CoComelon Characters Names With Explanation

Everybody knows about the CoComelon characters names. Cocomelon is a famous Youtube channel that originated in America but this channel is famous all over the world.

This is a channel that has been acquired by the British Company named Moonbug Entertainment and the maintenance of this channel is done by a company in the United States of America named Treasure Studios.

This Youtube channel is famous for its 3d animation production on their channel. The channel is not only popular among kids but also among adults.

CoComelon’s Youtube channel has the most views in the United States of America and it also consists of the second most number of views in the whole world.

As of now, this channel has the most subscribed children’s channel in the world and overall they are the channel that has the second-highest number of subscribers across the globe when compared to all the categories.

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The world of CoComelon: The beauty of kid’s content

There is a lot of thought that should go into content marketed toward children. Children actively discover and internalize media from a very young age.

This content has a deep impact on their linguistic, social and intrapersonal development. In the proceeding generations, content on Television was their major source of entertainment; in the age of the internet, this place has been taken by Youtube.

So, what makes CoComelon characters names such a favorite among young parents? CoComelon is geared specifically to children in their Kindergarten years, aged 2-6.

Their youtube channel is filled with brightly colored videos teaching young children nursery rhymes, traffic rules, social safety, good manners, and other wholesome, educational topics in an engaging way.

They have even managed to create an ongoing storyline with a number of well-known CoComelon characters.

Why CoComelon has become a famous cartoon?

CoComelon and CoComelon character names have become great favorites, here’s why

  • The videos use simple language, colorful visuals, and catchy songs – some fool-proof ways to activate information retention and comprehension in younger kids.
  • Their content is age-appropriate and does not tolerate profanities of any kind. They are kid-friendly without being patronizing.
  • They have conjured up a mix of classic kindergarten education along with unique creations of their own. A child is safe in their hands.
  • Content is so created as to maintain a healthy balance of quantitative, emotional, linguistic, and creative aptitudes among their regular viewers
  • They have made sure to give modern twists to well-known fairy tales in the quest to keep education up to date.
  • Their content upholds modern values of equality, empathy, and positive self-reflection. CoComelon stresses the need to provide children with unisex, motivational content that instills moral values in them.
  • Their content is consistently positive with an emphasis on an active lifestyle – playing games, going on trips, helping animals, celebrating Halloween and Christmas, and much more.
  • They encourage children to invest in storylines, thus impacting their long-term memory in a positive way

The CoComelon Characters names

In this long journey, the channel has created characters of its own. The CoComelon characters names are as follows:


JJ is the first kid character of the company. He has hair that is curly like an ice cream swirl. He is hard working always ready to help others and tries to do everything.

This character has a positive and powerful impact on the viewers of CoComelon. With a tiny smile on his face, he became the rockstar of this Youtube channel. With his Height is 3’4”, the weight of 26lbs, and 3 years of age he is such a rockstar.


She is a little girl who finds happiness in helping others. She is very intelligent and handles every problem very tactfully.

The height of this character is 4’, weight is 60lbs and age is 7 years. She is very cute and also a very special character. She is very popular among baby girls.


He is the elder brother of JJ and YoYo. He is always curious about the world and helps his siblings in everything.

The height of TomTom is 4’5”, its weight is 80 lbs and its age is nearly 8 years. TomTom helps their brothers to learn different things because he loves to help people.


Bingo is the pet dog of the CoComelon family. He is smarter than any regular average puppy.

The height is 2’2”, weight is 15 lbs, and age is 3 years.

Mom and Dad-

The parents of JJ, YoYo, and TomTom. The height of dad is 6′ and the height of mom is 5’5″. The weight of mom is 160 lbs and the weight of dad is 200lbs. The age mom is 40 and the age of the dad is 55.

Ms. Appleberry-

The preschool teacher who loves kids and always makes them learn everything calmly and patiently.

The height of Appleberry is 5’4”, its weight is 165lbs, and its age is 25. Appleberry is the teacher who teaches all the CoComelon characters in this series.

Cody, CeCe, Nina, Bella, and Nico-

These are all the friends of JJ and YoYo.

They are of similar height 3’5″, weight is around 28lbs, and age is around 5 years.


Boba is a matured beer.

The height of this beer is 6’5″, weight is around 80lbs, and age is 8 years.


Ello is the baby elephant.

Height of Ello is 7’2″, his weight is around 80lbs, and his age is around 10 years.


Mochy is the baby monkey.

Mochy height is 3’2″, weight is 20lbs, and age is 5 years.


The mischievous fox with a heart of gold.

The height of mischievous is 2’1″, weight is 15lbs, and age is 4 years.

How many channels does CoComelon have?

CoComelon is a video-content creation brand dedicated to creating content for children. On youtube, CoComelon has two channels.

  • CoComelon Nursery Rhymes: dedicated to nursery rhymes for children
  • CoComelon Furry Friends: An entertainment channel with the educational motive

Netflix also has added content from CoComelon for their kid’s version. CoComelon characters names presently produce content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The long history CoComelon character in the world of YouTube

The channel which is now the second most subscribed channel on YouTube all across the world has a very long history.

The history of this channel is not rich because it did not have the immense growth of subscribers like some of the channels on YouTube.

