Cinderella Stepsisters Names And Chemistry Between Them

Hello, welcome to the world of names, today we are going to share the Cinderella stepsisters names. These names are good to know for Cinderella lovers. We will share all the important information about Cinderella and also about the Cinderella stepsisters.

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Cinderella stepsisters- The chemistry between them

Cinderella is a common name we have been hearing since our childhood. This fairy tale mainly consists of Cinderella stepsisters names and mothers who always tried to hurt her.

So, we all know the story a little bit. But do you know the meaning of her stepsister’s name? If not, then just give this article a thorough read.

The Little Glass Slipper- A brief introduction

You must be thinking that what a Little glass slipper has to do with what you want to know. Well, here is something that you need to know. Cinderella, the fairy tale that we have been ruling since our childhood, is popularly known as The Little Glass Slipper.

This is a very ancient folk tale which is about a beautiful girl named Cinderella who lost her slipper made up of glass in the palace of the King.

The prince finds the glass slipper and says that whoever this glass slipper is going to fit, he is going to marry her and love her for the rest of his life.

This folk tale named Cinderella has been around for a long time now. It also has thousands of variants of circulation across the whole world.

As you can understand by what we just mentioned that the protagonist of our folk tale is a young and extremely beautiful woman named Cinderella. She has a very hard life but due to certain changes in events, her fortune totally changes.

There is a story in which there is someone named Rhodopis who was said to be a popular Greek philosopher. This story told by this Greek philosopher is about a Greek Slave girl. She was living a very hard life for a long time.

But after she got married to the King of Egypt her fortune totally changed. This story revolves around the timeline of 7 years before Christ to 23 years AD. The story is seen as one of the very first variants of The Little Glass Slipper.

The first publishing of Cinderella

It was in the year 1624 when the first literary European Version of the story of the folk tale The Little Glass Slippers were published. It was published by an Italian author named Gianbattista Basile in her Penatermone.

At present in the world, the story which is widely known in the English-speaking world was then introduced in the language French in the year 1697. In French, it was published by Charles Perrault in Histories Du Contes du Temps Passe.

Later in the 19th century in the year 1812, another variant of Cinderella was published. This time it was published by the Brothers Grimm in their own fairy tale collection named the Grimm’s Fairy tales.

What is the meaning of the name Cinderella?

The name of our protagonist and the other characters of this folk tale changes concerning different languages and cultures.

When we say Cinderella it is basically the name used by English-speaking people. The English-speaking people always used the name Cinderella for a reason.

By analogy, we can conclude that the word Cinderella in the English language is used as an adjective for people whose attributes can never be recognized fully.

It also refers to someone who has been getting treated badly for a long time and now got what they deserve out of their life.

The word Cinderella is used for people who will straight out of nowhere get recognition and success within a blink of an eye and everyone will be surprised and jealous of that.

The popular folk tale that is wet is a huge inspiration for many people.

People still take inspiration from this folk tale and make stories and scenes. So, this story has a huge influence on a very vast majority of media.

Even in the web series created today, there must be at least one reference from Cinderella used as a sign of showing love or affection towards the other person. The influence is unbelievable and is not achieved by any other folk tale till now.

Cinderella’s Stepmother and stepsisters

The Cinderella stepsisters are often referred to as the ugly sisters in the folk fairy tale of Cinderella. These were the biological daughters of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother.

According to the researchers the fairy tale for over decades, they say that these ugly stepsisters of Cinderella have been a part of the fairy tale since the very beginning and have been a very important part to make it a bit more interesting and also play the negative characters in the tale.

Who were Drizella and Anastasia?

As we have already mentioned in this article, Drizella and Anastasia are the Cinderella Stepsisters’ names. They were very evil-minded and jealous of the good looks Cinderella inherited from her biological mother.

Out of these two stepsisters, Drizella is the one who is worth mentioning more because her character was portrayed more in the folk tale than that of Anastasia.

So, if we had to give a brief introduction about how she was portrayed in the 1950s Disney movie named Cinderella, then we will say that she is the evilest out of all other villains. She was greedy for her wants, was sneaky, and always backstabbed Cinderella.

She always wanted all the things that Cinderella had. Because she believed that she is the one who deserved all of them. She thought that Cinderella is what she is only because of her good looks and jaw-dropping beauty and nothing else.

