  • Faat Mekka
  • Pun Vaondrers
  • Chuggusu Theesh
  • Lick Etrak
  • Chuv Alle
  • Crezzux Jyrko
  • Ser Rindo
  • Hoth Daahid
  • Borr Kiskor
  • Went Eeggun
  • Rovod Woddoarr

Final Words On Danganronpa Characters Names

Here you have got a basic idea regarding Danganronpa Characters Names So that when you see the series you will be having basic knowledge about all the main characters.

At least, you won’t be sitting blank. There is so much adventure, thriller, and suspense in the series which character will be killing which character outside the Killing Game, and How would be killing, who will be trying to protect whom. So there is so much to enjoy in the series.

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