Top 30+ Cartoon Crazy Alternative Websites Names

Hello, there I know that you guys are big fans of cartoons and watch your favorite shows on Cartoon Crazy. but most people are searching for an alternative to this website because of their interest to watch other cartoon shows that are popular but streaming on other platforms.

So there are many websites on the internet presents today that stream lots of cartoon shows. So let us discuss some of the alternative website names that are popular for cartoon show streaming. cartoons first introduce that get popular is mickey mouse introduced by Walt Disney.

In starting cartoons introduces in 2d format in black and white screen but as time spends and technology changes the face of the cartoon also changes.

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There are many websites where you can see cartoon shows for free

1. Super Cartoons

This website is super easy to use and it is the most friendly website for both computers and mobile. this cartoon streaming platform is popular for the old cartoons of the cartoon network like looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Road Corridor, Daffy Duck, Pink Panther, Goofy, Porky Pig, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales, etc.

This cartoon website provides you with all the classic cartoons that will remember you of your childhood. if you want to show your kids these kinds of cartoons then you can try this website for sure as it is a free cartoon website.

You can also watch all the old cartoons of famous production houses on this website like Walt Disney, Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Film Associates, Fox, 20th Century, etc.

2. Kiss Cartoon

Well if you talking about the perfect crazy cartoon alternative website names then this fantastic website comes with a strong stand. kiss cartoon is a big website you can see movies on this website as well as cartoons. on this website, you will find biographies, historical events, and stories in cartoon form.

This website is perfect for your boring time to turn into a fun time and the advantage that makes this website super is that this website is free to use. but this website is mostly in the Japanese language but it’s also available in the English language.

3. Hulu– the alternative to cartoon crazy

Well Well Well who doesn’t know about this giant platform its a popular website to watch web series and other online shows. and most importantly you guys can view the cartoon shows as a series and in episode form.

You guys can view the cartoon shows on this platform on Hulu cartoon watch. you will find lots of good and funny cartoons on this website for free. we can say that this is a good alternative website.

Hulu is also popular for other shows like web series and all stuff like that but some of the content on this website are premium and you need to pay some money to see them.

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4. Fox

Fox is the most popular and perfect place for all kinds of entertainment that includes all the popular shows, sports, and all the latest cartoons. You will find all kinds of material on this platform like content for the kids, and young, and also for old members of your family.

This is a very popular platform for every age person and has millions of audiences on this platform. so if you want to watch some quality shows then you can try this website for sure.

5. Anime Planet

As you can understand by the name of this website anime-planet that this website is only for cartoons. you will find all the latest and trending cartoons on this platform and enjoy these latest cartoons.

The best thing about this website is that when you visit this platform this site suggests the trending and latest cartoons.

You guys can also subscribe to this site so you can get all the notifications about the latest cartoons. there is no doubt that this website is a perfect alternative to cartoon Crazy.

6. Anime Toon

This free cartoon website allows you to watch your favorite cartoons online without registration on this website. this website is also mobile-friendly that works absolutely fine with Android, ios, windows, etc.

You can watch cartoons for free and without the registration process on this website which is the key to using this unique online platform. this website got millions of traffic because of its popularity among kids.

7. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is not just a website it’s a brand that runs the cartoon television channel and is very popular because of its best cartoon shows that have millions of viewers. so it’s necessary for them to run a website to build their brand.

This website is also interesting just like its channel because this website contains all the cartoon shows and also other activities for kids. you will find lots of interesting games related to cartoons for the kids.

Nickelodeon is popular for the shows like Spongebob, The Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, Blaze and Monster machines, etc. this website is also popular for its content quality as they deliver the best quality for the cartoon shows available on this platform.

8. Disney Junior

As you all know that Walt Disney introduces cartoons first that get popular worldwide. on this fantastic cartoon streaming platform, you will find the best cartoons made under the production of Walt Disney.

There are so many cartoons shows you can find on this site like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so on. this website is the best Crazy cartoon alternative as this website is a clear interface that suits both computer and mobile devices.

This website is running on a modern interface and also provides you with all the cartoons like old cartoons and new cartoons. you guys can also watch cartoon movies on this platform.

9. GO GO Anime

Do you want to watch cartoons without spending single money then this website is perfect for you because of its good interface that attracts cartoon lovers towards them. Go anime is the perfect solution to see different cartoons online.

