Attractive Hot Guy Names

Selecting a name for a baby boy isn’t an easy task. If you want to prefer the trendy name, you should look for hot guy names, as these are newly introduced names that offer broad exposure to many different options.

But in some cases creating an impressive name creates a unique space in the listener’s mind.

According to research done at the Massachusetts institute of technology, the names can create more than a 6% difference related to appeal and attractiveness to the opposite gender.

We have an extensive list of some unique names for baby boys to make the naming process easier. First, you need to select the right name as he’ll be so confident when he grows up.

Here is a list of hot guy names to consider: 


Gray is a name for boys that provides an irresistible appeal. It begins to get attention as a Scottish last name and has a unique meaning. Back in the day, people considered gray as “the gray-haired one”, but in this era, a transition has changed everything.

Parents are considering the name ‘gray’ for their baby boy as it is sexy and has a vibe to it. However, grey is more enigmatic and elusive, whereas it is more popular due to the “Grayson” and “Greyson”, but gray has something different and unique as it can’t be broken to create a different name. Therefore, it ensures a baby boy will get an identity of his own.


Here we are with one of the coolest and most stylish names, Jayden. It is appealing, and such a name has Hebrew roots, and it has a specific meaning that is “god has heard” or “thankful”. Name Jayden gained massive popularity in the 1990s.

It is a great alternative to Hayden, Kaden, and Brayden that more parents are considered to name their sons. Moreover, Jayden got an enhanced boost in popularity when Jada and will smith chose “Jaden” to name their boy.

Parents are considering making multiple changes in spelling just to make this name more attractive and clear its way to get listed in our hot guy names list.

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Josh or Joshua is a name that oozes with dashing and sexiness. The hot guy’s names unique make it different, as it has roots in the Bible. This handsome name holds living meaning, and that is “the lord is my salvation”.

It is a famous name, and parents are prioritizing it a lot. This is why we can say a lot of variants of Joshua. Moreover, Joshua makes it easy to find out a nickname for a boy, and it can be josh. It is extremely charming and powerful, which is why it is here on our list. 


When it comes to hot guy Kik names, how can we forget about Liam? It is a sizzling name that started getting attention from the traditional name William. Liam is definitely a unique name that comes with a different meaning, but somehow it is related to William.

It is a unique name that stems from Ireland and has become massively favored in Sweden, the US, the Netherlands, and multiple other countries. Liam is a desirable and sexy name with a different vibe.

One of the main reasons to prefer such is it can cope with multiple surnames easily, like Liam Payne, Liam Hemsworth, etc. Moreover, Liam is a fine and classic name that is a preference of many new parents, so you should try it.


Aaron is a name without any specific meaning. But it is related to the religious tests of the Muslim, Hebrew, and Christian faiths. According to that, Aaron is the brother or prophet Moses and a prophet himself. Aaron and Moses had preached to the pharaoh of Egypt’s exodus.


Christos is a Greek name that means anointed. The early greek speaking Christians have applied the name Christos to Jesus. According to the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Mashiach, this term translates to “Messiah” in English.


Dante is known as an Italian name. It means enduring and is an excellent example of a short name that becomes the forename in its own right. Dante shows that it is not a modern name, but it is one of the hot guy names, as it s the medieval nickname for those who are Durante.


Emery is a german name that means a home ruler. It is one of those names that is denoted a specific type of rock. Emery is denoted as the black sand that is used as an abrasive. You might have used it yourself on the emery board while filing nails.


You probably heard Ethan a lot, as it is one of the hot guy names that are trending to this day. Now you probably wondering where Ethan’s name comes from. Ethan hawk’s first role in the film alongside the river phoenix in explorers attracted gained massive attention.

Since then, such a name has become a preference of many new parents as it is related to boyhood and appears quite stunning and easy to remember.

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It is an Italian and Spanish form of the Anthony with an unknown meaning. However, there is a famous actor who speaks minimal English, and he has learned all lines phonetically. Since then, he has become a well-known face in different roles and diversification as “Pablo Picasso” and was also the voice of puss-in-boots.


Here comes the blake, which is a name from the old English word Blac which means pale or black. Blake was widely known as the family name of 14 tries of Galway. Some families controlled Galway’s economic, social and political scene from the 19th and 13th centuries. So blake is an exquisite name for the family who has Galway roots.


Gerard is an English name that means spear or brave. A Scottish actor, Gerard butler, got massive famous within a specific span of his career. From then on, Gerard got incredible attention, and naming your child Gerard is a great option to go for.


We can resist luke or Lucas as these names give you a different level of confidence. There’s a fact that people need to know that luke is a biblical name that stands out due to its captivating charm.

Luke or Lucas is the name that got incredible attention due to the luck skywalker’s epic movie series, i.e. star wars. When it comes to equal and handsome variations of such a name, “Lucius”, “Lucan”, and “Lucas” is the perfect option to go for.


Zac means remembered by god, and it has an edge that boys can’t compete with such a name. It is strong as the initial letter “Z” gives it a robust presence that gives us major reasons to prefer it. Many people don’t know that Zac is a short form of Zachariah which means “remembrance of God”.

Such a great name can help people boost their self-esteem and shape their identity. Moreover, it is one of the sexiest male names that make a robust and long-lasting impression on an individual.


