Why Are Backstreet Boys Names Still So Popular?

The backstreet boys are often denoted as BSB and it is a group of American singers. There are five members in the group and the backstreet boys names are AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson. Brian and Kevin are cousins and this group was formed in 1993 in Orlando, Florida.

Soon after the advent of backstreet boys, they started gaining wide attention which result in international debut albums.

On top of that, the backstreet boys in 1996 got international attention and since then they are moving on the path of success. 

Besides that, they have launched multiple albums one after another. According to reports and surveys, the backstreet boys have sold more than 100 million records all over the world.

Such traits make them the best-selling boy band holding a massive fan base.

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Now and then: members of the backstreet boys

We all know that multiple new bands and groups have been introduced that are gaining wide attention. But have you ever wondered where are the backstreet boys names? How are they doing these days? Let’s unravel such aspects in the forthcoming points: 

  • Back in the golden era of the 90s, the backstreet boys were ruling all over the world. The teen girls of that era were dying to meet their favorite singer of the group. There was a craze of these guys amongst girls. 
  • On opt of that, the little boy band has got the backstreet boys had a bunch of pretty guts with impactful voices. The band belongs to the brainchild of Lou Pearlman who placed an ad in Orlando’s newspaper back in 1992. 
  • After getting enrolled in hundreds of auditions the group named “the backstreet boys” got what they have been seeking. Moreover, the band has made music for multiple decades and people were playing those tracks on a loop. 

However, you might be wondering about the backstreet boys names and what are they doing currently. This band is still ruling over the hearts of 90s kids but nothing is everlasting in this world.

Let’s have a look at the listed points to get to know more about the now-and-then condition of backstreet boys. 

Nick Carter:

backstreet boys names

In the 90s

If you belong to the backstreet boys names era then you probably know that Nick was the youngest member of the group. He joined this group when he was only 13 years old.

Due to this charming look and baby face, Nick has won multiple hearts whereas his incredible voice was the cherry on top. 

Nick Carter grew up in famous with the rest members of the same group. Soon after getting attention, Nick also released 3 different solo albums.

But he releases his albums when the backstreet boys names have lost their spark. According to reports, due to his baby face, he was and boy band bob hairstyle in the 90s he has been a crush of millions of teen girls. 


Due to Nick’s young stardom, he has been through a lot at a young age. On top of that, he has also suffered from alcohol and drug addiction and after that, he struggled for years to get sober.

Thankfully, Nick is sober now and solved all disputes with his younger brother. However, Nick now has a wife named Lauren and two sons and a daughter, he’s a happy man now. 

Howie Dorough:

backstreet boys names

In the 90s

Howie Dorough belongs to Orlando, Florida, and has enough confidence to perform like a pro. The insiders have stated that he was raised with music as he’s been spotted singing and performing in his childhood. 

This is how Howie Dorough has made up his mind to become a well-known and successful singer on an international level.

On top of that, AJ, Nick, and Howie were known as the trio of the band due to the incredible bond and friendship they shared. 

All three of them were capable to harmonize together and that’s what blossomed their bond from the beginning. After that, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson joined the Backstreet Boys. 


When the backstreet boys were having a hard time Howie thought to release his solo music while adding a little bit of acting.

After that, he started moving toward the business industry and join the real-estate business industry. In 2000, Howie found love in leigh anne who was the executive producer and working with the Warner brothers. 

They dated for a couple of years but in 2006 he proposed and got married to the love of his life. Now the couple has two sons and Howie usually posts a lot of stuff about his family and children on social media platforms. 

Brian Littrell:

backstreet boys names

In the 90s

The 90s kids know the fact that Brian has made a huge impact on the Backstreet Boys. He was the main reason behind the global fame of the backstreet boys.

Brian grew up singing in church from there he developed his passion for singing. 

This is why he’s quite religious and his cousin Kevin got him an opportunity to join the group. He joined the group when they were looking for the fifth member and thanked his cousin for introducing such pure talent to the world. 


After getting the backstreet boys names he has been through a lot. According to insiders, he has suffered from a lot of severe health issues, ones related to his heart.

On top of that, he had surgery as well and after this entire trauma, he married the love of his life and had kids. 

AJ McLean:

backstreet boys names

In the 90s

When it comes to the bad boy personality how can we forget about AJ McLean? However, he was extremely talented and kick things off in the favor of the band.

The best thing is AJ was the initial member of the group who has got the opportunity to audition for Low Pearlman. 