This website is also popular for its ease to use because you can find your cartoon by the categories provided on this website. so you can go to the perfect place where you will find the cartoons category-wise.

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10. Anime Flavor

The uniqueness of this website is that you can use this website without a sign-up process. as this website works similarly to the other websites that show the latest cartoons. you need to choose the category of anime you want to see to get access.

After choosing the category of the cartoon you want to see then press on the image of the cartoon to see the latest episodes of that show. The interface of this website is very easy to use as you guys can use it on the computer and on mobile comfortably.

11. Cartoon Network

This brand doesn’t need an introduction this is a very old and popular platform on which you can watch cartoons. you can see all the episodes of famous cartoons on this website like scooby doo, Tom and jerry, richi rich, bugs bunny, load runner, popeye, and many more that are countless and most famous not that time but also now.

Cartoon Network is the king of the cartoon-watching platform because between 1990 to 2005 this channel was most popular among kids. the shows on this channel are still popular like Tom and jerry, ben 10, bugs bunny, etc. so if you guys love to watch crazy cartoons then you should give cartoon network a try.

12. kiss Cartoon

This website is very popular for the latest cartoon animation series. this website is also popular for the easy navigation menu and the excellent layouts. you will find all the popular animation shows on this platform like Shark Tale, Atomic Betty, Super Friends, The Superhero Squad Show, etc.

13. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is a UK-based website and is popular because it is for growing children. as this website provides cartoons that help your children to learn. you can also say that this platform is perfect for your children to educate themselves as well as to enjoy the cartoon.

The website is pretty smooth to use and also mobile-friendly. If you are searching for an alternative to cartoon crazy then we recommend this site for your children as it is easy to teach them with the cartoons because children love to watch cartoons.

14. ToonJet cartoon crazy alternative

This cartoon platform is free to use and you can view lots of your favorite shows on this website without registering yourself. if you want to enable the other options then you need to register yourself on this website.

After registering yourself then you can rate your favorite program and also can comment on the program.

You can also download the app so you can directly access your favorite cartoons like luny tunes, bugs bunny, and much more by simply tapping the icon on the app on your device.

15. YouTube

As you all know youtube is a very big video platform where you find lots of stuff on every topic and this platform is free to use. if you are a cartoon lover then this is a perfect platform for you because there are lots of cartoon videos uploaded on youtube.

Youtube is very popular for all the stuff that is very useful for all the situations like funny, emotional, sad, etc. There are lots of cartoon videos like old cartoon videos and new cartoon videos. there are many cartoons creating channels that create new content for their unique characters. so yes you can say that youtube is a good cartoon-crazy alternative website name.

16. Blip. TV

This website is one of the top-class websites because the contents on this platform are created by the well know cartoon movie producers. this streaming platform includes drama, movies, sports content as well as cartoons.

You will find thousands of animated videos, cartoons, comics, etc. This website has 500 million monthly views so you can understand how big the platform is for cartoon lovers.

17. Toonova

This is one of the best cartoon crazy alternative website names as there are lots of best anime uploaded that are good to watch. this website included the best category cartoons like Comedy Cartoon, Family Cartoon, Thriller Cartoon, Science Fiction Cartoon, Horror Cartoon, etc.

but some of its customers complain that they feel disturbed by the pop-up ads on this website when they watch the cartoon.

18. Cartoonextra

Hey, are you looking for the best cartoon crazy alternative website names then hang on here because you are at the right place I will suggest to you the best site and that is Cartoonextra? you will find a large variety of cartoons in the categories and good animated movies like Ferdinand, Elena de Avalon, etc.

19. KimCartoon

this website is popular because you will not find your best cartoon videos and episodes but also can download them to your device for absolutely free. this website is very popular for genres like Action, War, The Supernatural, Adventure, etc.

You can take all the benefits of this site by just signing up. if you did not check this site yet then you can definitely go and sign up for this fantastic site.

20. Cartoons On

The Cartoon is a perfect site to watch cartoons online without downloading them and also without registration. the interface is very clean and easy to use so you can enjoy your shows calmly.

On the cartoons, you will find some of the best studios like Walt Disney, and Warner Bros, and also the best cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Luny Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Popeye, and much more like these cartoons.