The character development of the two stepsisters- Anastasia and Drizella

The character development of both Stepsisters is very interesting throughout the series. At the beginning of this cult classic series, we saw both Drizella and Anastasia be the people who wanted the worst for Cinderella.

In the beginning, Drizella was portrayed as someone who is both ugly and mean not only from the inside but also from the outside. This was also the case with Anastasia in the beginning.

They wanted to destroy Cinderella’s life at any cost and used to play mind games to do that without having a single bit of guilt. But as the movie goes there are certain character development in both the Stepsisters.

Drizella and Anastasia in the first movie were portrayed as someone who were extremely greedy for power and could go on any possible path to achieve the power they wanted.

Their greed for power also came with an inside hatred for their stepsister Cinderella whose heart was filled with joy and gracefulness.

Their extreme jealousy is something that plays a big part in their hatred toward Cinderella. The beauty and success of Cinderella were seen by both of them as something that she did not deserve and was getting all of that just out of sympathy and that is strongly what they believed.

After the third movie came many things changed and so does the character of both these stepsisters. Anastasia by now has come to good terms with Cinderella.

She has accepted all her past mistakes and wrongdoings of her toward her sister and has now become totally a different person.

She is now a good friend and sister to Cinderella who could never do or think about doing anything bad to her. On the contrary, the character development of Drizella, the older sister of Anastasia went on a totally different path.

As more time went on her greed for power and jealousy of Cinderella went on to grow bigger and stronger. By the third movie, she was the evil sister who wanted to destroy Cinderella at all costs.

In the movie, she became a calculated evil-doer who could do anything to achieve what she wants without thinking about the after-effects of her actions.  

She thought that the action involving the consequences is good as long as Cinderella gets in trouble or makes Cinderella lose her credibility out in the open in front of the world.

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Where does the nickname Ugly sisters come from?

It has been said a lot of times by many people who refer to Cinderella and Anastasia to be the ugly sisters. The real question is why and here is your answer.

When we talk about the physical appearance of both these stepsisters of Cinderella, then we had to say no offense they were just ugly.

Their physical appearance is not something that they should be confident about at all. But their physical appearance is not the only reason that they were given this nickname by the people and the watchers of the movie.

The nickname also refers to their mentality that involves greed for power, jealousy, insecurity, the urge to destroy someone, need to manipulate someone to get what they want without any guilt. All of these things are very important to be noticed.

Their extreme urge to take away everything the beautiful, kind-hearted, and stunning Cinderella has is something that has been highlighted again and again by us in this content and this want of theirs is something that gained them this nickname of being the ugly sisters in the world of Disney.

This is extremely important because there were many controversies surrounding the nickname used for them but their inside is as ugly as they were from the outside.

Why are Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella called the sinister trio?

The trio is considered to be sinister by many people in the world. This is mainly because only sinister can be as cold-hearted as they were to Cinderella.

As we have said already what Lady Tremaine does to Cinderella. On the other hand, Cinderella stepsisters names Anastasia and Drizella did everything in their power to humiliate Cinderella and give her as hard a time as possible.

The greatest villains in the history of a fairy tale

If we have to talk about the greatest villains in the history of any fairy tale then the one for sure to top the list is Cinderella’s stepmother named Lady Tremaine.

The other villains are the Cinderella stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella. They are the biggest evildoers in all of fairy tale history.

They were such great villains that you will not find a single person who talks in favor of the wicked stepmother and not-so-good stepsister or ugly sister of Cinderella.

The way Lady Termaine treated Cinderella after her father passed away was harsh and really heartless at times. She did not let Cinderella have any free time and made her work day and night without any guilt feeling.

Cinderella’s stepsisters on the other hand that is the ugly sisters were very much jealous of Cinderella. Cinderella looked as fine as a diamond cut perfectly but the ugly sisters, on the other hand, were honestly, uglier than you would imagine.

So this jealousy of the stepsister and insecurity possessed them made them do really wrong things to Cinderella.


We do not want to give much about the story away because we believe that real fun is when you read the story yourself.

Here we have provided some basic information about Cinderella and then talked about the villains that are Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s stepmother, and Anastasia and Drizella, Cinderella Stepsisters names.

 We have also talked about what their connection with Cinderella was and how they used to treat her.

There we talked about many important points like the character development of both the sisters, how their presence affected the life of Cinderella, what their goal was, how they were portrayed in the whole series, and all other things. We have also mentioned why they are called ugly sisters.

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