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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is an eighty-one minutes long computer-animated film released in 2006. 12 dancing princesses names have one thing in common: they all have an avid love for dance.

The movie was first aired on Nickelodeon on the 10th of September 2006 and was later released on the 18th of September in DVD format. It was the 9th Barbie movie to be premiered.

Plot summary in brief  

Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses is one of the best Barbie movies among the others, and Barbie is sure to dance her way into your heart through her fun and enchanting steps and all new exciting adventures.

Through the movie, let’s embark on an electrifying journey of how the beautiful 12 Barbie will discover the secret entrance to a magical world where everyone wishes one makes come true.

And also how they will save their father, king Randolph, from his evil cousin and the film’s primary antagonist, Duchess Rowena, Who aims to usurp the throne by poisoning the king and getting rid of the 12 Barbie princesses.

But Before that, If you have not yet watched the movie and are planning to do so, the 12 dancing princesses names should be known to one to understand the movie better beforehand.

In this article, we will familiarize you with the 12 dancing princesses names and more details so you can have extra fun watching them.

Discover the 12 dancing princesses’ names and more.

We find 12 dancing Princess names in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses movie.

The princesses’ are named in the alphabetic order, which begins with the first 12 letters of the English alphabet respectively.

Each of the 12 princesses is allotted a specific gemstone and a flower. The flowers of each Princess appear on their dress, the book that has been gifted to each of them, on the designs of the stones on the floors of their bedrooms.

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Princesses’ Names in the Alphabetic Order


Ashlyn, the eldest daughter of king Randolph and the late queen Isabella is a 22-year-old princess. Since she’s the eldest, she is presumed to be the expected heiress to the throne. Ashlyn loves music, especially the sound of the oboe and flute.

She resembles her mother, the late queen, the most. She has a perfect personality and tries to act like a role model to them. Her favorite gemstone is garnet, and her flower is purple germanium.

Princess Ashlyn is picturized to have long chestnut hair in brown and beautiful ocean light blue eyes.

She is characterized to have a tan skin tone and wears a purple gown, and her ballet outfit is of the same color as well. Ashlyn is seen to be scared of spiders.


The second daughter of the Widowed king and the late queen, Princess Blair, is 21. Blair’s character is of a lively, outspoken, and courageous nature.

Princess Blair has stunning dark blue eyes and a pale skin tone, with long hair that is somewhat of a shade between dark brown and black.

Her hair goes down to the middle of the back; she sometimes ties it into a bun with a red or grey band to hold it tightly.

She is mostly seen using red hair accessories for herself. She wears a Red gown with white sleeves and red patterns on them with a Red bow.

The sleeves of her gown continue till halfway down to her arms. The ballet dress she wears is similar to her gown of hers. Blair is fond of owning horses and loves to ride them.

She shares her opinion bravely. She is the closest to Courtney and Ashlyn. Her gemstone is Ruby, and her favorite flower is larkspur. She is scared of a scorpion.


The third eldest sister, Courtney, who seems close to Blair in Ashlyn, is a 20-year-old princess. Among the 12 other sisters of hers, she is the shyest. Reading is her favorite hobby, as you spend significant time doing so.

Her intelligence and open-mindedness characterize her. Her favorite flower is forget-me-not, and the gemstone allotted to her is sapphire. Courtney has beautiful long brown hair and eyes of the same color.

Her favorite color is blue, and so is the color of her gown and her ballad outfit, however, of a shorter length.

Usually, she has seen her hair tied up in a bun with a brown ribbon. The gowns Duchess Rowena gave the 12 princesses are grey and simple; they look identical to their usual outfits but without designs. Courtney is scared of snakes.


The fourth sister, Delia, 19 years old, is a dizygotic twin of Edeline, the fifth sister of the same age. She is extremely fond of sports, especially horseback riding, and croquet.

The flower allotted to her is a sunflower, and her gemstone is known as green peridot.

Delia has light green eyes and long honey-shaded blonde hair, which she usually ties up in a bun.

Her favorite color is green or, specifically, chartreuse, which is the color of her usual casual princess gown and ballet outfit.

Delia’s personality is more like a hot-headed yet adventure-loving girl. She also seems to be protective of Genevieve.


