Cute Aristocats Names Suggestion For Your Pet

If you are a cat lover, love being around cats, or wish to bring a new pet cat to your place then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss the Aristocats names from the famous movie ‘The Aristocats’.

Whether a kitten or a cat of any gender for a pet owner it always becomes a difficult task to select a unique yet sweet name for the pet.

While giving a name to your cat especially if you are someone who is obsessed with Disney characters or the characters of the Aristocats movie then have a look at these attractive and cute names.

We will talk about some Disney cat names, Aristocats to provide you with a good suggestion list.

Let’s look at some unisex names and we are sure you will be able to find the best name for your cat from these name suggestion lists –

Billy Boss

This is a Russian Cat’s name who used to play cello bass guitar in Scat Cat’s band.


Napoleon was the farm dog who defended Edgar when he tried to get on the farm.

Napoleon was a savior and protected the lives of the Duchess and her kittens. The name Napoleon is a very remarkable name that suggests a strong personality. 


Lafayette was Napoleon’s friend as well as very smart. This can be a cool name inspired by this amazing movie if you wish to give your pet a name solely based on the film.


It is one of the unique names from the list of Aristocats names as it is the name of the mouse, who was the friend of the cats in the movie. In the movie, he tries to find the cats when they were taken but could not succeed. 

Frou Frou

Frou Frou was Roquefort’s horse companion in the film Aristocats, the name is uniquely attractive.


Butler’s name from the Aristocats is suitable for big cats.

Scat Cat

This cat was the closest friend of Thomas O’Malley. You can take inspiration from this name and keep your little kitty’s name as a scat.

Hit Cat

This is an English Alley Cat in The film. Inside the movie, the cat was seen in purple glasses along with a bead necklace.

Aristocats character names

Some of the important yet interesting characters’ names like Disney cat names along with their descriptions from the movie are discussed below:


The female stunning cat Duchess was the main Aristocat character and was the mother of those three vital kittens in the movie. 

It is not wrong to say that the viewers were fond of the Duchess and she is famous for her unique trait, her bright and blue eyes that attracted Thomas O’Malley.

She has a remarkable personality and is such a pristine cat who had an adorable furry family of her own. 

In the entire movie, she was shown to put immense effort to be close again to her owner, Madame Adelaide.

For that Duchess went through a lot of struggles. She made the fans fall in love with her character through her kind and friendly personality towards other characters in the movie.

She has a great and remarkable personality overall which helped the movie to become a hit.

Thomas O’Malley

Next is the popular Thomas O’Malley without whom this list of Aristocats character names will be incomplete.

This is one of the male characters from the film. You can take inspiration from these Aristocats names for example if you are someone who wants a short name for your cat then you can shorten the name thomas o’malley as thomas or malley. It can form some really alluring and cool cats’ names. 

Thomas o malley is a funny male protagonist of this movie. The movie got a touch of adventure as well as whimsical scenes by this character.

Thomas O’Malley if we talk about the looks, is an orange-colored cat who has a white underbelly and white front paws. 

He was very strong, tough, and courageous.

He protected the kitten Marie’s life two times in the film. He is also a romantic cat who never wasted a moment in courting Duchess.

His pure relationship with the Duchess’s three little cute kittens created a good impression and he was loved by the viewers since he was like a father to them, which gained him lots of fan following.  

Abigail and Amelia Gabble 

These two characters were the Twin geese who tried to help the cats to find the right way to their house. 

Aristocats kitten names

The Aristocats kittens include Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. They are three kitten Aristocats names from the movie. 

They were left with Madame Adelaide Bonfamille’s fortune and because of that, these kittens fall victim to Edgar Balthazar. 


Marie looks very similar to her mother and has white fur, lighter white underbelly fur, as well as blue-colored eyes. This kitten has the cutest appearance which many people loved.

She always has a large pink-colored bow around her neck and a small pink bow that holds her fur atop her head up so that it stands straight.


Berlioz is a black kitten of the Duchess who has the same appearance just like the Scat Cat. A male kitten with a lighter grey underbelly with blue eyes.

He also wears a red colored bow around his neck which he loosely untied at uneven lengths. He loves to play the piano.


Toulouse is the third kitten of the Duchess. It is an orange-colored kitten who bears a striking resemblance to Thomas O’Malley. 

He is the oldest kitten of the Duchess.

Look wise he has green eyes, a lighter orange underbelly, and wears a large bow unlike the other two which is blue in color around his neck. He also enjoys painting. Well, it is yet again a good choice if you are fond of names.

French Aristocats Names

The movie the Aristocats contain some really good French names. If you are someone who loves French or France culture here are a few suggestions for cat names for your little kitty.

1- Pari

2- Charlotte

3- Petit(e)

4- Éloise

5- Gaston

6- Amélie

7- Jolie

8- Beaumont

9- Fleur

10- Claude

11- Marc

12- Timothée

13- Claudette

14- Bonbon


Thus, we hope these Aristocats names as well as their description was useful. The brief information about the characters might help the readers to choose the most suitable name for their cats.

The movie ‘The Aristocats’ is one of the famous Disney movies which made a remarkable impact on the per owners and the viewers.

Some cat owners wished to keep their cats’ names after the Aristocats, considering that we provided a brief yet lucid explanation of the characters in the movie. So, the pool of names can help many cat owners to decide on a good name for their cats. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQS)

When was the classic Disney movie The Aristocats released?

The movie ‘the Aristocats’ is a famous Disney movie based on an aristocratic female cat.
 The main protagonist the Duchess and her three little kittens were saved by an alley cat called Thomas O’Malley was first released in the year 1970.

What was the breed of the main cat the Duchess from Aristocats?

The Duchess is a white Turkish Angora cat who has long hair and blue eyes which shine like sapphires. Duchess wears a gold-jeweled collar stuffed with diamonds. She is also one of the main characters in this film. 

The movie ‘The Aristocats’ was really based on a true story?

The Aristocats movie was inspired by the true story of a Parisian family of cats, circa 1910, that had a great fortune.
Thus, this film was based on a true story. 
 The Aristocats film was the last animated film that got the approval of  Walt Disney as well as this movie was the studio’s first animated feature that was finished entirely after his death.

What are the Siamese cats’ names in Aristocats?

The Aristocats movie has a Siamese cat’s name too such as Shun Gon who is one of the male Siamese cats in the film. 
Shun gon loves to play piano and used to play piano in the film. This is also a good name from the Aristocats names list for a male cat, you can surely name your male cat to shun gon.
This cat mainly was seen in Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and appears in the movie at the last.
Si is also a good Siamese cat name to consider while naming a cat and it appears in the animated feature film.
 Am – This is another Siamese cat name from a Disney film.

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