Another hot male name that begins with an occupation is a mason. It is an occupation of stoneworker or bricklayer as the boy’s name; mason gives it a rock-solid fave amongst dads. Multiple Hollywood parents can’t resist this name.

The best thing is that parents can make specific changes in it to make it more feminine to name their baby girls like “Masyn” or “Mayson”.


Micah is a biblical name that is zoomed up and gets popularity due to its undeniable, gentle charm. It is a name that carries a beautiful meaning as Micah means “one who is like the lord”. It is said that people who are named Micah are humble, and it is a gender-neutral name.

It shows that you can consider it for a baby boy or girl. It resonates with different moms and dads, including celebrity parents like Sarah drew and Neil diamond. Micah is a robust alternative to the beloved name “Michael”. Besides that, you can consider using spelling variations like “Mica” or “Mikah”.


A timeless name that always stands out is Michael. Multiply doesn’t know that Michael has roots in the Bible. Moreover, it holds some roots in Hebrew as well; this is a name with a powerful meaning, and that is “who is like god”.

Fun fact: it is a name that has never been out in top boy name charts, but it is an incredibly hot name that is easy to pronounce. Moreover, Michael was the number one name in an era that was a decade ago but now it is making a comeback.

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Last but not least, here comes our last name in the list of hot guy names, i.e. Ryan. It is an Irish name that comes with the surname “O’Riain” and has the meaning little kind or descendant of the king. It was my parent’s favorite name back in the 1970s.

More Hot Guy Names

Here are more names given in the tables below.

Brandon PearceLeon Clarke
Sebastian EdwardsHarvey Grant
Zak WillisSebastian Macdonald
Dylan MccarthyJohn Lloyd
Alfie MarshallFinley Byrne
Braeden OlsenRiver O’neil
Caiden AndersonCade Conway
Aydin FordJamal Compton
Bo RodriquezChris Battle
Ulises CummingsAbraham Holden
Patrick GordonLouis Holland
Kyle NicholsonTommy Williams
Charlie BurkeHenry Walker
Jake JohnsonBobby Hayes
Luca GriffithsBlake Hussain
Ricky BattleJalen Shaw
Konner HopperJaxen Myers
Zackary WebsterLuis Meyers
Ari GoldenGary Church
Roland BlakeDarian Chapman
Jordan WillisSamuel John
Dylan HamiltonEthan Ryan
Luke EvansWilliam Anderson
Ashton MurrayJoe Kennedy
Jacob NewmanRiley Mitchell
Terry YangTalon Goff
Zander CurtisJerry Hamilton
Phoenix DownsTerrell Christian
Rolando NelsonFinn Kramer
Ian DorseyNico Holder
Kyle PalmerAnthony Hussain
Reuben HarperKieran Walker
Robert LaneEwan Harris
Kai MatthewsDexter Gray
Archie JohnstonEllis Clark
Andy McdowellJustin Andrews
Quintin VasquezRolando Martin
Mack RobertsRhett Harmon
Devin MorseFernando Rollins
Allen BurnettAydin Levy
Zac MasonReuben Cole
Benjamin SmithFrankie Rees
Peter StoneAdam Price
Tyler MurraySpencer Cunningham
Alfie HowardDexter Walker
Braiden BoltonEnzo York
Deegan VincentTitan Shelton
Bradyn PatelChance Buck
Benton FoleyDamon Levine
Fletcher CamachoSage Webster
Charlotte EllisCerys Matthews
Sara BaileyLauren Baker
Emma GardnerMillie Hunt
Danielle CookeJasmine Bennett
Bella HillLexie Johnson
Elissa FrancoJewel Mathis
Emmy KerrVera Moody
Esme MeadowsLeia Mcgee
Deborah GriffithNadia Dotson
Yaritza FosterEmmy Turner
Maisie BakerAlisha Harris
Gracie PriceSara Murray
Faith RussellDanielle Woods
Emma WilliamsIsla Kennedy
Bethany BurtonLara Walsh
Annalise AveryAlexa David
Bailey WardEmilee Best
Jaycee FletcherMaya Hays
Tabitha SykesLacey Glenn
Sky StuartZoe Phelps
Erin WilsonCharlotte Mills
Sophie LaneEva Gallagher
Maddison GordonAbigail Gill
Chloe HarveyNicole Andrews
Alisha ParkerAmy Watson
Aileen ShortRayne Gilmore
Martha MaldonadoPresley Gilbert
Madilyn MorganAlicia Petty
Sylvia DavisJulianne Ewing
Luciana GutierrezJaycee Newman
Katherine PriceEvie Davidson
Lara JohnsonSophia Watts
Anna MillerJulia Harrison
Eleanor DayAbby Barrett
Molly WilkinsonGrace Graham
Lucille WilliamsonPayton Osborn
Zuri HunterEstrella Frazier
Allyson HickmanKailee Mercado
Gwendolyn KempLizbeth Petty
Laney HoganKora Sampson
Keira WestEmily Moore
Georgia HallJodie Barrett
Abby PooleLauren Parker
Isobel GardnerErin Cox
Willow ChambersMelissa Taylor
Analia ParsonsKiara Higgins
Kenley RoyPenelope Stafford
Brittany BeanLillyana Reilly
Aubrie WilkinsonAddisyn Swanson
Makenzie BryanRaven Alexander


These hot guy names are best because we have chosen these names from the audience’s point of view. If you have any other names to add to the list please feel free to share us in the comment section.

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