Badass Necromancer Names For Magicians

Necromancer names have gained immense popularity, especially during Halloween, as people are drawn to the idea of embodying a fearsome, dark persona or donning ghostly attire.

The practice of necromancy itself involves delving into the realm of black magic, where practitioners seek to wield control over malevolent spirits.

These spirits are capable of inflicting harm upon others, whether it be physical, mental, or even affecting their well-being and wealth.

Who is Necromancer

Now, let’s delve deeper into the role and activities of necromancers. These enigmatic individuals possess a unique set of skills and powers, allowing them to communicate with the deceased and tap into the energies of the afterlife.

Through intricate rituals and incantations, necromancers bridge the gap between the living and the dead, unraveling secrets and seeking forbidden knowledge.

One of the primary tasks of necromancers is divination. They have the ability to decipher cryptic messages from beyond, extracting insights and guidance from departed souls.

These revelations can range from unveiling hidden truths to predicting the future, making necromancers highly sought after by those who seek answers from the ethereal plane.

Additionally, necromancers are often employed to perform dark deeds on behalf of their patrons. These tasks can include curses, hexes, or even summoning vengeful spirits to exact revenge upon adversaries.

Through their mastery of necromancy, they become formidable opponents, capable of invoking dread and wielding immense power.

It is important to note that the practice of necromancy is not without its risks and consequences. Many cultures and societies view it as a forbidden art, carrying grave dangers for those who tamper with the forces of death.

The allure of power and forbidden knowledge comes at a price, often leading necromancers down a treacherous path of moral ambiguity and personal sacrifice.

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Necromancer Names With Meaning

Here are the necromancer names with their meanings.

  1. Zoltar – powerful and mysterious
  2. Ravenna – dark and mysterious
  3. Morpheus – Greek god of dreams and death
  4. Astaroth – demon of death and necromancy
  5. Neferet – ancient Egyptian goddess of death and rebirth
  6. Nyx – Greek goddess of night and death
  7. Anubis – ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife
  8. Lilith – ancient Mesopotamian demon of death and chaos
  9. Azazel – fallen angel associated with death and sacrifice
  10. Hela – Norse goddess of death
  11. Morgath – dark and powerful
  12. Vex – to confuse or torment
  13. Raven – dark and mysterious bird associated with death
  14. Khonsu – ancient Egyptian god of death and the afterlife
  15. Thanatos – Greek god of death
  16. Necronomicon – fictional book of the dead
  17. Malphas – demon associated with death and necromancy
  18. Xezbeth – death, and destruction
  19. Erebus – Greek god of darkness and death
  20. Aamon – demon of death and destruction
  21. Nekhbet – ancient Egyptian goddess of death and funerary rites
  22. Baphomet – deity associated with death and necromancy
  23. Mictlantecuhtli – Aztec god of death and the underworld
  24. Gorgon – mythical creature associated with death and petrification
  25. Nergal – Mesopotamian god of death and war
  26. Samael – angel of death in Jewish mythology
  27. Chthon – ancient Greek goddess of the earth and death
  28. Hecate – Greek goddess of witchcraft and necromancy
  29. Eblis – demon of death and destruction in Islamic mythology
  30. Cimeries – Etruscan god of death
  31. Astar – dark and mysterious
  32. Cimeries – Etruscan god of death
  33. Kalki – Hindu god of death and destruction
  34. Kali – Hindu goddess of death and destruction
  35. Apollyon – angel of death and destruction
  36. Asmodeus – demon of death and destruction
  37. Marbas – demon associated with death and disease
  38. Pazuzu – Mesopotamian demon of death and disease
  39. Nergal – Mesopotamian god of death and war
  40. Nergal-sharezer – Mesopotamian god of death and war
  41. Nergal-sar-usur – Mesopotamian god

Badass necromancer names

Let’s explore a selection of Badass Necromancer names below, specially crafted for those with a mischievous streak.