But that is mainly because when the channel was started internet was not as popular as it is today. The second reason why they did not have an immense rate of growth was that the channel was never started with a business mindset.

The beginning of a great journey

The beginning of a journey of CoComelon started in the year 2006. At this time the channel was named “Checkgate”.

At first, the channel was created to provide educational content to children in the form of entertainment. The founder of the channel is Jay Jeon and Jay Jeon’s wife.

He felt that it would be easier for children to acquire education in the form of entertainment as he also had small children at that time that is in the year 2006.

The first two videos they posted were two alphabetical songs that were different versions of each other but had the same purpose of helping the children learn about the alphabet.

Their third video on the channel came after almost 9 months period when they posted their second alphabetical song on the channel.

This third video was called the “Learning ABC alphabet- Letter ‘K’- Kangaroo Game”. After that, till 2013 their channel went on like that with the mindset of just serving educational content for free in the form of entertainment but things were about to change.

The 2013 to 2018 period

After the channel ran for almost 7 years without any business mindset. At the end of 2013, the channel owners started to give a lot of time and focus on the channel. The channel was rebranded with the name ABC Kid TV at the end of 2013.

With this rebranding of the channel, a new logo and intro were also introduced in order to give the brand a totally fresh look. The logo was the design of a tv with a ladybug in the upper left corner.

Before this time period, only videos for alphabets were uploaded on the channel which were on average one and a half to two minutes long.

Now at this time, the channel started to upload the remastered versions of their previous alphabet videos and also started posting nursery rhyme videos that were longer in length. It was during this period that the channel introduced animation videos on their channel.

The first-ever Three Dimensional animated characters were shown on this channel on the 8th of April in the year 2016.

The video was about one of the most popular nursery rhymes called Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. The video featured one Three Dimensional character guiding all the other Two Dimensional characters in the sky.

By the end of the year 2016, the upload of Three Dimensional animation videos became more and more popular and frequent.

With the frequent uploads, there the channel continued to introduce different characters of their own and we are going to talk about the CoComelon characters names later on in this article. With this immense growth came another era after the year 2018.

The CoComelon era

In the summer of the year 2018, the company rebranded itself. From “ABC Kid TV” it rebranded itself to “CoComelon TV”. The content remained the same but it was the time when the internet was booming in each and every corner of the world.

Again with the rebranding, the channel introduced a new logo for itself and also designed a new intro and outro which were shown at the beginning and end of each and every video.

In the year 2019, the wall Street journal estimated that the yearly advertisement revenue of the CoComelon channel is about 120 million United States Dollars.

At the end of the year 2020, the channel started to produce and upload content in multiple languages. They uploaded videos in Portuguese and Spanish Languages. Early in the year 2021 they also uploaded content in Chinese, German, Mandarin, and Arabic languages.

Popularity and Growth

After spending almost 9 years on YouTube the channel hit its first landmark which was 100,000 subscribers in the year 2014. After that, their growth was pretty smooth. With the hundred thousand came a silver play button.

In 2016 the gold play button came in as they hit the 1 million mark. Then, in the year 2018 comes in the platinum play button when hitting 10 million subscribers. After that in 2019, they hit 50 million and in 2020 they hit 100 million.

Currently, they have a total of 133 million subscribers on YouTube making them the second most subscribed YouTube channel after T-Series the Indian music company. They have a total view of 127 billion on YouTube.

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Is Cocomelon character names hyperstimulating?

As modes of entertainment change for children, concerns regarding their effects also keep surfacing. In the days when the television first became a domestic product, people speculated it would slow down the minds of young children and curb their imagination.

Similarly, some people today worry that video channels like CoComelon and CoComelon characters names can be hyperstimulating to children.

Videos, unless inappropriate, cannot in themselves cause tantrums or growth defects. What is a genuine cause of concern, however, is that our worldwide culture of binging on Youtube, Netflix, and other platforms is being passed down to the youngest among us.

Videos on social media platforms are designed to keep us hooked. This uncontrollable urge to keep watching is very harmful to developing minds.

Setting strict rules about screen time and making screen time interactive can work wonders. As long as children have parental interaction during their moderate screen time, no one will need to worry about screen addiction or behavior problems.

The Best way to enjoy CoComelon and CoComelon character names with kids

CoComelon is a children’s channel, but children learn best under parental supervision. The best way to enjoy CoComelon characters names content with your child is to have these videos be a part of your quality time with them. There are different ways in which you can make these sessions interactive.

  • Ask your kid to relate the stories to you: Children learn greatly when they actively recall. If your child is a great talker, you can have a daily discussion with them about the stories they came across that day and compare their interpretation to your own. Chances are, you will learn more than them and be surprised at your child’s depth and perception.
  • Interact through dance and music: Children are vulnerable to movement-based learning. The simple notes of the pleasant music are meant to make kids want to sing along, and maybe even bust a few moves. Your participation will be considered encouragement and it may become a fun routine.
  • Use the videos as a mechanism to connect: If your child struggles with emotional connection and comprehension, you can use videos and songs as a way to spend time with them without overwhelming them. Art can often be used as a mechanism to get your child to be comfortable around you, and eventually, even open up.


These are all the things that you need to know about the company CoComelon and the CoComelon characters names. We are happy to have provided you with all this information and thank you for going through all the information we have provided.

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