Due to his impressive performance, he got a chance and never looked back again. Moreover, he has also tried to introduce some solo songs to the world and it is quite different.

Instead of signing he had introduced the solo sound as he was more into country music instead of considering rock and hip hop. 


AJ McLean has been through a lot after getting global fame. He has suffered from drug and alcohol abuse for years and thankfully Kevin figured out something was wrong with him.

Over the years, due to AJ’s sufferings, he has been at rehab 3 times and now he’s sober. During the worst phase of his life, his wife and daughters were there for him that cherished him the most. 

Kevin Richardson:

backstreet boys names

In the 90s

For those who don’t know Kevin Richardson was the oldest member of the backstreet boys. On top of that, his cousin and he was also subordinates or bandmate. Brian Littrell was his cousin and also the fourth member of the group. 

Kevin has also dedicated his life to music and moved to Orlando to chase the desired goals.

Therefore, he also got a job performing at Walt Disney World and played characters like Prince Eric and Aladin. But at night he concentrate more on music until the Backstreet boys contacted him. 


Although, after dealing with all of this stuff he decided to walk away from the group and leave the rest of the bandmates and the backstreet boys names.

The best thing is even though any of them didn’t share a blood relation still they left the doors open for AJ to come back. Thankfully, he rejoined the group and got married, and has two sons. 

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Who is the richest member of the backstreet boys?

By far we all know most of the Backstreet Boys have tried their luck while introducing solo albums. But who is the richest guy in the group and has he earned a name after the backstreet boys names?

Well, let’s find out, it has been more than 3 decades since the advent of such an amazing group. 

The backstreet boys made their legacy in the 90s and still have a huge impact on people. This group has 5 members named Kevin Richardson, BrianLittrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, and Nick Carter. 

If we comprise the members this group has been formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995, and ever since they have had a huge fan base.

However, the members of this group are performing since a young age and have sold more than 65 million albums across the world. 

The best thing is their reputation has cemented pop culture as well. Mr. Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough managed to get the title of richest member of the backstreet boys. Both of them have a net worth that is way better than the rest of the members of their group. 

The famous songs of the backstreet boys:

The backstreet boys are a group of guys with incredible voices. According to reports, there are only a few bands in the music industry to gain the title of “diamond-certified albums” and backstreet boys is one of them.

Some of their popular songs are listed below that has helped them to get the backstreet boys names displayed on billboards. 

  • Everybody
  • The shape of my heart 
  • I want it that way 
  • Quit playing games 
  • Show me the meaning of being lonely
  • I’ll never break your heart 

Due to their immense success on domestic and international levels, they have also released a documentary. This documentary is titled backstreet boys: show ‘Em what you’re Made of’ With such an amazing documentary they got their time to rise and shine. 

The backstreet boys: behind the name

The backstreet boys names have got what they deserve with the combined efforts of the band and manager.

The original manager of the band was Lou Pearlman as he was the brain to create a similar group that will get the wide attention of new kids. 

He put his heart and soul into the group and figured out the backstreet boys members. After the team selection, he begins looking for an exceptional yet impressive name for the group.

Later on, he decided to name the group after that area’s backstreet market. It is a flea market that was the place where teens hang out the most.

This is how the backstreet boys name was introduced to the world and got grounded to the band in Roots. But later on, they also added “bad boy” air to the group which was less well-versed in Orlando

Backstreet Boys names in the current era: 

We are glad that backstreet boys are still serving its fans today. Even after the series of hiatus, reunions, and departures, the group stood the tough times and entertained people till now.

On top of that, they have also shared an album named “A Very Backstreet Christmas”. 

On top of that, the backstreet boys are still in the mood to perform and entertain people. The DNA of these people runs through the music industry and helped people to get the type of music that they were seeking. 

Furthermore, they have sold millions of records and have toured all over the world. Besides that, the name change is in order as there’s a possible suggestion popping up i.e.

The Mainstreet men. It fits their current status and shows successful careers. Most importantly, this name fits their current age and appearance which is why they might consider it. 

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Who is more popular with the backstreet boys?

The backstreet boys will celebrate their 30th anniversary soon as the band was introduced to the world in 1993. On top of that, they are working hard and still serving their fan with the required dose of music they need.

If you are a fan of Christmas music then you should consider their new album and unleash those positive vibes in you. 

The conclusion

In this article, we have discussed almost everything related to the backstreet boys like their band, income, popularity as well as the backstreet boys names. They are still popular like a rockstar band and the songs are still meaningful that relate to real life.

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