These particular necromancers forsake faith in humanity, solely aligning themselves with malevolent spirits. It is advisable to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from these practitioners.

  • Efeikai  
  • Saukai  
  • Krezius  
  • Dodum  
  • Zramien  
  • Staelekai  
  • Ivrilak  
  • Shioxor  
  • Ribrum  
  • Vrumien  
  • Adrilos  
  • Harow  
  • Tecular  
  • Kazhar  
  • Ecrezhul  
  • Liokras  
  • Nezar  
  • Dralos  
  • Grezius  
  • Abruthik  
  • Kioghor  
  • Uchraedulus  
  • Krapent  
  • Wiozis  
  • Daelazar  
  • Stixius  
  • Vreidum  
  • Yikai  
  • Zirow  
  • Sazor  
  • Laurius  
  • Neikai  
  • Igromon  
  • Istolak  
  • Vaukras  
  • Ibrokhar  
  • Evogrim  
  • Kozhul  
  • Cequr  
  • Bruzius  

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Female necromancer names

Here are some unique and captivating female names in the realm of necromancers, specifically curated for Halloween and tailored for the female audience.

Female necromancers possess an inherent allure, blending beauty with a potent and perilous prowess. Beware, for their outward appearance can deceive, concealing their formidable abilities as skilled practitioners of the dark arts.

  • Straness  
  • Udramish    
  • Uwurina  
  • Stiverra  
  • Brolian  
  • Camona    
  • Akralya  
  • Iyouverra  
  • Kouven    
  • Ixatulah  
  • Uyodira  
  • Koxaura  
  • Broxaura  
  • Prasin  
  • Uchivris  
  • Pacia  
  • Kruzaen  
  • Praelya  
  • Vridira  
  • Comona  
  • Odipris  
  • Miomona  
  • Zrouxaura  
  • Zrehilde    
  • Wovash    
  • Zaumira  
  • Osteviah  
  • Yelya  
  • Shozaen    
  • Shauxaura  
  • Hisin    
  • Xarotia  
  • Daselm  
  • Creven  
  • Tomira  
  • Etereas  
  • Braroti  
  • Brabea    
  • Britulah  
  • Kiotulah  

Good necromancer names

If you desire a necromancer name that is both flawlessly terrifying and horrifying, you can choose from these excellent options for necromancers, which also double as killer names.

While the majority of necromancers embody malevolence, it is worth noting that a select few engage in benevolent deeds.

These necromancers utilize their powers for good, serving as beacons of hope and assistance during times of trouble.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as only a limited number of necromancers can be classified as virtuous.

  • Edruthum  
  • Prauzar  
  • The Pudding Murderer  
  • The Dessert Killer  
  • Wreilekai  
  • The Demon Eyes Murderer  
  • The Royal Butcher  
  • The Anniversary Murderer  
  • Yazad    
  • The Hammock Killer  
  • The Scrapyard Slayer  
  • The Slasher  
  • Writic  
  • The Pathway Butcher  
  • The Model  
  • The Business Murderer  
  • Kegrim  
  • The Bitemark Killer  
  • The Strawberry Butcher  
  • The Brute  
  • Nedhur  
  • The Grappler  
  • The Phoenix Murderer  
  • The Night Stalker Necromancer  
  • Wiozis  
  • The Shadow  
  • The Silk Butcher  
  • The Ghoul  
  • Fekai    
  • The Back Alley Killer  
  • The Phoenix Butcher  
  • The Breakfast Killer  
  • Udrelos  
  • The Shadow  
  • The Monday Killer  
  • The Manacle Killer  
  • Staelekai  
  • The Half-Moon Butcher    
  • The Blue Moon Necromancer  
  • The Freak  

Funny necromancer names

If you’re looking to bring the house down at a party, sometimes it’s necessary to embrace humor. Here, we present a collection of amusing names within the necromancer category, tailored to tickle your funny bone.

Funny necromancers, by nature, lack perfection in their craft, often exhibiting limited mastery of magic. As a result, it is advised to maintain distance, as their spells can inadvertently undo your efforts.