21. Watch Anime Dub

Watch anime dub is one of the best website names that are alternative to cartoon Crazy as you can find totally top and unique cartoons on this website. this website is categorized in alphabetical order so you can simply choose the best cartoon to watch on this platform.

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22. Ovguide

As we are recommending you all the free anime sites that are best to watch your favorite cartoons online without paying a single penny. Ovguide is a place where you can find all your lovely cartoons under a single roof.

There are lots of features provided by this website such as can bookmark your favorite show and many other features that will be unlocked after you register to this platform.

23. DC Universe

DC comic is a big name we all know that all superheroes come out from these comics like iron man, spider-man, hulk, superman, and many others that are present in many movies like Avengers, x man, etc.

But after many of the free services this one is paid but no worries DC Universe gives a 30-day free trial and after that, if you like it then you can subscribe to the monthly plan. you will not only find cartoons but also movies and other shows that are very popular in the world.

24. Fox Animation

After the discussion of the paid cartoon-watching site, let’s know about another cartoon-crazy alternative website’s name and its Fox Animation. this website is free to use and the interface of this website is crystal clear and it’s easy to use.

If you are a fan of Simpson and American Dad then this site is perfect for you. you can easily find any episode of a cartoon by just simply searching for it on the search bar.

25. Boomerang

If you want to watch your favorite cartoon and also want to play the game in between when you watch the cartoons then Boomerang is perfect for you. you can play interesting games here and also enjoy the best cartoons of all time like Tom and Jerry, Garfield, The Flintstones, Pink Panther, etc.

26. Cartoon Park

Cartoon Park is one of the best anime websites that is a perfect alternative to cartoon crazy where you can find all the old-age cartoons. the uniqueness of this website is that you can watch your favorite cartoon with subtitles in English. I think this feature of this website makes it different from the other sites.

You will find all the greatest cartoons on the homepage of this website and you can download any of the videos from this website and save them to watch later on your device. this website has some more features like searching the cartoons alphabetically, gender-wise, or from the search box.

27. Comedy Central

This famous site is an alternative because this website is very popular to see cartoons and animated videos online for free. you can simply download the videos from Comedy Central without registration and subscription process.

You can watch your favorite show like The South Park, Futurama, Ugly Americans, Drawn Together, Professional Therapist, etc. without giving a single penny to anyone.

28. Netflix

As everybody knows about this online monster that provides all the famous web series, movies, cartoons, animation movies, etc. under one roof. this website is very popular and widely used by people all over the world.

These are premium websites that also provide the app but you can take 30 day’s free trial of Netflix and after that, if you think that you should purchase the annual plan then you can go ahead. Netflix can be a great alternative not only for the cartoon crazy but also for other OTT platforms.

29. Side Reel

Side Reel is a fantastic platform where you can find all the latest cartoon shows that released. Side reel provides all the cartoon movies just after their release to be the first one to view all the trending and just launched cartoons. but you need to sign up for the side reel and then you can enjoy the benefits of this platform.

30. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is also a website that is similar to Netflix. This is also available in-app version so you guys can enjoy Amazon Prime comfortably. on this platform, you can enjoy world-class web series and movies.

On this platform, you guys can also view animated movies and cartoon shows which are made by world-class production houses. but this platform is free only for 30 days after that you need to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to enjoy this app.


So guys these are the best and top-class Cartoon crazy alternative website names that you can use to watch the cartoons and also for the best-animated movies. most of the anime sites that we share in this content are free to use. where you can find lots of cartoons that you wish to watch online.

These websites provide you with all types of cartoons and animated movies no matter you want to see old cartoons or trending cartoons. well, we can say that it is very easy to watch cartoons online as we have lots of options on the Internet. you can also download the cartoons from some websites as we discussed above in the content.

Some peoples also search for vintage cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Tom, and Jerry, Luny Tunes, Popeye, etc. but are not able to find the solution that where should watch these cartoons. some peoples also want to watch trending cartoons like Ben 10 but there is no problem at all you will find all the episodes on these websites.

These websites not only have cartoons and animated movies but also have games for your kids. so it’s good to learn when you are enjoying it.

some of the websites also provide educational videos in cartoon format so your kids can educate when watching cartoons. if you like this article then please share it with your friends and someone who needs it because sharing is caring.

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