Among the 12 dancing princesses names, the 5th in the list, the fraternal twin of Delia, Edeline, is a 19-year-old princess. Her likings are as same as her twin, Delia.

She also loves playing different sports, including croquet and badminton. Edeline seems good at croquet as she can win over everyone in it.

Edeline is characterized by a reddish brown long hair, which she is seen to have tied in a neat, clean bun with a tan band to it, with hazel brown eyes and a pointy nose.

A high resemblance is found between Edeline and the late Queen, Isabella, who had the same hair color and skin tone.

She has a fun, energetic personality with a good sense of humor and sassiness. She has an orange gown on. Her favorite flower is honeysuckle, and her gemstone is orange citrine.


The 6th in the list of 12 dancing princesses’ names is the 17-year-old Fallon. Fallon is a one-of-a-kind romantic and hopeful character.

She hopes that everyone will find their happily ever after. Fallon has beautiful brown eyes and long strawberry-shaded blonde hair.

Fallon wears a pink, pretty, looking gown. Her favorite flower is the camellia which is also attached to her pink gown in the front.

Her gemstone is a pearl. She is compassionate and understands others when they are lying. She can also sing and play the musical instrument, the harp.

Fallon also loves animals and writing stories.


Here comes The movie’s main protagonist, The 7th Princess, Genevieve. She is 16 years old. Barbie is fearless and shares a special bond with their youngest sister, Lacey, who admires her for the Princess she is.

The bond between Genevieve and Lacey is so special because she is seen to take risks to help out Lacey in the movie. She loves dancing more than anything and everything. Next to her family, her dance is most important to her.

She is the best dancer out of all the 12 sisters. She has high strategic skills and is logical enough, as seen when she beats her father at chess. However, her only flaw is that – she always runs late on every occasion.

At the end of the film, she gets married to Derek. Her favorite flower is the pink rose, and the gemstone assigned to her is pink opal. She wears an extremely eye-catching pink and white dress.


The eighth sister, the 12 years old Hadley, is the fraternal identical twin of the 9th sister, Isla. Hadley is a blonde-headed Princess with eyes of light teal color. She has her hair tied in a high ponytail.

Her favorite flower is Narcisse, which can be spotted on the belt of the blue dress she wears as a Princess.

Isla and Hadley both love to walk on stilts. Both the Princes are extremely close to one another.

However, the only difference is that Hadley seems more social and energetic than Isla. She is described to be a ‘rambunctious and happy’ princess.


The 9th sister with dark brown hair and blue eyes, the fraternal twin of Hadley, is Isla, another 12-year-old princess. She is a skilled and experienced acrobat.

Her favorite color Isla is light violet, and so is the color of her princess gown and ballet dress. Isla is always seen with a high ponytail.

Compared to Hadley, Isla is more of a calmer character, and as they can read each other’s thoughts, she often completes the sentence Hadley starts.


The leader of the youngest fraternal Triplets group, Janessa, is the third youngest, 5-year-old sister. She loves bugs and is interested in collecting them.

Janessa also acts bossy sometimes, but she always has good intentions behind everything. Her gemstone is Aquamarine, and her flower is jonquil. Her gown is light blue.


The second youngest in the group is Kathleen. Kathleen easily gets entertained by the bugs collected by her elder triplet Janessa.

Kathleen has reddish-orange hair. She is the only sister among the other 12 dancing princesses names with red hair.

She loves paintings and art but is as messy as her big sister Edeline. She ensures a balance between Janessa and Lacey.

When compared to Janessa is a calmer character but has a braver personality when compared to Lacey.

Her favorite flower is Daisy, and the gemstone that has been allotted to hear her is a pink diamond. She is always seen wearing yellow and light pink dresses.


Lacey is the youngest sister among all the 12. She is the closest to Genevieve and is fond of collecting teddy bears.

Lacey has attractive light teal-shaded eyes with blonde hair. Similarities can be found between her and her father. She also shares a beautiful relationship with him.

Light purple is Lacey’s favorite color. She is often clumsy and needs help with simple things like climbing the bed. Her assigned flower is a white lily, and her gemstone is amethyst.

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Now that you know more about the 12 dancing princesses names and more about them, we hope you have fun watching this beautiful movie.


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