Furthermore, if you seek to vanquish your enemies, be wary of these necromancers, as their missteps in spellcasting may inadvertently turn their magic against you.

  • Necromancer Palomino
  • Necromancer Deception  
  • Sayessirmanyt
  • Sescesorkayinf  
  • Necromancer Dangle  
  • Whiskey Lasken  
  • Offiedinglynni
  • Necromancer KatieRue
  • Axiomatic Necromancer  
  • Repecto PeachyPie
  • Necromancer Round
  • Ectice Electron
  • Smashing Necromancer
  • Necromancer ShoeShine
  • Trickyway Nestr
  • Wasello Teasers
  • Newonstaledsti
  • Armon Moon
  • Honest Negreari
  • Necromancer The Piece
  • Necromancer Mushroom
  • Nesisideet
  • Necromancer Peanut
  • Maddening Shoddlec  
  • Masterful Necromancer  
  • Necromancer Shang
  • Ectorc Lecter  
  • Nenstobje
  • Echrem FreeStyle  
  • Beneficent Necromancer
  • My Pastry Waristra  
  • Necromancer Mine
  • Necromancer Partner
  • Jocky Froc  
  • Necromancer SamusAran
  • Engaging Neworgat
  • Dragonfly Tonfli
  • Necromancer Bouncer  
  • Innovative Ectusnob
  • Toreac Dominator

Cool necromancer names

Hey guys, let’s explore these incredibly cool names within the necromancer category that not only sound impressive but also send shivers down your spine.

Cool necromancers possess a penchant for performing magic as a form of amusement, but their capabilities come with great peril.

These necromancers are exceptionally dangerous, showing little regard for personal connections. They may wield their magic upon unsuspecting individuals, using them as subjects to refine their dark artistry.

  • Sawix Doomweaver
  • Caezhar Mildew
  • Coukhar The Extinguisher
  • Nepeth The Reviver  
  • Obebrix Cruor
  • Cremien The Reaper
  • Prumon The Necro
  • Ogowix Daemonne
  • Biomorn Deathbloom  
  • Guthik The Couldronmaster
  • Yeizar Graeme
  • Prethas Vacuity  
  • Fionoth The Demon
  • Brakai The De-Composer
  • Zozael The Desecrator
  • Beixith Calamity
  • Stebres Deathbloom
  • Sheixor Kane
  • Ipraxas The Abomination
  • Kiowith The Extinguisher
  • Preprix Shade
  • Madhur The Black
  • Gocrux The Inquisitor
  • Chridrim The Reaper
  • Daxiem The Harvester  
  • Oziovok Nightfall
  • Vriodrim The Plaguemaster
  • Brouxiem The Carver
  • Praubrix The Rotting  
  • Seilazar The Maggot
  • Wioqrax The Living
  • Xidhir Deathbloom
  • Vaghrin The Mute
  • Krabrum Magnus  
  • Krazis Nightshade
  • Timorn The Paranoid
  • Wribrix Sanguine  
  • Geizor The Soulkeeper    
  • Douyor The Vivisector
  • Dalaer The Maggot

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Famous Necromancer Names

  • Xogremach
  • Brogthuk
  • Drolvozan
  • Onaxoth
  • Kag’thimas
  • Kergrellech
  • Brolvach
  • Drornonus
  • Sornunek
  • Erzallaz
  • Gorgun
  • Eralid
  • Rornod
  • Tarzaller
  • Sog’drar
  • Uzzog
  • Sazzeg
  • Almoral
  • Xolvuuth
  • Bir’axar
  • Degmaxath
  • Koth’todor
  • Trilgal
  • Ilvaxal
  • Guth’tannich
  • Arrezath
  • Agthuth
  • Sozguxin
  • Thastruneg
  • Margunuth
  • Olmennad
  • Trollmek
  • Derthraz
  • Zilrades
  • Dalvomoth
  • Xaglimoth
  • Kaz’gath
  • Drangrolath
  • Rorrauz
  • Ogroz
  • Mozodon
  • Rir’gothon
  • Urgrukos
  • Ringrodon
  • Dolgranuth
  • Mallmakath
  • Ostrog
  • Kiggamil
  • Dalrath
  • Zag’drod

Best Necromancer Names

  • Hysiusei
  • Synalise
  • Alethiphaeia
  • Gathiasse
  • Akisithea
  • Klephanthei
  • Mephissis
  • Crephaphine
  • Phoosise
  • Phoali
  • Iphelia
  • Alethrine
  • Idaphixa
  • Nephiphei
  • Kissusei
  • Ophiephia
  • Adozophe
  • Daphnaphaura
  • Kissusi
  • Oretheilise
  • Aelisha
  • Sabertise
  • Orphixera
  • Orphalise
  • Bathithea
  • Arethoche
  • Ophiixie
  • Othredice
  • Euthose
  • Zephephia
  • Prixaia
  • Ophiorise
  • Dorenia
  • Praxaxise
  • Alethrea
  • Zelanea
  • Thelophia
  • Adrasiax
  • Prixosi
  • Thaniphelia
  • Pasetis
  • Paphelsa
  • Athilephia
  • Alethranthe
  • Olithosa
  • Myrithiphei
  • Seliusei
  • Crethohsa
  • Phaethelis
  • Isissis

Witty Necromancer Names

  • Phlegates
  • Aphratos
  • Demithitus
  • Zephitrius
  • Mosobus
  • Dasolos
  • Isocres
  • Eusys
  • Pestranthus
  • Thyestous
  • Pestrerios
  • Xanthios
  • Herades
  • Anchonis
  • Helinos
  • Pestrepios
  • Therrasius
  • Buthetheus
  • Castaeus
  • Naphexis
  • Typhophoros
  • Alcetheus
  • Acheradus
  • Dathiss
  • Aesathis
  • Xerxypnos
  • Phlegexia
  • Demithethon
  • Phalose
  • Anasteros
  • Salmathan
  • Thelamaestus
  • Naphochus
  • Typheros
  • Oceanios
  • Ashatedes
  • Socranos
  • Icelidas
  • Agathelaus
  • Thanisius
  • Athoeus
  • Protesus
  • Scopelos
  • Tharasixus
  • Celios
  • Xuthose
  • Naphates
  • Eustyx
  • Ristelos
  • Therrerus


Choosing the ideal Necromancer name is a vital component in making a convincing and captivating person inside the domain of imagination writing, gaming, or other innovative undertakings.

A very much-picked name can summon a feeling of persona, power, and obscurity, really making way for the warlock’s job and origin story.

While considering sorcerer names, it is fundamental to consider different factors like the person’s character qualities, enchanted capacities, and the social setting of the imaginary world.

By adjusting the name to these components, scholars and gamers can make a reasonable and vivid experience for their crowd.

Changing from this present reality to the domain of the undead, the sorcerer’s name ought to have an air of powerful appeal. Words, for example, “shadow,” “dim,” “undying,” or “revenant” can add an evil touch to the name, featuring the warlock’s association with death and the ghastly.

Additionally, integrating explicit social impacts and semantic subtleties can loan profundity and realness to the picked name.

Drawing motivation from old legends, old stories, or even verifiable figures related to the mysterious can give a rich embroidery of names that reverberate with perusers or players.

While innovativeness is empowered, it is likewise essential to guarantee that the picked name is not difficult to articulate and recall.

Staying away from excessively complicated or tangled mixes of letters can forestall disarray and work with a more grounded association between the person and the crowd.

In outline, while diving into the domain of magician names, it is significant to figure out some kind of harmony between the person’s character, mystical capacities, and ideal social or legendary affiliations.

Via cautiously thinking about these components and utilizing suitable progress words, journalists and gamers can reinvigorate their magician characters, creating critical and enrapturing stories that have an enduring effect on their crowd.